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Ah fuck I cant believe im banned
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  1. admit it consider this a locker room. go ahead you moral, righteous beings, put that amoral brain to use :)
  2.       And I'm the Elliot Rodgers here.
  3. evoking elliot rodgers to shame/guilt trip, how original
  4. i hunt for victims about as intelligent as paraliel this is fucking hilarious
  5. is this supposed to make me feel bad..? yea. you're right. i entered a crybaby. i left an ubermensch.
  6. and i'd be lying if i said i don't appreciate a few cuties in my life regardless of whether they want my d or not. see? when they're actually worth a shit i see them as such! what an astounding evaluation system!
  7. with all due respect, again, i'm not here for an echo chamber. i WANT my ideas challenged. give a cynic a reason to have faith in the world (and women i guess) and he will be forever grateful. i'm here bringing my experiences and my wisdom to the table for question and this is the type of shit i get? how fucking daring of you to accuse me of close-mindedness.
  8. nohhh! :( look, if i wanted an echo chamber i'd stay in r/TRP. i can always appreciate a good debate or bucket of cold water, think i agree with everything dem white boys spew?
  9. you sure know jack shit about us
  10. i can sympathize with that; we quite often make your girl drink OUR bleach
  11. i love inspiring strong feelings. it's an ability reserved for those with power
  12. whats wrong with being an idiot to make the people around me feel smarter...before launching my missiles?
  13. LOL ok. wait aren't you a girl? no wonder why this post is so emotionally charged
  14. psychologically manipulated my roommate into doing all the dishes and cleaning feels good to have control over people