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  1. Never mind i lied Used in that duel sim thing and thougjt i actually had it lmao
  2. I got 2 metalmorph so far is it.meant.to be rare? Lel
  3. so i literally just started this any advice for getting good cards quickly?
  4. check your pms from malcom
  5. Pls do this
  6. As if we needed nore than the dancing
  7. Qfe unvote
  8. @rei i assume you have another, seperate, reason for voting tyranno?
  9. Yeah crotics have said it is incredible
  10. Masics i will be your love
  11. You just lost mafia xD
  12. Isnt your vote on tyranno?
  13. So theres like 3 hours left
  14. My read on mark is acolyte
  15. Would he though..? Also if u get behind that today i wont get behind your mother tonight Burnnnnnn