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  1. League of Legends

    skarner is good as fuck right now.
  2. Dragon Ball Z: Resurrection ‘F’

    Given this movie, it's like the pecking order is/always has been:   1.  Beerus 2.  Buu 3.  Freeza   Apparently Cell or the Androids just never existed.  I mean shit, Gohan 6 months prior to this movie was on par or even passed Super Buu in terms of power.  
  3. Dragon Ball Z: Resurrection ‘F’

      What still trips me up is that Dr. Gero just built Androids at will that each make Freeza look like shit in comparison.  
  4. League of Legends

    Ekko is fucking amazing gentlemen...
  5. League of Legends

    I gotta step back from ranked for a bit.  The lack of caring is showing too hard now.  
  6. League of Legends

    7-3 back into plat 5 hell.
  7. League of Legends

    You can put me down if you want.  *kogyochi
  8. League of Legends

      Bro, you're thinking in terms of 5's and LCS.  Literally you can play anything in soloqueue in the jungle and carry the game.  Gold isn't exactly a huge problem as long as you're staying active.  You just can't afk jungle and expect to be a god anymore.  Ganks are easier than ever with the smite blade.  I usually don't have many games where I'm not top 3 gold on my team.
  9. League of Legends

    what?  you can play anything in the jungle still.
  10. League of Legends

    Wow, just got queued with Evan Vargas, still a douche lol.  Scumtrap.
  11. League of Legends

    People on pbe were playing him as an off-tank so I doubt it's much of an issue.
  12. The Official Wrestling Thread

      Reddit fucking exploded for the Balor entrance (which was the coolest non-wrestlemania entrance I've seen.. ever?) 
  13. What Manga Are You Reading Right Now?

      girls really like inuyasha for some reason.  it's not bad, but it's really not that good.    Well it's literally anime Twilight.
  14. What Manga Are You Reading Right Now?

    Meh, it's better than the anime and doesn't end abruptly.  It's ok, but could have been better.
  15. What Manga Are You Reading Right Now?

    So what is a good ongoing weekly manga to fill in for my Naruto fix?  Anything new out there?