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Ah fuck I cant believe im banned
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  1. admit it consider this a locker room. go ahead you moral, righteous beings, put that amoral brain to use :)
  2.       And I'm the Elliot Rodgers here.
  3. evoking elliot rodgers to shame/guilt trip, how original
  4. How To Attract Women

    the only good guys are sexists, liars, and manipulators who aren't stupid enough to get caught
  5. i hunt for victims about as intelligent as paraliel this is fucking hilarious
  6. is this supposed to make me feel bad..? yea. you're right. i entered a crybaby. i left an ubermensch.
  7. and i'd be lying if i said i don't appreciate a few cuties in my life regardless of whether they want my d or not. see? when they're actually worth a shit i see them as such! what an astounding evaluation system!
  8. with all due respect, again, i'm not here for an echo chamber. i WANT my ideas challenged. give a cynic a reason to have faith in the world (and women i guess) and he will be forever grateful. i'm here bringing my experiences and my wisdom to the table for question and this is the type of shit i get? how fucking daring of you to accuse me of close-mindedness.
  9. nohhh! :( look, if i wanted an echo chamber i'd stay in r/TRP. i can always appreciate a good debate or bucket of cold water, think i agree with everything dem white boys spew?
  10. you sure know jack shit about us
  11. i can sympathize with that; we quite often make your girl drink OUR bleach
  12. How To Attract Women

    then i guess i'm a dumbass ignorant schlub with the power of bliss. deal with it :)
  13. How To Attract Women

    power a fat slob who eats pizza and watches tv has power because of the lack of power the world has on him a tall muscular guy has physical power a socially charming guy has social power a rich guy has financial power a politician has the power to call the shots a murderer has the power to kill (see: charles manson, ted bundy) a jerk has the power to fuck with her brain
  14. i love inspiring strong feelings. it's an ability reserved for those with power