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  1. [Regular - Goat] EVIL vs Reveal Exodia, k? [EVIL W]

    I got Jebiga 2-1 ggs
  2. I got Tyranno, 2-1 ggs
  3. I got Haruki 2-0. Goat control vs goat control ggs
  4. [Regular - Goat] Damage Step vs EVIL [EVIL W]

    Kewl'Kat > Me. 2-1 ggs
  5. (ATO) All the Outs Vs (SOS) Shoot on Sight ~ Goat

    N3sh got me 2-1
  6. Me > 2k17 Me > 2k17
  7. Free Agent Recruitment Thread

    Was on vacation after last season ended so need a team again DGZ Username: Kewl`Kat Discord: Kewl`Kat Formats: Goat Expected Activity: Active during the week and after 5 pm on weekends Blurb: Pretty good at goats, played back in the day when it was the format
  8. Top 4 Play-Offs: Detox vs Team Beer

    I got Skully 2-1, my turbo chaos vs chaos control ggs