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  1. Mafia New Games Hosting Queue

    i know right i thought harima would have unlimited lives through god mode
  2. Mafia New Games Hosting Queue

    im legitimately upset that i died on actual literal n0 in mafia mafia, i literally didnt even make it to d1 wunter pls make ur game so we can bounce off this one straight into that!
  3. Of cpurse i targetted an auto death role on night 0 Fml Good luck guys stay posi If anyome needs a sub lmk
  4. Posi vibes is not role based at all it is just a natural dgz reflex to me
  5. I promised after last games anger i would return with posi vibes I will save the mafia section...from itself
  6. Does anyone desperately want all the points? I am absolutely happy with malcolm taking the lead, just i thought the others deserved votes for activity (jazz in particular for the counts i mean who has time for that xD)
  7. unpoint harima x7 1 to superman 1 to mark 1 to broken 2 to jazz 2 to malcolm
  8. @Zappdos how do i change point allocation bro
  9. Can i unpoint then redistribute?
  10. Damn u caught me I guess lying = scum But law of faint = town Paradox bitches
  11. Only if you believe in life after love
  12. Im jk im too memey to stop posting on d1
  14. This was at like midday your time I have never been more proud
  15. Who wants points? Points = scum Jk there is no scum
  16. Hay guyz whats up Posi vibe vote wunterslaus Winter is coming Jazz is a loser Gove francis the bomb Char char!
  17. dgz mafia mafia signups + request from hosts

    I like that despute my name changing back i will forever be known as winter Transfer complete, i shall now adopt alt right views
  18. dgz mafia mafia signups + request from hosts

    I promise i will stay sober and posi vibe swayed for this whole game
  19. dgz mafia mafia signups + request from hosts

    Fuck it Put me in Now brb gonna watch rogue 1
  20. dgz mafia mafia signups + request from hosts

    Tyranno being the best player is the best meme
  21. dgz mafia mafia signups + request from hosts

    (Not in btw though i want to be, really dont have time for mafia games. Ill be sub if u guys need one)