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  1. Yeah i havent drunk for a month and a half and this Friday is my annual work summer party I am gonna be fuckimg trashed
  3. Wonderful!
  4. I had 1 horrific game (masons) but i hope the next game moves me up further
  5. sign me up automatically pls k thanks as a wwe fan i expect an invincible john cena role
  6. Most importantly... @iSlickz WE WANT RANKING UPDATES BABY
  7. Hi! I like shorts. They're comfy and easy to wear
  8. Angry ice cream.gif
  9. But wunter all you proved was that you were wrong the whole time. Did you read francis role pm?
  10. I mean i gave you every chance to nail malcolm but you just didnt seem lilr you were ever gonna do it lol I had fun either way so thank yiu everyone!
  11. Yeah and it showed xD you were saying i was scum at one point too Rule of faint: I AM ALWAYS TOWN
  12. More happened in the game than just wunter
  13. You negged me Requesting mafia ban as mafia is a green hill zone!!!!!!!!!!!!
  14. "Fuck the rules i have a cute dog avatar"
  15. This Francis is absolutely right in that i shouldve realized silver wasbt the roleblocker but i just didnt put 2 and 2 together. But silver really didnt help by playing sooooo scummy