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  1. Top 4 Play-Offs: Detox vs Team Beer

    I got Skully 2-1, my turbo chaos vs chaos control ggs
  2. Top 4 Play-Offs: Detox vs Team Beer

    So there's only 2 goat players on Detox and I don't think I've seen Skully at all on Discord and Jazz is afk a lot. Looks like it's up to the current meta players at this point
  3. Round 9: Detox vs Team Beer

    on for a goat match
  4. DuelistGroundz username: Kewl`Kat Discord username: Kewl`Kat Formats: Goat only Expected level of activity: Relatively high Want to be on a team with (list any DGZ users that apply): Wumbologist (Optional) Credentials/why you would be a good team member: goat format is my thing and I got like 4 ancient sweeps under my belt -\(._.)/-
  5. Where can I play some goat format matches online?

    Elaborate please? Where can I go to find a team, when does the new season start etc
  6. Since they stopped supporting dueling network and I have a random urge to play some goat format yugioh, where is another website that I can find other goat players? Would like to avoid downloading software if possible.
  7. It was just like nostalgia for me to join a team lol, I wanted to play goats when I heard there was a past format section but I lost interest again after about a month or so of doing it and I have no explanation as to why...I just kinda lost interest
  8. Someone get on DN and test with me  :(
  9. Pretty sure he meant to get sanguine etc, and yes you can go that route Audio, but this saves you a few steps and it's not a format breaking card
  10. Super Scum Bros vs. Team Name

    I for audioslayne 2-1, ggz
  11. team name vs 笑あほ

    Got GodzillaFan 2-1, ggz