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  1. Sup Bleach Here

    Sup bleach, enjoy your stay. And I can't stress the word "enjoy" enough.
  2. Hello Duelist Groundz

    Thank you sir, I'm glad to be part of the forum!
  3. Hello Duelist Groundz

      Ohoh mama, you sound like my kinda guy.   Welcome, fellow sadist. Indeed. Nothing like controlling the board and making the opponent think about what move they want to make.
  4. Hello Duelist Groundz

    I figured I would join this site based on what I've heard about it. I've been playing Yugioh since LOB. I  quit for a brief period during GX and came back to the game at the  Phantom Darkness Sneak Peak event. At that time I was running a really lame Dark Magician deck. I never played competitively as a kid, I just played random decks (mostly flip based) that didn't even follow the banlist. Phantom Darkness was when I started following the banlist. Currently I am a pretty decent duelist. I am rather inconsistent though. It all depends on my mood. I can either be a great duelist or just misplay like a champ. Currently I am playing Gravekeeper's, Mermail and TG Madolche.  Thunder King Rai-oh, Kycoo the Ghost the Destroyer, Vanity's Fiend, and King Tiger Wanghu are some of my favourite cards, Rai-oh being my favourite. I'm more of an Anti-meta person. I like having big back rows and cards that stop my opponent from doing stuff. I'm not the best at decks that explode and spam the field (like chaos dragons). Anyway, hello DGz. 
  5. Chey here :D

    Lol someone seems mad, or just jealous.
  6. Some DNF members (like myself) are actually quite good at posting. At least the amount of pony stuff has gone down in the past year or so. It is mostly contained in one topic.
  7. It is easier to generalize than to actually think about things in detail. This is what this topic is, an easy generalization. However, tons of DNF posters are just spammers looking for easy +1s. The staff usually weeds them out though. These posters will get eaten up at DGz. There are too many strong personalities here. A few of them yelling at them will scare them away easily.
  8. Chey here :D

    Oh chey, I just joined and seen your intro topic on the recent topics feed. I would welcome you, but I joined after you. Interesting to see the Mapache Queen herself here though. It is quite like her to do what Froggy is describing. She did it with DN too xd. So anyway chey, sup?
  9. Just scare off the bad posters. Should be relatively simple. DNF posting quality is awful though, there is no arguing with that.