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  1. Why has this thread become so quiet and calm? What happened to the chaos?
  2. So most of my jeans either have a hole around the knee area or appearing very worn around my front tigh area. Could it be related to the fact I usually sit with my legs crossed and kneel a lot when doing housework? Also, a handful of my shirts also have small holes around the waist area. I believed they stopped when I replaced my belt, but could it be something else in my laundry load? I am still living at home with my parents and have loads together with other family members. What are culprits that might cause that?
  3.   I never ask about payroll unless they ask me first. When they do, I usually just say "Whatever the industry average is not someone of my level". If they ask for specific numbers, I generally give a very broad range like "Maybe anywhere around $12-25 an hour".   
  4. Yeah as in leave it out? Or yeah as in, yes do tell them?
  5. Also forgot to mention, they always ask about what I been doing since graduation. I bring up that position I got cut from as I at least want to be honest about it. Should I leave it out?
  6. I never really did that whole take notes thing. Is doing that really that big of am advantage?
  7. About the asking questions part, I generally have few to no questions. Most of my questions are generally answered by them. So instead, should I ask about "What are some recent projects that are being worked on now?" or "Can you tell me more about the team I would be working with? How long they been together, and what they accomplished?"   I got the Asian part covered pretty well though. 
  8. Entry level software developers, QA, Database, and IT/Desktop (Not field) support. Although I graduated, I am also looking at internships as well,to get more experience. I am on mobile now, but I can post up contents of my resume tomorrow. Will cut out my contact info of course.
  9. I do tend to respond with "I believe that was when/how/what blablabla"
  10. So I have gotten a couple of in-person interviews for jobs I have applied for, but no luck. The attire and tardiness thing is probably not a factor at all. I always have the right dress and always arrive on time/a little early. So this narrows it down to body language. I am not sure if it is related to my body language or they actually just went with another candidate that did have better qualifications than I did.    I always done the handshake with a solid grip. I always try and keep eye contact with the interviewer, while keeping my hands folded and resting on the table. My posture is kind of bad so I do slouch a little. As they are speaking, generally throw a small nod when I understand or agree with something. I also do also try and put on a smile, but I am kind of a naturally grumpy person, so that can turns out a little awkward sometimes, but try my best not to. I also do sometimes have a slight stutter or need a moment to gather my thoughts as I am speaking.    Now as for the questions, aside from experience, projects etc, these are technical roles, so they are code or tech related. I might sometimes ask for a little clarification on what exactly they are asking, before I try the question, if I have any uncertainty.     So any opinions or feedback on this?   On a side note, should I include a contract position that I held that was supposed to be a 3-6 month contract, but was let go from very prematurely (After about 2 weeks and half) on my resume? I feel something that brief doesn't feel like it adds any extra weight or value nor does it provide any good reference. 
  11. Come on and hit me!
  12.   Lack of experience, maybe?     Yeah, my experience is minimal. I did manage to get a 3 to 6 month contract position back in the fall, but they decided to cut me after 2 weeks for whatever reason. They never responded back to any of the messages left asking about it. Do note they also contracted like 5 other people to work alongside me.      What do you think I been doing? 
  13. Okay, now I am really started to get a bit pissed off. It's like every job I apply to, they turn me down. I can meet what they are asking for in the job descriptions, yet nope. Even one which only listed a set of academic experience (classwork) that are the only requirements they posted, which I all have, turned me down (Like what the fuck?). The phone screens I go through turn out okay, yet I rarely get any interviews. Those that I have gotten picked other candidates.  
  14. Fuck yeah. Old School/2007 RuneScape rocks!
  15. This dude must of never heard of Kaneki Ken or Alucard.