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  1. Lmfao
  2. Winter is coming vote tyranno
  3. Winter sees claimed reads Winter looks for reads Winter finds zero reads Winter is coming
  4. Read back properly. Winter is coming.
  5. Markus calm down darling
  6. Winter is coming Dont hit majority yet still 24hrs
  7. Winter is coming unvote
  8. Dont really want to play in 2 games at the same time tbh One is enougy
  9. Calm down acolyte vote solstice Winter is coming
  11. Page 3 perfect info stench. Winter is coming.
  12. yeah thats annoying just collecting atm doing a load of autoduels until i can find a decent way to farm bakura. atm im just playing harpies vs him level 40 and getting quick wins, but id rather get a more consistent victory condition tried out a cerberus build but its inconsistent as fuck
  13. Cottonmouth was a great villain. Powerful unpredictable and woth a brilliant actor. Often i found myself just skipping to his scenes. When he died, Luke cage went from mediocre to bad. I liked the first few eps of IF but it just got so shit so fast
  14. winter is coming vote sophocles
  15. Triggered winter is coming