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  1. Hey dudes, gents, boys and duelists, let's talk about one of the most controversial places on the internet.   TRP saved my fucking life. I went from sexless to getting laid with a few 6-7/10 chicks a month, and that's only the auxiliary benefit (something that the sub will teach you is the case), on top of being at a top 20 college, practicing BJJ/working out 6 times a week, and running a well-paying side hustle.    For the dudes here who are having trouble getting laid, dealing with aggressions from other dudes, or just not enjoying life because you just can't get your shit together it's an awesome resource, it's worth giving a look. Just ignore the crazies, and withhold judgment until you've read the sidebar and the top posts. It's not everyone's cup of tea, but that's fine.   Meanwhile, I'll continue to hone my social dominance, ambitions, and dark triad traits.   It's good to be back.
  2. admit it consider this a locker room. go ahead you moral, righteous beings, put that amoral brain to use :)
  3.       And I'm the Elliot Rodgers here.
  4. evoking elliot rodgers to shame/guilt trip, how original
  5. i hunt for victims about as intelligent as paraliel this is fucking hilarious
  6. is this supposed to make me feel bad..? yea. you're right. i entered a crybaby. i left an ubermensch.
  7. and i'd be lying if i said i don't appreciate a few cuties in my life regardless of whether they want my d or not. see? when they're actually worth a shit i see them as such! what an astounding evaluation system!
  8. with all due respect, again, i'm not here for an echo chamber. i WANT my ideas challenged. give a cynic a reason to have faith in the world (and women i guess) and he will be forever grateful. i'm here bringing my experiences and my wisdom to the table for question and this is the type of shit i get? how fucking daring of you to accuse me of close-mindedness.
  9. nohhh! :( look, if i wanted an echo chamber i'd stay in r/TRP. i can always appreciate a good debate or bucket of cold water, think i agree with everything dem white boys spew?
  10. you sure know jack shit about us
  11. i can sympathize with that; we quite often make your girl drink OUR bleach
  12. i love inspiring strong feelings. it's an ability reserved for those with power
  13. whats wrong with being an idiot to make the people around me feel smarter...before launching my missiles?
  14. LOL ok. wait aren't you a girl? no wonder why this post is so emotionally charged
  15. psychologically manipulated my roommate into doing all the dishes and cleaning feels good to have control over people
  16. r/TheRedPill saved my life

    A) if you're a natural and good looking B) again, if you're a natural/socialized properly in childhood; i benefitted greatly from a basic understanding of the sexual marketplace C) this is where i'm still "beta" (i actually dislike TRP's use of those two words because it prevents a nuanced understanding of the characteristics that make up each but whatever) but i think i will feel less need to once i've done it more consistently for a while
  17. r/TheRedPill saved my life

    its so nonsensical i started getting laid almost immediately after gaining an understanding of it: narcissism = confidence machiavellianism = social skills (admittedly i still have a long way to go here) psychopathy = ruthless its not bad to be dark triad in fact id say quite the opposite
  18. r/TheRedPill saved my life

    what's wrong with being a sociopath?
  19. r/TheRedPill saved my life

    yea because if everything was rainbows and sunshine i would've made this post but if anything i'm actually glad racists like you (who as a minority fall under the same systematic oppression from white men anyways lmfao...where did get that idea, media created by white people?) exist because it made me power hungry enough to find such a support group!
  20. r/TheRedPill saved my life

    Interesting, I was just viewing his profile because I remember him talking about him posting about PUA (which isn't the same thing as TRP). 
  21. i got a fake number and the guy i ended up accidentally texting is actually pretty cool
  22. i don't mind something more long term, i'll see how it goes. not a fan of hit and quit
  23. met her once before, she seems like a balanced person but then again it's tinder   just wanna get experience before i start college in september   fair enough, doesn't seem like she sleeps around though   yea i watched a video
  24. what else do i do with someone more attractive from tinder