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  1. Favorite Videogames of this decade

    I forgot about RDR2!!! yeah that's definitely up there at the top. I should probably pick up the console and BOTW to be honest, just never got around to it
  2. if you click on this topic you must post E

    |====D--- (-.-')
  3. running a game since im retired for now

    Ping me when it starts x
  4. running a game since im retired for now

    Fuck it I'll play I will be even more terrible than I used to be and you're all going to have to fucking deal with it Also doing this purely cos Malcolm's games are generally fun and I would like to play another fuck you mafia at some point
  5. I saw the venom stuff but I thought it was hearing towards a crossover with morbius? And given carnage will be the next venom opponent that is way too dark for tom Holland spider man
  6. I mean being sober is fine tbh, I realised it's pretty fucking easy for me to go without if I want so I'm definitely not an alcoholic Gonna keep the soberity up till my wedding then get as drunk as I possibly fucking can on my wedding day :') (shouldnt take long tbh)
  7. Had my first week back at work this week. Pretty bleak :-( Not had a drink in like 3 months now and I've got actual muscles growing like I didnt know it had this big an impact lmao
  8. The Alcoholism Thread

    He's right, I do

    Mr. Robot is the best tv series of all time and that final season and ending was bloody spectacular. Fight me.
  10. Witcher TV Show

    I have no franchise knowledge but by episode 4 I was thinking "can this guy just die already jesus christ". Well acted, but not great story telling.
  11. Favorite Videogames of this decade

    God of War GTA 5 Assassins Creed Odessy Spiderman ps4 Idk I think this decade really struggled for quality from what I played
  12. The new star wars film

    Phantom is literally just a bunch of people talking until darth maul shows up then does some flips then gets cut in half by the worst obi wan
  13. What games are you currently playing?

    New star wars game is fun