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  1. Going to bed. Goodnight DGZ.

  2. Back/Shoulder blade area.

    Yes she did Aaron. And to physical therapy in addition to going to a chiropractor. Gadget is sleeping right now as we speak. I am worried about the amount of headaches she has been getting lately.
  3. Hey pally! Like wise with you as well. I am always around as the mature voice of reason. :)

    Thank you for sticking up for Gadget in her thread.

  4. I do appreciate your sticking up for @GH in her thread.

  5. Staple Cards

    I don't know why sweets. But you are right there is an unfair double standard going on here that really needs to stop. No it is not a bad idea! I think it is a great and noble idea that she wants to do here. Only CLOSE MINDED PEOPLE are saying it is a bad idea. I don't give two shits of a rats ass what any of you think or say about me. When it comes to @GH I DO FUCKING CARE what some of you have been doing unfairly and unjustifiably to her. :mad:
  6. Fighting Game Discussion

    http://www.facebook.com/photo.php?v=10150375516226241 This is video of the MK9 finals of me vs. jimmypikachoi from last week.
  7. Fighting Game Discussion

    Here is our 60th league event final standings for 8/27/11. Tekken 6: 1. jimmypikachuchoi 2. MysticBill 3. Phil Bond 4. Tomi 5. Baka 6. Metallix Soul Calibur 4: 1. MysticBill (Amy, Raph) 2. jimmypikachuchoi (X, Sophie) 3. Ora (Sophie) 4. Phil Bond (Siegfried, NM) 5. Orange (Mitsu) 5. Outlaw (YunSeong) 7. Tomi (Mitsu, Cass) 7. Myself (X) 9. Metallix (Sophie) Soul Calibur 2: 1. jimmypikachuchoi (X, Ivy, Charade) 2. MysticBill (Taki, Charade) 3. Ora (Sophie, Cass) 4. Outlaw (Ass) 5. Tomi (Kilik, Cassandra) 5. Phil Bond (NM, Ivy) 7. Myself (X) 7. Metallix (Raph) 9. Orange (Mitsu) Mortal Kombat 9: 1. jimmypikachuchoi (Sonya) 2. MysticBill (Scorpion) 3. Phil Bond (CyberSubzero, Mileena) 4. Voodoo (Smoke, Scarlet) 5. Outlaw (Scarlet) 5. Metallix 7. Tomi Honestly with the new job I haven't had much time to practice in these games (don't own MK9 yet),yet alone work on my own artwork or playing Dead Space. Saturday evening I was very exhausted from judging Yugi Madison,WI regionals for 7-8 hours at Misty Mountain Games. I wasn't in the mindset to play many of the games. Even sat out the one game that I do well in.
  8. Thundercats 2011

    A little rough around the edges a bit. I like the new show so far. The new toy product line is now out in stores (for those of you who don't know by now). The classic Thundercats figures of Lion-O and Tygra have been redone with much better model casting,figure details,full articulation of movement. I wished the original figures had this. I know I will be collecting this new line of figures. Continue with the upgrades of the classic toy line.
  9. Madison,WI Yugioh Regionals

    Because of the deck types in this format or officiating or other reason Inari? I would like to hear feedback from our regional attendees.
  10. Madison,WI Yugioh Regionals

    Yes it is a duopperi a typo. He was tired when he posted. Had to shift from being evening shifts to now to 1st shift again. The morning of 8-27. Aye,I have had long days at work lately. I am not surprised about my typed mistake in my OP. It is corrected now and along with floor judge update. There was someone who couldn't make it so,I am assuming that the judge on the bottom of the is an replacement for that person was unable to come to our event this morning. Good luck to all players participating in this morning's event and see some of you in about an hour.
  11. JD's YCS Player's POV report

    I am in the same agreement with Craig,slick and Exiled here John. I have seen in the amount of years of helping run regionals in Madison the same amount of negativity in some players. Even in local events at both game shops I attend (one of them I help run the Tuesday event), that mindset being thrown around like a virus. <+< That kind of behavior has effected greatly one of our players. I keep on (will continue to) tell kids,teenagers and even to adult players THIS IS SUPPOSE TO BE FUN and HAVE GOOD SPORTSMANSHIP. Glad that myself,Gadget,Andrew,Tim are not the only ones who still practice this rare art.
  12. Fighting Game Discussion

    Lately I have been too tired from the new job to go onto PSN. Gadget will be at our league early,while I will be helping out judging with our Madison regionals in Yugioh that will be on the same day. I'll be there later join in the later tournaments. The usual T6,SC4,MK9. Adding up SC2 to the mix of events. If we have enough interest and players maybe events of SSF4AE,MvC3,Pokemon B/W. We'll post our league tournament's final standings.
  13. Madison,WI Yugioh Regionals

    Craig I will have some cards for you from Gadget. Great to see you Corey,Inari and the players of Milwaukee. The other areas of WI,IL,MN,IA players. It would be great to work with you Seerus. If you have an questions feel free to ask our Head Judge and myself if need be. There is no shame in doing that. Be sure to read Andrew's instructions I am sure he'll send to us and the rest of the staff. Report at the time he told us to be at. I know. Things will work out soon.
  14. Madison,WI Yugioh Regionals

    Roll Call! Who is coming to this event?
  15. Regional Qualifier of the GENF season. Madison,WI Yugioh Regionals When Sat, April 27, 9am – 7pm Where Misty Mountain 4672 Cottage Grove Rd, Madison, WI 53716 (map) Description Registration opens: 9am Start time: 10am Entry fee: $20, Every player gets 5 packs of the new set at registration! Tournament Organizer: Legion Events/Steve Port Scorekeeper: Pending. Head Judge: Andrew Bowling Floor Judges: Myself Uzoukwu Onwummelu Cordero Spencer Matt DuCharme Brendan Bard Scott Pulera Jeffery Thompson Limited to 180 players! please arrive early to guarantee your spot! Swiss rounds cutting to Top 8, 1 more round will be played to determine Top 4. Matches are best 2 of 3 with 40 minute time limits Top 8 players each receive a 2011 Regional Qualifier Game Mat. Top 4 players also receive a Card Binder. Packs will be added to the prize pool (if available) by Legion Events for Top 16 Attendance Invites Awarded 4 – 49 = 4 Invites 50 – 99 = 8 Invites 100 – 149 = 16 Invites 150 – 199 = 24 Invites 200 – 299 = 32 Invites 300 or More = 48 Invites These events are expected to run about 6 or 7 rounds of Swiss plus 1 round of Top 8. Total time should be 7-8 hours.