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  1. DG Weight Loss 2018

    182 / 5 ft 7
  2. persona 5 mafia aftergame

    "Hey I'm obvious town i die d1" "Hey I'm midway i don't die" Hey psk just become religious itll give you an excuse to keep your virginity for so long you fucking scrub <3
  3. persona 5 mafia aftergame

    Props for "winter cunterland" :')
  4. What Anime Are You Watching Right Now?

    Just watched seraph of the end on netflix. It started really really strongly but it didn't really have enough build or backstory for that end battle which kind of came out of nowhere and just seemed rushed
  5. persona 5 mafia aftergame

    i knew i had a shit hot power so i intentionally hid in mediocrity for the first 2 days of this game (which tbf only psk thought was scummy) & it turned out to work, so i'm not sure this is always true :') also youre implying dgz town can be trusted to work cohesively with each other which as we know couldnt be further from the truth lmao
  6. Mafia New Games Hosting Queue

    @The Antagonist do your smaller game perhaps?
  7. persona 5 mafia aftergame

    crei your death sucked and if id been awake i wouldve fought vs it but from a scum / hindsight perspective you gotta admit it is pretty fucking funny =')
  8. persona 5 mafia aftergame

    yeah, that lunch fucking sucked
  9. persona 5 mafia aftergame

    The exception that proves the rule I am always* town *(rogue 1 changes me)
  10. persona 5 mafia aftergame

    yeah i got this as well from jazz & psk lynching me d1 over and over and over whenever i was timid :') haha despite this psk still always scumreads me regardless of how i play the game :')
  11. Best Anime Episodes

    i like episode 13 or so, when the "second kira" enters and it adds about 4 different extra layers of complexity
  12. persona 5 mafia aftergame

    or a best girl ability to block all lynches alongside having cop scans
  13. persona 5 mafia aftergame

    He went for the obvious scum choices after both slickz ane jazz had called them out, and was correct :')
  14. persona 5 mafia aftergame

    Like if I hadn't already known and got confirmation he was town I would've lynched him for certain
  15. persona 5 mafia aftergame

    So knowing you this isn't sarcastic Wunter was TERRIBLE this game lol