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  1. at what age were you deflowered?

    I went to Catholic school If the priests weren't banging you then you were one of the ugly kids I was fucking beautiful
  2. I've been playing lots of age of mythology online recently and honestly I don't think I've ever seen such a well balanced game
  3. It's so good, I'm watching through the original spiderman cartoons. God I loved the beyonder arc at the end with spidercarnage
  4. 100% Robyn- I discovered recently that you can get cans of drink in m&s including "blackcurrant flavour gin" cans. They're like 8% and taste like juice, honestly have some of those and you'll never want a mojito again
  5. I've downloaded and been playing pokemon spork Though the difficulty level is much lower than reborn / rejuvenation it has some pretty cool features - you get to pick literally any starter pokemon for example (I ended up going axew cos I love haxorus) Would recommend it if you want something fun to pass the time
  6. Is this real? Jodie Comer as Meg woukd be the dream
  7. Greece has banned uk travellers because we all have COVID so my new life mission is to infect @confuse rei
  8. Tbh I didnt really catch on till d3 but the lack if throwing a vote to save me (who they said was certain town) was the giveaway Chrome - you played well but I wish you could articulate your points and expand on them a bit more as town? You were fun to play with but dont give enough info
  9. Thanks tyranno , really well hosted! I said in the chat but being sick as fuck really had an impact- I forgot how much focus mafia games require and I really struggled to keep going this game Overall I was most disappointed with solstice though who after a great d1 threw it all away :') Fuckfiend the mental health/xanax post made me pretty angry, there was no need for it at all and it was game relevant. Please dont make comments or posts like that in future unless they are genuine concerns (and even then, dgz has a limited support system so all we can do is recommend help). You using this as an in game excuse is not acceptable for me, please dont do that again. Very good scum game though from you, just lots of needless stuff (xanax post, Cyprus post)
  10. Townread me "which you dont agree on" But I'm not the one you want lynched...you want fiend lynched You know there is 1 scum left, right? This reeks of you trying to set up a 2nd mislynch tomorrow from a scum PoV
  11. Toss up between macer and fuckfiend. Difficult to say as fiends posting today has been good and well reasoned, whereas macers hasnt, but again with macer its feeling like a "2 dumb to be scum" vibe at the moment. You're town, crei is town, I'd put money on chrome being town too. So logically its fiend or macer
  12. The reasoning is quite clearly my own thoughts, thank you. I asked crei because I was trying to determine wtf rei was doing at Eod (also I was out of it..again...covid19). I was the first to bring up the jazz interaction etc on walia as it's important info. And if someones confirmed town with 1 mafia player left, you should work with them to find that scum. Walia / haz have not explained anything of their own reasoning this game (other than trying to very the lynch away from scum rei onto town jazz) or been under any kind of scrutiny to make reads - whereas I've been transparent as possible. Guess which is town oriented, and which is scum oriented?
  13. I've made the case for walia on page 11, theres 1 scum left you evidently havent read the last 5 pages of content lol I'm not wasting my time quoting what I've already posted
  14. Literally already done. It's a 14 page thread of which 5 pages are today, it's pretty clear where the lynch should be going