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  1. thx

  2. thx

  3. UEFA Champions League 2017/18

    Real Madrid vs Paris Saint-GermainChelsea vs Barcelona lmfao
  4. Forest Fire Mafia Aftergame - Town wins

    spoken like a true Harassment Prevention Counselor I mean tbh wunter deserved the warning for that, I definitely didn't :')
  5. Forest Fire Mafia Aftergame - Town wins

    @BuildTheWalia on d1 next timme as town, try to point out flaws, disconnects and most importantly - make sure your posts make sense. I think your posts were the flakiest d1 and you made yourself the target. Try to double check your reasoning in the context of the situation and youll survive a lot more for a lot longer
  6. Forest Fire Mafia Aftergame - Town wins

    You havent reached my level until you fill 2 game thread pages with drunken disney lyrics
  7. Forest Fire Mafia Aftergame - Town wins

    I enjoyed tbis game, thank you @Solstice The no nk thing made it tougher to make reads but having 1 less scum balanced it pretty well
  8. Forest Fire Mafia Aftergame - Town wins

    Cheers, yeah i didnt think you were scum at all - i was saying it was jc. I didnt see the purpose in following through as nobody was gonna side with me, and i was also scum reading soph so went that way instead. After that, it was apways jc and malcolm - malcolms advice to me when we played scum together was "target 1 person ignore the rest" whoch i saw him doing, so was pretty certain it was the right lynch Jazz and wunter both played really well here. Jc you misplayed in not bussing malcolm but your hands seemed tied tbh haha - i would still have gunned for you d3 but odk if i couldve persuaded all of town if you had bussed
  9. Marik

    the problem with burn atm is that so many decks counter it very easily phoenix, ancient gears, horus, ca should all autowin vs burn 2nd golem makes it competitive at least. burn absolutely shits on ninjas for 3sd
  10. thx

    lolz Xd XD lol am i doing yugiohgroundz lingo right?
  11. Forest Fire Mafia- Day 4

    Wait everyone has posted Lmao fuck it vote jc
  12. Forest Fire Mafia- Day 4

    Hello everyone Faint was here Psk is a loser Im a little irritated jazz was right as means we will hear about it for the next 6 months :') :') Happy with the jc lynch unless someone ccs tyranno?
  13. Forest Fire Mafia- Day 4

    vote malcolm
  14. Forest Fire Mafia- Day 4

    Psk ruffling feathers like its multi mafia