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  1. :') I got ice cream and pizza en route home from work so all is well in the world
  2. Yeah I did the porn thing Paying for it today though. Went to bed at 9:30, didnt sleep till 3:30 (was so fucking bored) and was up at 5:30 Needless to say today has just been a pile of wank haha
  3. I went to bed 3 hours ago and I'm just laying awake Got to get up for work in 5 and a half hours 3rd time this week Anyone got any tricks for insomnia? Haha
  4. I'll sub out for malc... wait nvm Have fun guys xox
  5. Wait does d1 end tonight or tomorrow?
  6. Better than I've seen from you on a d1 before, nice form. Antag- what are your thoughts on jazz this game (not just a meta read)? @TheGoldenTyranno you as well please?
  7. At this point I might just watch the anime just to understand what the fuck is going on
  8. I'm going to bed unvote Broken please stop drinking red bull :')
  9. I said it in the last game I'll say it this game I will probably say it every game I hate you all
  10. Dont like this at all rei town wins the game or gets lynched d1(as francis said) Or were you joking?
  11. 10pm New York time is 3am in the UK as EOD, come the fuck on @JC. -.-
  12. How is this 3 pages already I swear you guys only fucking bother when I'm only partially available vote jazz I will read in a sec
  13. Confirmed, will give a go