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  1. Undefeatable town god pls stop posting for the love of god
  2. Yeah i dont think i couldve made it anynore obvious tbh And even if i hadnt like 4 hours was all it took for verification
  3. Yeah 2k i had you as town so had no intention of outing you Like idk why you claimed
  4. You see what i said to nelrick aa few pages ago? NO BREAKS GIVEN, MAFIA IS LIFE
  5. Fellow townie soph, is the idiot the right lynch?
  6. Tyranno you have been awful, to the point that if there wasnt modmills youd 100% be lvp if youre town Like fucking hell i cant believe you thought you were in t5 players on dgz
  7. N2 - 2k17 N3 - soph and crei
  8. You didnt bby
  9. That's like saying "oh i cant kick a ball cos i hurt my hand"
  10. Your mouth ulcer doesnt stop you typing you stupid loser
  11. Fuck jazz smoke bitches
  12. Tyranno surely is too dumb 2 be scum at this point
  13. Didnt mean to send town a path of confusion sorry guys Will post and evaluate when im home
  14. Fuck sake guys Gimme a few hours to get home
  15. Clarity: i meant i was visited by one of the above people Was trying to bring out the inactives Am at work so cant bring reasoning right now 2k targetted me n2 was what i was referring to
  16. I want to hear from them all first.
  17. Snatch steal would legit dtop people summoning monsters unless they could swarm and go for game
  18. I think dmoc would be worse than snipe hunter tbh Imagine the power plays
  19. I mean im more safe on you than nelrick or tyranno
  20. @Nelrick time to shine pal
  21. Town Me Francis Slickz 2k17 Soph Possibly silver drpending on how much we like his claim. That leaves nelrick & tyranno and wunter. I have been visited by one in that group. Not gonna reveal who as of yet.
  22. Regardless i think there are wayyy better targets today
  23. I mean im not certain but based on the interactions with one of my visitors im quite sure this is a town soph
  24. Share pls cos we both know you havent ever paid me a visit yet baby
  25. @2k17! Who do you think is best lynch today?