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  1. The Official Wrestling Thread

    roman reigns got suspended for breaking wellness. LOL.
  2. I just realized

    Will be 10 years for me come december.
  3. AUS Nats + OC WCQ

    Good luck man.
  4. Monarch - Deck Discussion

    I don't know tbh. It's domain monarchs... so you would assume he would want to go first but the maxx c's, the twin twisters and the warning seem to suggest otherwise. The guy can't be a bad player as he won nationals last year and top 4'd this years event but without his explanations on his choices, we can only speculate. He did a deck profile on youtube but didn't explain anything really or his reasons for playing the above cards.
  5. Monarch - Deck Discussion

    Oliver Newton 4th Place Uk Nats decklist. He won the event last year.
  6. Burning Abyss - Deck Discussion

    i was at the event and there was a quite a bit of the 'cattle call ultimate falcon ba' deck being played. any of you guys had any experience with it?
  7. Game of Thrones TV Show

    My favourite character. He is gonna fuck shit up.
  8. Majespecter Discussion

    Majespector won. Game 1 took 55 mins so it ended 1-0 in the final.
  9. Majespecter Discussion

    majespecter vs extra deck monarchs in the german nats final
  10. Majespecter Discussion

    There are 2 in the top 8 of German Nats. 1 lost in top 8 to yosenju and the the other 1 is currently in the top 4 vs BA
  11. Monarch - Deck Discussion

    Yea you can't. Just ignore what i said. Sorry.
  12. Monarch - Deck Discussion

    I have been trying to like brilliant fusion engine because everyone is telling me its the best way to play the deck. I was dead set on playing domain monarchs at my nats the constant whispering in my ear and the amount of top cut placings xyz is taking, it made me question what i was set on. I have sat here fish bowling xyz monarch hands and the amount of times i have ended with a a monarch on board with a return and an unused pantheism in the graveyard came up quite a lot. In my head all i could think of is, that pantheism could be searching me a domain right now. Now i understand i will be making mistakes with the deck and i understand xyz is the 'stronger' way to go, but i just cant help the fact that it just doesn't click with me and domain monarchs do. (probably a contrast on the level of player i am more than anything else tbh) My friend swears by hobans teleporter shitty thing and i stood there and watched him lose games because he draw the vanilla or he drew the ghost ogre and teleporter and that didn't sit well with me. I want to lose games because i played bad or they were the better player - not because i risked a big payload by playing such shit cards. Consistency is the most important thing for me. When i look at deck lists from events, how a deck performed in swiss interests me more than what won. Basically, i just want the most consistent build - but everyone has vastly varying ideas on what that actually is. @TS FearlessIf you are not keen on the edea engine in the deck, what are you favouring over it? layers + multiple mithras? perhaps using terratops and borg like they have done in the ocg? i guess you don't like committing you normal summon to edea either?
  13. The Official Wrestling Thread

    a lot of releases today... most were whatever but i didnt think they would can sandow when he is soo over.
  14. The Official Wrestling Thread

    a lot of releases today...