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  1. So uh i dont wanna toot my own horn too much, but i think this should be moved to perma threads or legendary section @rei?
  2. *sets poty reminder*
  3. Also @rei @Wunterslaus @ZeroPassion if u fancy a quick game
  4. Serious question is jazz banned for this gane still? Cos he gas 1 ban left and that was the bigger game
  5. This is a great lineup so far imo @Malcolm u playing bud?
  6. In
  7. Youre right @mark come play again!
  8. Ill sign up again 2 roles for my 2 personalities NEXTLEVELLED
  9. if someone wants to thrown down on age of mythology then im game
  10. my life is just an endless cycle of meals involving hailloumi 

    1. Sophocles


      Halloumi is delicious, sounds great


      Though not too great on the heart, watch out for that salt buddy

    2. Winter Multi

      Winter Multi

      dont worry if I wanted less salt I'd just push for an extension on jazz's mafia ban

    3. Jazz


      I love hailloumi

  11. yea ive been around a while, since like idk 2006?
  12. Your loyalist sucks i want a new one
  13. @mmf i asked on like page 2 dude wth
  14. This sounds great In before 10 give francis the bomb roles
  15. I like how ACP doesnt realize that all his users are me on different accounts. Dont believe me? watch me post this on my other accounts