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  1. More importantly. the section of DGz that is by far the most active is mafia, and that is dying very very quickly. I'd suggest taking steps to improve the section because my god it isn't happening at present. If we are seriously struggling this hard to get even 15 players for a game, then how long before that becomes 10 players? 5 players? 1 player? (that 1 would be tyranno, fyi)
  2. the reason i mentioned josh was because of the obvious difference (if you left his site, there were ads saying "are you sure you don't want to get better at yugioh?!" - my point was in comparison to that but don't worry we get it, - shares on facebook get you legend status!! =D
  3. i think i need to explain my point a bit more, because misinterpretation etc it was more "please dont ever let this get to the stage of giving dgz shitty spammy popups because that would make you like josh and fucking hell please don't do that or we will all leave" hence "please dont become josh" however i understand that i didnt make this clear enough in my original post and apologize for the confusion
  4. i refuse to click on anything if i am asked to in popup, i'll leave and never return within seconds basically, please don't become josh
  5. New Mafia Rules and Punishments

    Yeah, if only there wasn't any kind of administration that demoted the most active and helpful moderator of the most active section of the site...oh wait mafia section is the only active part of dgz at this point tbh
  6. New Mafia Rules and Punishments

    Theres a couple of points there that got muddled but to summarize -dgz mafia mods are maimly lazy -not playing mafia when you say you will should be a warning / ban
  7. New Mafia Rules and Punishments

    Why would anyome want to play or improve if most other people dont bother? Lioe i am makong active effort to improve at mafia here on dg, but wtf is the point of people signing up dont bother? Tbh the only mod that seems intent on helping the playerbase improve btw is jc...jazz as well but acp ego got involved to get him fired (nod to psk before he retired btw, helpful mod!). I ask everyone how to improve, jc is the only one that gives feedback and helps - the rest of the mafioso dont bother.. Even MU doesnt do this ... one might say its a better mafia place than here (UH OH DGZ RULES OR FREEDOM OF SPEECH RULES WHICH DO I FOLLOW) I dont see the point of trying to improve in a game people Dont bother actually playing :/
  8. New Mafia Rules and Punishments

    Tyrannos game people keep missing it and its getting fcking stupid
  9. New Mafia Rules and Punishments

    Proposal: warnings for missing quotas
  10. Yu-Gi-Oh! Duel Links

    Cyber dragons coming to duel links, lol hi cyber twin ftk
  11. TGT Presents Scum Adventure in Mafia Universe![Day 1]

    lmao vote bass if hes town we slaughter angus tomorrow. im ever so slightly happier with this than i am with the other way around
  12. TGT Presents Scum Adventure in Mafia Universe![Day 1]

    @JC. what do you think of killing bass today and angus tomorrow? Gut feeling here and angus is seeming relatively villager esque today in trying to help town after his lynch
  13. TGT Presents Scum Adventure in Mafia Universe![Day 1]

    i mean it's one of them lynch for fun etc
  14. TGT Presents Scum Adventure in Mafia Universe![Day 1]

    I think this is a joke i am not sure I dont wanna say anything here since day is auto anyway Lets gogogo i have my confirmed townie hero buddies