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  1. The Flash

    i stopped watching after savitar then i saw a clip of iris being like "we are the flash" literally fuck off
  2. Barclays Premier League 2018/19

    doesnt that tell you the extent of the problems at UTD? haha
  3. Barclays Premier League 2018/19

    Exactly why De Gea should definitely leave after this season, or on a free afterwards. United just aren't going to be competing at the top level for the next 3-4 years, where De Gea undoubtedly should be. He certainly owes no loyalty to united - he's carried them for years and still come under ridiculous criticism whenever he puts a foot wrong (the world cup for instance)
  4. I killed my laptop and need help fixing it.

    have you tried turning it off then on again
  5. Barclays Premier League 2018/19

    Yeah honestly De Gea is far too good for Utd. In the next 5 years I believe Utd will be back to competing at the top... but they will take a few years to get there. That's a few years that De Gea could be winning the CL with Barca/Madrid Feel a bit sorry for Wagner, the guy was a really good manager - Huddersfield staying up was a miracle last year and they really don't have the squad to compete in the PL. Very good manager for achieving what he did.
  6. Oh hello

    henlo fren
  7. Barclays Premier League 2018/19

    Bloody hell, De Gea is alright isn't he
  8. Barclays Premier League 2018/19

    I'm not sure the project explodes... when Klopp took the job 3.5 years ago he said "in 4 and a half years we will win the league"... so still time. Problem is that City are soooooo good with so much brilliant young talent that they'll just be consistently incredible. This is probably the best chance Liverpool will have for the league and if we don't win it'll be a huge blow. Our starting 11 is probably as good as City, but they have a much much better squad depth so they'll always have the advantage in the league. Very frustrating - any year other than the past 2-3, liverpool would be walking the title with this team. City are the best team in PL history though, so to compete with them is so tough
  9. Barclays Premier League 2018/19

    I'm honestly more concerned about the brighton game. They're tough to beat at home, but definitely a game we should be winning. If we don't get a win then I think we really are in trouble of losing the pace
  10. yea i have no idea why anyone would want to get back into ygo
  11. Barclays Premier League 2018/19

    100% agreed, and honestly its a policy i agree with what does the fa cup give you? seriously? its as redundant and the league cup and completely irrellevent in modern football terms. the league and CL are the ONLY trophies that matter sure if you have a big enough squad (city) you can challenge on both but id honestly rather liverpool go out now and not have the fixture pileup. klopp seems to agree, he played 4 players who were 16-17 for goodness sake haha
  12. Barclays Premier League 2018/19

    I thought ederson was really good today Kompany should've been off in the first half Sane goal world class I love all Liverpool players despite their occasional flaws and mishaps. Except Lovren. Lovren can fuck off.
  13. Barclays Premier League 2018/19

    makes sense as to why we went for fekir in the summer to be honest
  14. Barclays Premier League 2018/19

    "interested" - its pure speculation at the moment tbh