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  1. I'm going to bed unvote Broken please stop drinking red bull :')
  2. I said it in the last game I'll say it this game I will probably say it every game I hate you all
  3. Dont like this at all rei town wins the game or gets lynched d1(as francis said) Or were you joking?
  4. 10pm New York time is 3am in the UK as EOD, come the fuck on @JC. -.-
  5. How is this 3 pages already I swear you guys only fucking bother when I'm only partially available vote jazz I will read in a sec
  6. Confirmed, will give a go
  7. Laid back chill mafia Day 1

    I think we are all past "le epic bait" stage....
  8. Laid back chill mafia Day 1

    Pls elaborate on this as well
  9. Laid back chill mafia Day 1

    Broken Brilliance posting the most ridiculous shitlogic in the world for his read list - ergo probably town. I hate Malcolm's weak soft claim of healer- feels like hes trying to draw out and bait the counter claim - either claim it outright or stfu Solstice is clearly town.
  10. Laid back chill mafia Day 1

    Lol what is this care to elaborate bud? Or are you doing your scum thing of floating without an explanation and throwing dtupid confusion votes out (Wasnt drunk at all when posting yesterday btw francis). Tyranno I leaned town initially but his posts just got scummier and scummier as they day went on, so that's where my vote ended Will catch up in a moment for yesterdays EOD stuff
  11. Laid back chill mafia Day 1

    11 hours left, all I want is people to fucking play
  12. Laid back chill mafia Day 1

    I hate you all.
  13. Laid back chill mafia Day 1

    Unvore vote tyranno