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  1. Yeah your best bet is basically either a tv tray or one of those lapdogs, I know corsair has one for like $150. OH the razer one is basically the same price and looks a lot lighter, called the turret.
  2. You will almost never use Accell as a level 2 tuner, honestly Im not sure its worth the spot considering the combo involves opening Diva or Teus/Megalo + Dragoons which usually mean you can just make Trish/Moulinglacia plays and not run bad cards just to make Hope. Toadally Awesome basically does what Hope does without making as many concessions in your main/extra deck.
  3. Satire is usually meant to be funny not make someone want to punch you in the face.
  4. You dont need Mander for the combo, Moulinglacia is 8.
  5. Im so glad you put in 3 Desires, people's reasoning for 2 or less is just crazy lol. Also I feel like Mander into Pike gives you opportunities to search Undine and Normal Summon it, even just 1/1 could work but really I havent played in a while so Id have to actually take a good look at whats going on combo-wise also Gunde is just a really good card and I always feel like its something you can run 3 of and figure out a way to use it in any hand thats Merm heavy. Also its a small thing but Infantry is just so much better than Marksman, a lot of decks ran 3/1 which I agree with wholeheartedly as the normal summon it provides opens up so many more avenues to combo with.
  6. Yeah man we're all sheep and you're the superior being who has to think about the expense of going to see a movie.
  7. Torture her by showing her a shitty movie? Brilliant. Does she have her own toys? Buttplug, collar, handcuffs, etc? I'd ask her to bring over whatever she wants to use if she does. Neckties for tying/blindfolding and a belt for hitting/choking will obviously do most things though. As far as wax goes, try using a wide one so the wax pools up so you can actually pour it, also letting it sit in the candle a bit lets it cool so just mess around with that and how high you pour it from to get the desired result. Honestly Ive only done it once mostly because me and my friend wanted to try it, Ive heard youre meant to use baby oil before hand (I guess its easier to get it off later or helps stop leaving marks?) but we never did that.
  8. I think this whole thing is just silly. Obviously she'd know you had the same thought as her and parked outside of the campus because its a universal thing that campus parking is shit. And the whole gun thing is unfortunate, just living in the US so its a possibility but like you said it's unlikely she would have one on her for the same reason you mentioned, campus' are gun free zones. If she acknowledges you in the future just give her a nod or something, please dont be an awkard fucker like everyone on here seems to be and speed up/slow down or check your phone.
  9. Honestly the actors were the best part of the movie. The problem is you can only do so much with a piece of shit.
  10. Yeah Will Smith is remarkably good at playing himself in every movie ever. A true artist.
  11. Pretty much the same problem as BvS. They need to make a separate film executives can edit and try to cram shit into and then just throw it in the garbage where it belongs.
  12. quality post I really need to give Psycho Pass another try, watched 3 episodes and hated it but felt like more was happening that I didnt have the patience to sit and watch..
  13. But as long as Prime is putting cards back in it doesn't actually matter how many copies there are and you cant deck out, you can simply activate it when the cards you want to recycle are in hand/grave at that stage. Like the only way you cant grind this way is if youre super unlucky and like banish triple Erebus/Prime or something stupid like that.
  14. Under what circumstances do you "auto-lose" the grind though? Seems unlikely to me unless you're using Desires for a 2nd time for example or anywhere your chances of hitting cards that allow you to cycle is high. In that situation the more draw heavy deck getting the upper hand early on and having to hold onto Cupidity in certain situations seems better still doesnt it?
  15. Why not monarchs? I guess it hurts your odds of having 3-ofs for Pantheism but still.