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  1. Brunch was 2-4 Then we go to another bar in shoreditch and myself being the responsible adult who didnt really eat at the brunch decided after 3 pr 4 more drinks its be a good idea to get everyone with me (15 people) a tequila... which came to a lovely £94. That happened twice. I also somehow did a lot of jaeger bombs I am told Next memory is falling over around 7pm outside the pub (plenty of bruises) then I got taken home by my mrs (apparently I was annoying but not awful), then I come to on my sofa about 9pm and the shame hits hard I definitely dont miss drinking hahaha fucking hell
  2. Welp yesterday was my birthday I decided to go to a bottomless brunch, as my first time drinking this calendar year Needless to say it did not go fantastically :') fml
  3. Witcher TV Show

    Slox man how the fuck are you?! Good to see you here! Tbh I thought it was enjoyable and henry was excellent, but yeah huge wasted potential
  4. Favorite Videogames of this decade

    I forgot about RDR2!!! yeah that's definitely up there at the top. I should probably pick up the console and BOTW to be honest, just never got around to it
  5. if you click on this topic you must post E

    |====D--- (-.-')
  6. running a game since im retired for now

    Ping me when it starts x
  7. running a game since im retired for now

    Fuck it I'll play I will be even more terrible than I used to be and you're all going to have to fucking deal with it Also doing this purely cos Malcolm's games are generally fun and I would like to play another fuck you mafia at some point
  8. I saw the venom stuff but I thought it was hearing towards a crossover with morbius? And given carnage will be the next venom opponent that is way too dark for tom Holland spider man
  9. I mean being sober is fine tbh, I realised it's pretty fucking easy for me to go without if I want so I'm definitely not an alcoholic Gonna keep the soberity up till my wedding then get as drunk as I possibly fucking can on my wedding day :') (shouldnt take long tbh)
  10. Had my first week back at work this week. Pretty bleak :-( Not had a drink in like 3 months now and I've got actual muscles growing like I didnt know it had this big an impact lmao
  11. The Alcoholism Thread

    He's right, I do
  12. MR ROBOT

    Mr. Robot is the best tv series of all time and that final season and ending was bloody spectacular. Fight me.
  13. Witcher TV Show

    I have no franchise knowledge but by episode 4 I was thinking "can this guy just die already jesus christ". Well acted, but not great story telling.