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  1. remember when we had an active mafia section to keep the site alive? good times

    1. ZeroPassion


      Well my finals are officially over so......

  2. SALAH do do do do do do. oh mane mane do do do do do do. roberto firminoooo, we don't need coutinhooooo

  3. strongly advise everyone to watch sword art online abridged. imagine the original...just wayyyy better, and funny

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    2. Faint


      seriously, it's a better show - it takes everything awful with SAO and revamps it (and cuts out loads of the shite as well).

    3. Faint


      @rei imagine kirito is a sadistic elitist asshole who hates people, and asuna doesn't know how to open the SAO menu for the first month, and clyne's real name is balls. seriously, watch it.

    4. Paraliel


      The Abridged Series is funny

  4. DGz is now transitioning from a mafia forum to a duel links forum. No further comments required from the administration at this time.

    1. rei


      nah we goin goats 

    2. Faint


      Its not 2005 man embrace the millenial generation

    3. mark
  5. The streak is over...RIP town undefeated god tyranno

    1. Flacko


      He got defeated a long time ago, as both factions. 

    2. TheGoldenTyranno


      Time for Tyranno Host With The Most! to rise from the ashes 

  6. my life is just an endless cycle of meals involving hailloumi 

    1. Sophocles


      Halloumi is delicious, sounds great


      Though not too great on the heart, watch out for that salt buddy

    2. Faint


      dont worry if I wanted less salt I'd just push for an extension on jazz's mafia ban

    3. Jazz


      I love hailloumi

  7. Faint

    Im gonna get drunk tomorrow so i hope we get to do drunk mafia signups then

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    2. Jazz


      For mafia, not you getting drunk. That happens every day

    3. Faint


      Mafia happens every day as well both are fun

    4. Jazz


      Looks like you ass got nk'd so you better go make that sign-up thread

  8. First status update on DGz in 2017. Faint was here, Ash is a loser!

  9. i like turtles

  10. Some say tears are the best lubricant for anal sex. They're wrong - blood is.

  11. why was 6 afraid of seven? because seven was a nigger

  12. yeah i posted more hahaaa

  13. Faint

    hai gai ^___^

  14. hur hur i'm going to add friends on a yugioh forum to make me cool