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  1. Thanks PJ for your positive reputation and appreciate to my thread in the general area.

  2. Thank you Consanonance for the positive reputation in my thread.

  3. Back/Shoulder blade area.

    Okay and thanks. It can happen when I'm on the couch or in bed. At times it's been happening when I sat up/moved. Maybe so. But I do appreciate the feedback and advice. I did go to my chiropractor yesterday afternoon (like I tend to do every week for a year now) she did say that I was spasuming and was tight around those areas of my body. As she made adjustments I felt much better. I've been noticing about 3 days before my next appointment I tend to feel the same pain,spasums,tightness. Just not sure why it happens like that.
  4. Back/Shoulder blade area.

    1. It's been going on about 2-3 weeks. 2. On and off the pain has been. 3. Ibuprofen, Naproxen,Icing,Heat and getting adjustments at my chiropractor once a week. 4. Lifting things and laying on my stomach as use my laptop. 5. Sometimes a headache or migraine. 6. My motivation for anything physical has been difficult at times due to depression and bpd. I've been doing a little bit of walking around the block of the apartment building for about 20 minutes a day.
  5. The Official Wrestling Thread

    ::wishes that I could find some free wrestling ring tones to put on my verizon phone.:: Getting sick and tied of the PG shit. <+< Triple-H and Steph going back to before PG it was way better. Ryder is so funny,great for someone from my hometown. Having tag team action again is great addition to singles segments and matches. Oh...you know Rey would do a HITC and be worth the price of admission or PPV. I will not be surprised Nash doing the screw someone over bit. It's all good everything else that happened last night. Just doing my part as the fan (as in enjoying the action). Is Smackdown a supershow again this week ? What else happened in TNA this past week ? I got totally bored and annoyed with catching the announcement of Karen Jarret being the new CEO of the Knockouts division.
  6. Staple Cards

    Mods or Admin can you please help me by changing my topic from "Staple Cards" to "YGO Metagame Cards Library". Please and Thank you.
  7. Staple Cards

    <+< Why is it that when I try to help out this community with some card/game knowledge that I have, all I get is the shitty treatment (flamed/bashed/nit picked/talked down to/etc...) ? If another person where to come up with this idea,that person gets high fives,praise,non nit picking,etc... :mad: Since you all are bitching about the term "staple". The topic has been changed to "ygo metagame cards library". If you would take a look to my updated/edited OP where I've organized each cards in the following order: * Year of format * Exceed Monsters * Synchro Monsters * Fusion Monsters * Ritual Monsters * Normal Monsters * Magic * Traps I'm in the process of 2002,2003,remaining of the 2008 format,2009,2010,current format (which will be completed by either tonight or Wednesday morning).
  8. Symptoms: * Burning pain between my shoulder blades. * Sharp back pain within the shoulder blades area. Action I was doing: * Laying on my stomach while typing on the laptop or watching TV. What is it that I have going on that I could tell my chiropractor today to help me with ?
  9. Fighting Game Discussion

    I know at the Geekkon there is going to be video game tournaments. For those you in the Madison,WI area who are into fighting games here is the list of tournaments that will happen that weekend. Friday, September 9 8:00pm - SSF4AE Tourney (PS3) 9:00pm - MvC3 Tourney (PS3) Saturday, September 10 11:00am - T6 (PS3) 1:00pm - MK9 (PS3) 3:00pm - SC4 (PS3) I know B-Moe won't be back in town on Friday night until 9:00pm and Saturday he'll be work until 5:00pm so...good chance he'll miss all the tourneys. Myself I'm not sure if I'm going to go/be able to get a ride there and back/mainly afford it. But if you do go and see me (look at my profile as to what I look like) just tap me gently on the shoulder. Who knows we might face each other at some point. IF I'm unable to go you have to tell me how you did against the following folks from our video game league. jimmypikachoi MysticBill PhilBond Ora Outlaw Orange MatoGalvin Max just to name a few of our areas best players.
  10. The Official Wrestling Thread

    K4 you and CM Punk bring back memories for me. I still have the VHS/DVD of that film that Nash was in. :D I've been telling peeps that I know for years that it was him as SS in TMNT2. Punk/Nash/Triple-H's mic work tonight was so cool and retro at the same time. I wish Nash would use the "Wolfpack" theme,it's much more fitting for him. Wonder what HBK and Hall think of this ?
  11. Staple Cards

    It's a waste of your time. Maybe so. But I want to contribute to this community by making this list.
  12. Staple Cards

    Alright I can separate the list by meta format and year. Just need to track down past meta formats from 2002-2008. I would try getting some of them from Pojo but I'm not a vet there (don't have the post count to be,even through I've been a member since 2004) I will start revising this list ASAP.
  13. Staple Cards

    I noticed that someone has not done this yet. I've been writing for a while some of the metagame cards in YGO Advanced and Traditional formats from 2002-current. That consistently saw play in a single or multiple competitive archetypes. This is my list so far. I would like to contribute to the community here by making this list into an official sticky topic. 2002 format Fusions Monsters Ritual Monsters Normal Monsters Effect Monsters Magic Traps 2003 format Fusions Monsters Ritual Monsters Normal Monsters Effect Monsters Magic Traps 2004 format Fusion Monsters Dark Balter the Terrible Ryu Senshi Thousand-Eyes Restrict Fiend Skull Dragon Roaring Ocean Snake Punished Eagle Giltia the D. Knight Musician King Flame Ghost Reaper on the Nightmare B. Skull Dragon Darkfire Dragon Dark Flare Knight Dark Blade the Dragon Knight Sanwitch Ojama King Fusionist The Last Warrior from Another Planet Master of Oz Normal Monsters Archfiend Solider Mad Dog of Darkness Gemini Elf Effect Monsters Black Luster Soldier - Envoy of the Beginning Chaos Emperor Dragon - Envoy of the End Kycoo the Ghost Destroyer Breaker The Magical Warrior Shining Angel D.D. Warrior Lady Jinzo Magician of Fath Tribe-Infecting Virus Magical Scientist Witch of the Black Forest Sangan Sinister Serpent Spirit Reaper Don Zaloog Mystic Tomato Berserk Gorilla Airknight Parshath Exiled Force Tsukyuomi King Tiger Wanghu Night Assailant Vampire Lord Reflect Bounder Bazoo the Soul Eater Goblin Attack Force Pyramid Turtle Ryu-Kokki Morphing Jar Needle Worm Blade Knight Catapult Turtle Gilasaurus Cannon Solider Magic Nobleman of Crossout Creature Swap Pot of Greed Graceful Charity Mirage of Nightmare Monster Reborn Premature Burial Snatch Steal Dark Hole Heavy Storm Scapegoat Confiscation The Forceful Sentry Mystical Space Typhoon Smashing Ground Book Of Moon Reinforcement of the Army Enemy Controller Card Destruction Dimension Fusion My Body as a Field Mystik Wok Upstart Goblin Reasoning A Legendary Ocean Mystic Plasma Zone Terraforming Spell Reproduction Monster Reincarnation Monster Gate Reload Last Will Messenger of Peace Traps Ring of Destruction Torrential Tribute Call of the Haunted Mirror Force Waboku Royal Decree Magic Cylinder Time Seal Drop Off Raigeki Break Barrel Behind the Door Sakuretsu Armor Bottomless Trap Hole Magic Jammer Ceasefire Solemn Judgment Royal Oppression Last Turn Self-Destruct Button Wall of Revealing Light 2005 format Fusion Monsters Dark Balter the Terrible Ryu Senshi Thousand-Eyes Restrict Fiend Skull Dragon Roaring Ocean Snake Punished Eagle Giltia the D. Knight Musician King Flame Ghost Reaper on the Nightmare B. Skull Dragon Darkfire Dragon Dark Flare Knight Dark Blade the Dragon Knight Sanwitch Ojama King Fusionist The Last Warrior from Another Planet Master of Oz Gatling Dragon King Dragun Roaring Ocean Snake Cyber Twin Dragon Cyber End Dragon Normal Monsters Archfiend Solider Mad Dog of Darkness Gemini Elf Effect Monsters D.D. Warrior Lady D.D. Assailant Sinister Serpent Fiber Jar Jinzo Magician of Faith Breaker the Magical Warrior Magical Scientist Blade Knight Don Zaloog Black Luster Solider - Envoy of the Beginning Tribe-Infecting Virus Mobuis the Frost Monarch Kinetic Solider King Tiger Wanghu Kycoo the Ghost Destroyer Airknight Parshath Berserk Gorilla Goblin Attack Force Nimble Momonga Enraged Battle Ox Exiled Force Zaborg the Thunder Monarch Gigantis Infection Fairy Lily Strike Ninja Reflect Bounder Dark Magician of Chaos Cyber-Stein Newdoria Stealth Bird Sacred Phoenix of Nephthys Hand of Nephthys Blowback Dragon Morphing Jar Roulette Barrel Apprentice Magician Cyber Jar Swarm of Locusts Skilled Dark Magician Skilled Light Magician Vampire Lord Pyramid Turtle Ryu Kokki Tsukuyomi Night Assailant Old Vindictive Magician Thestalos the Firestorm Monarch Horus the Black Flame Dragon Lv6 Horus the Black Flame Dragon Lv8 Hand of Nephthys Mataza the Zapper Marauding Captain Thunder Dragon Giant Rat Zombyra the Dark Elephant Statue of Disaster Mystic Swordsman Lv2 Dark Dust Spirit Neko Mane King Asura Priest Magical Merchant Gravekeeper's Spy Gravekeeper's Guard Chiron the Mage Chaos Sorcerer Minar Des Wombat D.D. Survivor Big Shield Gardna Legendary Jujitsu Master Spell Canceller Cyber Dragon Exarion Universe Kuriboh Cliff the Trap Remover Drillroid Electric Snake Steamroid Bazoo the Soul-Eater Dekoichi the Battlechanted Locomotive Twin-Headed Behemoth Swarm of Locusts Gyaku-Gire Panda Goblin Elite Attack Force Protector of the Sanctuary Ninja Grandmaster Sillva, Warlord of Dark World Broww, Huntsman of Dark World Mystic Swordsman Goldd, Wu-Lord of Dark World Getsu Fuhma Lava Golem Magic Reinforcement of the Army Nobleman of Crossout The Forceful Sentry Confiscation Painful Choice Mirage of Nightmare Scapegoat Mystical Space Typhoon Pot of Greed Emergency Provisions Heavy Storm Enemy Controller Smashing Ground Snatch Steal Premature Burial Change of Heart Scapegoat Swords of Revealing Light Wave-Motion Cannon Creature Swap Nobleman of Extermination Metamorphosis Monster Reincarnation Delinquent Duo Lightning Vortex Prohibition United We Stand Book of Moon Messenger of Peace Poison of the Old Man Giant Turnade Soul Exchange The Warrior Returning Alive D.D. Designator Book of Life Brain Control My Body as a Shield Fissure Hammer Shot Warrior Elimination Rush Recklessly Megamorph Limiter Removal Mystik Wok Dark Hole Pot of Avarice Level Limit - Area B Traps Return from a Different Dimension Torrential Tribute Call of the Haunted Ring of Destruction Bottomless Trap Hole Divine Wrath Dust Tornado Magic Cylinder Ceasefire Raigeki Break Royal Decree Widespread Ruin Mirror Force Call of the Haunted Barrel Behind the Door Solemn Judgment Time Seal Phoenix Wing Wind Blast Cursed Seal of the Forbidden Spell Reckless Greed Sakuretsu Armor Final Attack Orders Offerings to the Doomed Seven Tools of the Bandit Chain Disappearance Anti-Spell Fragrance Curse of Darkness Royal Command Mind Crush Compulsory Evacuation Device Mirror Wall Robbin' Goblin Mask of Restrict Trap Hole Spell Shield Type-8 Needle Ceiling Acid Trap Hole Gravity Bind Exchange of the Spirit Skill Drain Secret Barrel Ojama Trio Just Desserts 2006 format Fusion Monsters Flame Ghost Cyber End Dragon Cyber Twin Dragon Dragoness the Wicked Knight Master of Oz Blue Eyes Ultimate Dragon Ojama King Dark Balter the Terrible Ryu Senshi Fiend Skull Dragon Gatling Dragon Dark Blade the Dragon Knight Reaper on the Nightmare Darkfire Dragon Thousand-Eyes Restrict King Dragun The Last Warrior from Another Planet Karbonala Warrior Gaia the Dragon Champion YZ-Tank Dragon VWXYZ-Dragon Catapult Cannon St. Joan Steam Gyroid Sanwitch Giltia the D. Knight Charubin the Fire Knight Fusionist Fiend Skull Dragon Mokey Mokey King Musician King Flower Wolf Dark Paladin Super Vehicroid Jumbo Drill Cyber Ogre 2 Ritual Monsters Normal Monsters Effect Monsters Goldd, Wu-Lord of Dark Word Dekoichi the Battlechanted Locomotive Magician of Faith Mystic Swordsman Lv2 Mobuis the Frost Monarch D.D. Assailant Gravekeeper's Spy D.D. Warrior Lady Don Zaloog Cyber Dragon Exiled Force Sangan Breaker the Magical Warrior Spirit Reaper D.D. Survivor Kycoo The Ghost Destroyer Blade Knight Drillroid Mobuis the Frost Monarch Strike Ninja Apprentice Magician Old Vindictive Magician Exiled Force Mystic Tomato Spell Canceller Morphing Jar Des Wombat Stealth Bird Lava Golem Cyber Jar Cannon Solider Mask of Darkness Des Koala Tsukuyomi Nimble Momonga Cyber-Stein Chaos Sorcerer Silva, Warlord of Dark World Kuriboh Kinetic Solider Magical Merchant Legendary Jujjitsu Master Swarm of Locusts Thestalos the Firestorm Monarch Treeborn Frog Twin-Headed Behemoth Mask of Darkness Gravekeeper's Spy Airknight Parshath King Tiger Wanghu Bazoo the Soul-Eater Skelengel Zaborg the Thunder Monarch Chiron the Mage Sacred Phoenix of Nephthys Hand of Nephthys Jinzo Injection Fairy Lily Sand Moth Mirage Dragon Night Assailant Gravekeeper's Spear Solider Swam of Scarabs Mystic Tomato Blowback Dragon Newdoria Dark Jeroid Sacred Crane Marauding Captain Cliff the Trap Remover Ninja Grandmaster Sasuke White Ninja Saber Beetle Sasuke Samurai #4 Big Shield Gardna Asura Priest Slate Warrior Des Lacooda Nimble Momonga Ancient Lamp Freed the Brave Wanderer Granmarg the Rock Monarch Giant Germ Giant Orc Dark Magician of Chaos Zombyra the Dark Enraged Battle Ox Otohime White Magician Pikeru Shining Angel Banisher of the Radiance Hydroeddon Ryu Kokki Pyramid Turtle Cyber Phoenix Iron Blacksmith Kotetsu Hino-Kagu-Tsuchi Elemental Hero Wildheart Reflect Bounder Exarion Universe D.D. Scout Plane Granadora The Immortal of Thunder Snipe Hunter Mecha-Dog Marron Gate Guardian Double Snare Magic Pot of Avarice Reinforcement of the Army Smashing Ground Dark Hole Heavy Storm Snatch Steal Nobleman of Crossout Premature Burial Mystical Space Typhoon Warrior Elimination Smashing Ground Wave-Motion Cannon Level Limit - Area B Wave-Motion Cannon Scapegoat Giant Trunade Megamorph Limiter Removal Last Will Confiscation Book of Moon Enemy Controller Brain Control Metamorphosis Soul Exchange Posion of the Old Man Graceful Charity My Body as a Shield Lightning Vortex United We Stand Mage Power Creature Swap Mystik Wok Emergency Provisions Rush Recklessly D.D. Designator Big Bang Shot Mausoleum of the Emperor Nightmare's Steelcage Smoke Grenade of the Thief Dimensional Fissure Chain Strike Tremendous Fire Traps Sakuretsu Armor Torrential Tribute Call of the Haunted Bottomless Trap Hole Widespread Ruin Dust Tornado Royal Decree Blast with Chain Big Burn Ojama Trio Secret Barrel Just Desserts Magic Cylinder Ceasefire Trap Hole Solemn Judgment Waboku Jar of Greed Magic Jammer Hallowed Life Barrier Time Seal Royal Command Chain Disappearance Return from the Different Dimension Threatening Roar Trap Dustshoot Ninjitsu Art of Transformation Skull Lair Deck Devastation Virus Mirror Force Cursed Seal of the Forbidden Spell Gravity Bind Spell Shield Type-8 Magic Drain Seven Tools of the Bandit Forced Back Mind Crush Ring of Destruction Accumulated Fortune Reckless Greed Dimension Wall Thunder of Ruler 2007 format Fusion Monsters Chimeratech Overdragon Gatling Dragon Cyber Twin Dragon Cyber End Dragon Ryu Senshi Fiend Skull Dragon Dark Balter the Terrible Mokey Mokey King Blue-Eyes Ultimate Dragon Elemental Hero Shining Flare Wingman Gaia the Dragon Champion Super Vehicroid Jumbo Drill King Dragun Dark Blade the Dragon Knight Dark Flare Knight Reaper on the Nightmare Darkfire Dragon Fusionist Dragoness the Wicked Knight Ojama King The Last Warrior from Another Planet Charubin the Fire Knight Master of Oz Karbonala Warrior Roaring Ocean Snake Empress Judge Skull Knight Elemental Hero Wild Wingman Flame Ghost Cyber Saurus Steam Gyroid Cyber Ogre 2 Twin-Headed Thunder Dragon Sanwitch D.3.S. Frog St. Joan Elemental Hero Necroid Shaman Elemental Hero Mariner Elemental Hero Phoenix Enforcer Elemental Hero Wildedge Aqua Dragon Thousand Dragon Ritual Monsters Demise, King of Armageddon Dark Master - Zorc Shinato, King of a Higher Plane Normal Monsters Neo Bug Insect Knight Metal Armored Bug Effect Monsters Zaborg the Thunder Monarch Cyber Dragon Magician of Faith Thestalos the Firestorm Monarch Morphing Jar Treeborn Frog Gravekeeper's Spy D.D. Warrior Lady Moubis the Frost Monarch Twin-Headed Behmoth Spirit Reaper Breaker the Magical Warrior Sangan Exiled Force Banisher of the Radiance Des Wombat Hand of Nephthys Sacred Phoenix of Nephthys Snipe Hunter Cyber Phoenix Red Gadget Green Gadget Yellow Gadget Chiron the Mage Dekoichi the Battlechanted Locomotive UFO Turtle Spell Canceller Jinzo Blowback Dragon Barrel Dragon Ancient Gear Cannon Ancient Gear Solider Drillroid Kycoo the Ghost Destroyer D.D. Assailant Mystic Tomato Don Zaloog Asura Priest Spirit Reaper Dark Dust Spirit Dark Magician of Chaos Destiny Hero - Dasher Elemental Hero Stratos Destiny Hero - Diamond Dude Destiny Hero - Malicious Destiny Hero - Dasher Hydrogeddon Elemental Hero Wildheart Gravekeeper's Spy Cybernetic Magician Silent Swordsman Lv5 Blocker Treeborn Frog Kinetic Solider Card Trooper Giant Rat Ancient Gear Engineer Injection Fairy Lily Bazoo the Soul-Eater D.D. Survivor Magical Merchant Legendary Jujitsu Master D.D. Crow Mystic Swordsman Lv2 Neo-Spacian Grand Mole Kuriboh Winged Kuriboh Doom Dozer Manju of the Ten Thousand Hands Senju of the Thousand Hands Sonic Bird Neko Mane King Nimble Momonga Grandmaster of the Six Samurai The Six Samurai - Yaichi The Six Samurai - Zanji Great Shogun Shien The Six Samurai - Irou The Six Samurai - Kamon Old Vindictive Magician Apprentice Magician Lava Golem Mecha-Dog Marron Inaba White Rabbit Des Koala Destiny Hero - Disk Commander Destiny Hero - Fear Monger Mask of Darkness Stealth Bird Elemental Hero Ocean Strike Ninja Gravekeeper's Guard Horus the Black Flame Dragon Lv8 Horus the Black Flame Dragon Lv6 Night Assailant Mataza the Zapper Iron Blacksmith Kotetsu Raiza the Storm Monarch Dark Ruler Ha Des Goldd, Wu-Lord of Dark World Mechanical Hound Granmarg the Rock Monarch Proto-Cyber Dragon Giant Germ Gellenduo The Light - Hex Sealed Fusion Gigantes Electric Virus Puppet Plant Green Baboon, Defender of the Forest Ryu Kokki Zombie Master Pyramid Turtle Il Blud Vampire Lord Dark Mimic Lv3 Vanity's Fiend Crystal Seer Volcanic Shell Volcanic Rocket Mei-Kou, Master of Barrier Sasuke Samurai #4 Flying Kamakiri #1 Summoner of Illusions Big Shield Gardna Great Maju Garzett D.D. Scout Plane Light and Darkness Dragon Dragon Ice Spell Striker Marshmallon Magic Soul Exchange Enemy Controller Confiscation Brain Control Book of Moon Graceful Charity Smashing Ground Premature Burial Scapegoat Heavy Storm Swords of Revealing Light System Down Wave-Motion Cannon Limiter Removal Nobleman of Crossout Last Will Rush Recklessly Confiscation Fissure Mystical Space Typhoon Overload Fusion Lightning Vortex Future Fusion Dimension Fusion Giant Turnade Card Destruction Ancient Gear Drill Nightmare's Steelcage Magical Mallet Emergency Provisions Hammer Shot D.D. Designator Exchange Reinforcement of the Army Destiny Draw Divine Sword - Phoenix Blade Monster Gate Magical Stone Excavation Reasoning Pot of Avarice E - Emergency Call Poison of the Old Man Mystik Wok Double Spell Creature Swap Machine Duplication Snatch Steal Twister Shrink Advanced Ritual Art Contract with the Abyss Megamorph Metamorphosis Messenger of Peace End of the World The Warrior Returning Alive Tremendous Fire Chain Strike Pigeonholing Books of Spell Double Snare Level Limit - Area B My Body as a Shield Soul Release Necrovalley Skyscraper 2 - Hero City R - Righteous Justice United We Stand Terraforming Rush Recklessly Dark World Lighting Nobleman of Extermination Serial Spell Metamorphosis Autonomous Action Unit Power Bond Emergency Provisions Mask of the Accursed Prohibition Card of Safe Return Book of Life Different Dimension Capsule Gold Sarcophagus Blaze Accelerator Wild Fire Warrior Elimination Spiritualism Back to Square One Foolish Burial Shield Crush Trade-In Swing of Memories Cold Wave Fiend's Sanctuary Traps Torrential Tribute Mirror Force Solemn Judgment Ring of Destruction Sakuretsu Armor Call of the Haunted Royal Decree Bottomless Trap Hole Trap Dustshoot Royal Oppression Reckless Greed Jar of Greed Waboku Gravity Bind Barrel Behind the Door Threatening Roar Ultimate Offering Widespread Ruin Chain Destruction Royal Decree Solemn Judgment Mind Crush Cursed Seal of the Forbidden Spell Macro Cosmos Return from the Different Dimension Magic Cylinder Skull Lair Pulling the Rug Ceasefire Spell Shield Type-8 Return of the Six Samurai Just Desserts Secret Barrel Accumulated Fortune Ojama Trio Dimension Wall Offering to the Doomed Dust Tornado Magic Drain Hallowed Life Barrier Fire Darts Divine Wrath Magical Explosion Chain Disappearance Nightmare Wheel Mask of Restrict Drop Off Wall of Revealing Light The Transmigration Prophecy Skill Drain Judgment of Anubis Curse of Anubis Windstorm of Etaqua Phoenix Wing Wind Blast Needle Ceiling Dark Bribe Common Charity Fake Trap Cloak and Dagger Malevolent Catastrophe Forced Back Compulsory Evacuation Device Desk Devastation Virus Crush Card Virus 2008 format Fusion Monsters Gatling Dragon Cyber Twin Dragon Cyber End Dragon Chimeratech Overdragon Ryu Senshi Dark Balter the Terrible Reaper on the Nightmare Fiend Skull Dragon Ritual Monsters Normal Monsters Effect Monsters Light and Darkness Dragon Raiza the Storm Monarch Elemental Hero Stratos Destiny Hero - Malicious Destiny Hero - Fear Monger Breaker the Magical Warrior Snipe Hunter Gravkeeper's Spy Sangan Card Trooper Sangan Destiny Hero - Disk Commander Spirit Reaper Marshmallon Treeborn Frog D.D. Crow Cyber Dragon Kinetic Solider Banisher of the Radiance D.D. Scout Plane D.D. Survivor Morphing Jar D.D. Warrior Lady Zaborg the Thunder Monarch Elemental Hero Wildheart Jinzo Cyber Phoenix Destiny Hero - Plasma Legendary Jujitsu Master Mobuis the Frost Monarch Thestalos the Firestorm Monarch Volcanic Rocket Crystal Seer Apprentice Magician Des Wombat Magician of Faith Neo-Spacian Grand Mole Red Gadget Yellow Gadget Green Gadget Banisher of the Radiance Drillroid Cannon Solider Giant Rat Green Baboon, Defend of the Forest Des Koala Injection Fairy Lily Gyaku-Gire Panda Hydrogeddon Summoner of Illusions Kycoo the Ghost Destroyer Vanity's Fiend Exiled Force Magic Destiny Draw Pot of Avarice Heavy Storm Mystical Space Typhoon Premature Burial Nobleman of Crossout Brian Control Reinforcement of the Army Soul Exchange Foolish Burial Gold Scrcophagus Dimensional Fissure Enemy Controller Scapegoat Lightning Vortex Gravekeeper's Servant Soul Taker E- Emergency Call Wild Fire Blaze Accelerator Dimensional Fissure Limiter Removal Hammer Shot Shrink Fissure Level Limit - Area B Scapegoat Creature Swap Smashing Ground Traps Mirror Force Torrential Tribute Call of the Haunted Phoenix Wing Wind Blast Trap Dustshoot Crush Card Virus Dust Tornado Pulling the Rug Royal Oppression Nobleman of Crossout Royal Decree Dark Bribe Solemn Judgment Macro Cosmos Trap Dustshoot The Transmigration Prophecy Mind Crush Threatening Roar Dimensional Prison Mask of Restrict Secret Barrel Ojama Trio Just Desserts Gravity Binder Ceasefire Magic Cylinder Bottomless Trap Hole Malevolent Catastrophe Shadow-Imprisoning Mirror 2009 format Synchro Monsters Pending Fusion Monsters Pending Ritual Monsters Pending Normal Monsters Pending Magic Pending Traps Pending 2010 format Synchro Monsters Pending Fusion Monsters Pending Ritual Monsters Pending Normal Monsters Pending Magic Pending Traps Pending 2011 format Exceed Monsters Pending Synchro Monsters Pending Fusion Monsters Pending Ritual Monsters Pending Normal Monsters Pending Magic Pending Traps Pending
  14. It's about time there has be some quick updates to the YGO rule book. I've been writing to Konami for years telling them in e-mail that they need to do updates on a more regular basis. Only took them 10 years to finally listen....<+<
  15. Madison,WI Yugioh Regionals

    What happened ?