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  1. KC Cup

    Youre both idiots whose grandfathers decks are full of pathetic cards
  2. Matrix6 Mafia Signups(Working flavor idea ed edd n eddy)

    Im out No internet as just moved house (also no time as well, same reason)
  3. Matrix6 Mafia Signups(Working flavor idea ed edd n eddy)

  4. KC Cup

    You guys are missing a trick, your grandfathers decks are full of pathetic cards EXODIA IS META
  5. KC Cup

    id love to run into a harpie relinquished deck "lol i summon danki u lose"
  6. Justice League

    So i got offered a free ticket for this and went My god im glad i didnt pay It is as dreadful as youd expect
  7. KC Cup

    1 win away from stage 2 Auto loss vs duel links server fuck up Ffffffffffff
  8. I just wanna say this

    the man the myth the legend lavaman255 i have missed you can we be friends
  9. Duel Links News - Whats Next

    that's cool. roaming or unlockable?
  10. i come back to my point: communication skills are much harder to teach than technical skills - which can usually be mastered in a week for something as simplistic as phones you and i have a very different characterization / idea of what we perceive to be the "average consumer" so yeah i disagree with you, but see where you are coming from
  11. Justice League

    I mean I hate to say I told you so, but I don't really know what else you could've expected to be honest
  12. Best Packs

    This is good, but I think we should make a more comprehensive guide prior to big tournaments in future (maybe a month out from WCQs or KC Cups based on each current meta). Like wonders of the sky sucks ass now, but upon release it was amazing for the harpie support (duck, birdface...etc) so we need to tailor and update it regularly. I'd be happy to create a guide tonight to what sets to rampage prior to the KC cup r2, but I think it's a little bit late for that and a little bit obvious now to anyone in the discord.
  13. Ancient Gears Discussion

    As i said Ag is basically an auto loss vs a good CA deck as it is objectively much worse. But vs the rest of the meta (redz etc) it is viable
  14. Best Packs

    For the current meta: The best deck around is Cyber Angel. So you should be focusing entirely on getting 2-3 senju from set number 2, 1 sonic bird from set number 1, then s/t support. As a general rule: Recent sets are usually better, because powercreeps. Valkyires Rage used to be the best set to buy, but now it's been utterly power creeped (remember Dunames being an UR? lol) As a second general rule: Focus on building the best deck, and otherwise save your gems. Don't spend needlessly on packs as there may be a time you need to dig (eg. I needed a 2nd senju, so I went from 9500gems to 3000gems to dig for it and get it in time for the KC cup which is where it is relevant).