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  1. Kahu i was defo leaning scum on you yestersay, which is why i used my role on you. Yeah masics and darkblaze are suspect scum i shouldve made that clear in my last post, sorry. You guys are silly. If anything, this should put me as confirmed town and solstice in the firing line. Re read today again
  2. This because i p much agree with masics list and i dont remember the malcom allignnent, other than dbs word of mouth. Also markus has died so cant back it up, and he was the easy one to pick as he never posted anyway
  3. Scum: malcom, soph, sol and darkblaze.
  4. For the record, i think there should be a punishment / ban for this after this game. @Logic
  5. Jc is keeping track
  6. hos Soph like id vote you but solstice is a better target today. You scummy tho mannn
  7. its ok masics youre forgiven i am inclined to agree on solstice today, but malcom lynch down the line should definitely be a possibility to either confirm or deny this also we need to stop +reping stuff remember we cant let jazz win neg this post if you're not with jazz, i can take the heat1
  8. i observed all the way @Francis J Underwood you played really really well. shame jazz didnt get you in time, i think he mightve done if he'd stayed alive. nelrick setup with you was great as well
  9. like broooooooooo i just wanna know your reasons rip
  10. @JC. can we get a vote count please babycakes xxx
  11. i think i must have missed the part on malcom? can you show /explain your reasoning for thinking hes town? (genuinely think i missed the posts btw, just for clarification) dont agree on psk atm. best lynch today is solstice.
  12. vote solstice
  13. which game was this it sounds great
  14. psk im gonna go watch rogue one, wanna come with? datedatedate