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  1. Shadow Specters (806)

    Is sinister viable in some variant abusing vanity fiends or am I trying too hard to find merit in that?
  2. Life is Hollower

      Me and a friend who i met while in americorps both left early because it was a huge joke. Most of it doesnt really help people, and it feels like you are in high school again. I mean most of the people I met in there were forced to go by mommy and daddy. Hardly worth the 10 monthes you are in for. If I actually helped people instead of painting or cutting brush, ect down, it would have felt more rewarding... The Scholarship at the end is kinda pointless as every two weeks you get paid, are less then mimumum wage unless that changed since I was in.   If things are constantly dull for you, make some change in your life. Granted things wont fix themselves immediatly, make change for a better tommorow, things in your life that were lifeless will slowly phase out in favor of other tasks and occurences that will seem more vivid because you arent smashing your head against concrete doing the same monotinous things day in day out. Even if the change is something small like a new drink, differnt brand, whatever it may be big or small.
  3. Yu-Gi-Oh! Forbidden Memory (ps1)

    I remember getting to the last leg of the game, and for the life of me could NOT beat it, one of the last 3 guys would spam turn 1 Ultimate Dragon, and I had nothing barring Meteor B Dragons. After finally getting so far I no longer had the patience to try and gring for cards like raigeki and megamorph as it took forever to do so.
  4. PsyPlants

    @ 40, you will hate yourself drawing esper girl. Also with 23 monsters (Plant varient), Little defence, alot of the combo cards dead stand alone, you will not like the outcome of some of your matchs, speically with slow cards like Cleric and Swap (I say swap because alot of decks like to spam the board or summon X Lv. 4 with backrow, you summon your witch and swap...Only to fall into some trap then they use the witch for xyz or sync fodder. Happened way too often) Psychics don't have a very great tempo game early on unless you opened fairly well. I never found a situation I wanted TG Hyper over Android in a non Overdrive based version. (If I'm going off really big, I should already have game) When I played 1 debris it was never good enough, always drew it too early to do anything and late game it barly accomplished anything. 2 just seems really clunky. (Granted you have more targets for debris then I did, I just don't see debris doing you much, where a standalone card like Thunderking could do you much better) Heck, you got alot of good targets for call but I hated the card in testing. Finally, my last gripe is that formula. How do you plan to summon it? Bust dandy then summon your one of spore? And if you really wanna normal veiler to make it, I'd run goats at that point to make them naturias and formula much easier to play.   As for the Leviathion Vs ten, consider acid golem as well. Now out of these 3 ask yourself what cards and/or plays hurt me the most, and which of these 3 will bail me out more often then not.   I hope my insight helps you, if there is one deck I love to play, its psychics, thought my varient is currently far differnt from yours right now, I first started with the plant varient and dropped it for consistancy reasons. (Personal bias)   Edit - btw negging you for not running 141 is fucking stupid, it accomplishs you nothing, and only furthurs you getting hit by Maxx C.
  5. Hey guys remember that Subtoad vs Mass driver discussion on weither which one should be banned, the enabler or the win condition? Thats all I'm seeing right now.   And no I'm not compairing that set of cards vs the wind up set of cards, but all its doing it showing the past repeating itself way too similarly.
  6. MTG Finance Thread

    Armada is preety bad, I really do wanna get rid of it, but not at the cost of my Deathrite in that deal. I think Holding on the the deathrite is smarter, and just push armada wurm on someone else. The 2 steamvents are nice but idk. My Overgrown + Retreat for old Stomping ground, currently the deal is even. but I lack the forsite on what would happen in the future, its just seems kinda greedy to go for the old stomping ground yet down the line it could be worth alot more ._. the reason I'm considering the deals are my priorty is to cash in on all 10 shock playsets, I just think I'm being a little impatient is all.
  7. MTG Finance Thread

    I have 3 Deathrites atm, currently 11ish mid on tcg and only seem to be going up. Now, my question is I've been offered 2 steam vents for a Rites and Armada Wurm which seems fair...currently. Does the Deathrite stand to go up even more? Same with steamvents? I'm trying to get the full 40 shocks by the end of gatecrash but deathrite has as much importantace as a shock to me imo. Thoughts?
  8. Naya

    I think thats much better now :| I cant decide between 2 kessig / 1 kessig with gavony or slayers. I ran into multiple instances where I had two and wished it was one of the other two, then there were times I wished I drew a kessig.
  9. Naya

    Thanks for the list Andrew, I can def see why it placed as well as it did. I'm making a trade online for the Garruks and 4th Resto I need. All I'll need after that is Thrags, 2 Clifftop, 2 Thundermaw, (Not going to bother for the 2 extra bonfires), and Angels. I just won my first modern local running infect and I sacked open Olvia and foil Snapcaster so obtaining the rest shouldn't be too difficult if i keep building up my trades like I have and doing well in Modern. (Not to say I don't think I can't place in Standard, infact I should have won last Friday had I played 1 match a bit better, and in the other not lent out my 3rd and 4th CoS...dude had counters for DAYS)
  10. 1st DGz Cockatrice Tournament

    can the matches be watched like on mtgo or dn? interested in following some of the games if possible.
  11. Naya

    My reasoning is this - I can only test with what I can work with right now so I'm trying to figure out what to cut, but I'm still unsure what to cut when I get the cards. The optimal list would most likely include 2 more Thrags, another clifftop or two, a Resto, and a Thundermaw. I merly wish to get advice on what I should cut when I get these cards from players better then myself. Basically I have an idea how I want to run the deck, but unsure how to make it perform at optimal consistancy as far as the build goes. (I'm learning to play the deck really well though through testing against various people)
  12. Naya

    I'll test that out, I been noticing games where I need to race the clock with multiple dudes and stronghold is only good on one guy in that instance. Whats good bro?
  13. Naya

    http://magic.tcgplayer.com/db/deck.asp?deck_id=1070634 Man I just love how he also uses all these thrags too. It couldnt posibly be I just started and when I get the best optimal cards, to figure out what to cut them for could it? Its not like I'm missing 15 cards or the deck idea is shit seriously.
  14. Naya

    *Updated* 1 Angel of Serenity 4 Avacyns Pilgrim 1 Sigarda 2 Armada Wurm 2 Thragtusk 2 Thundermaw Hellhite 4 Resto Angel 4 Huntsmaster 4 Smiter 2 Garruk Primal Hunter 2 Bonfire 4 Farseek 4 S. Charm 3 Mountian 4 Forest 4 Temple Garden 4 Rootbound 2 Sun Pedal 2 Clifftop 3 Cavern 2 Kessigs 2 Pithing Needle 2 Ray of Revelation 2 Intrepid Hero 4 Pillar 2 Zealous Constripts 3 Rest in Peace
  15. Constructed Standard Discussion

    [quote name='Sand' timestamp='1353520176' post='3330401'] [quote name='Arshen' timestamp='1353434897' post='3329702'] Went 2-2-1 drop at Charleston GP playing a Bant control I made at the Dennys near the venue an hour before the event and a sideboard I made at the player meeting. Isn't Frights supposed to be a good matchup for me? That's what I thought going in, but damnit, one of my losses and my tie were from it. U/W-lets-make-flying-tokens-and-play-counter-spells-and-equip-token-with-pike-and-swing-for-game deck handed me my second loss when I couldn't get a manasource to save my life two games in a row. Still kind of salty about that. 25 lands in the deck and I couldn't draw one before I died. [/quote] Tbh, after reading about your lack of preparation for such a major tournament as a Grand Prix, I can't really take your comments about your losses seriously. [quote name='Genesis' timestamp='1353515028' post='3330361'] I see alot of people running Relentless or Primal Hunter...wouldn't PH be better though? Sorry if these questions are painfully obvious to you guys, I'm trying to understand the game better for myself. [/quote] "Better" depends on what you're trying to do with him, the deck's synergy with said card, etc. In Junk Tokens, for example, most of the time Relentless is better because he can hit the field on Turn 3 to make a token or kill a creature (very relevant vs multiple match-ups, especially aggro match-ups), and he has the ability to tutor for any creature you want (such as Angel of Serenity). And that tutoring ability is great in a deck with plenty of tokens. Primal Hunter just can't do the same things nor as quickly but, in another deck, PH might be better. Purely comparing the power of the two cards against each other, obviously Primal Hunter is more powerful. But power isn't everything. Gotta respect that curve, too. [/quote] Sorry, I should have specified but that cleared up what I wanted to know perfectly! In the context of what I meant, in G/W Midrange.