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  1. Not sure how I feel about the 10 minute time limit. But I love the fact we will start with an even playing field with pokemon only found and caught in the new region.
  2. I didn't learn a damn thing from this debate and that pisses me off.
  3. This is coming from someone that has never played but which Shaymin are you guys referring to?
  4. Lava Golem exist too and is less restrictive. You still take up your normal summon but Lava Golem can be destroyed. It depends I guess on the fields you are trying to break. With Burning Abyss it can be considered. Neat that Sphere outs Emptiness.
  5. Dragluon will prevent Cipher (or any other Dragons) from activating their effect until the end of your opponents turn. I do the same thing with Azure because I have learned my lesson. Something can apply to Moonlight because there are times you will just die if you don't have that option. Alsei has been a favorite of mine since I played Sylvans and still killer, you can get lucky sometimes playing the odds (especially if you burnt through your deck with Desires). Either way you get the card you need (or get closer to it) or spin a problem card away. @Daybreaker I haven't seen the need for Giganticastle, I use 62 or Dark Matter to run over the Azure in that situation. The only other reason I can see running it is due to Cherry banishing your Spirits, so you aren't just keeping a 0/0 tuner on field.
  6. Is sitting on Dragluon calling Dragons with Return in grave not the correct play for the mirror or am I doing something wrong? Not seeing the nicheness behind it unless you're planning on doing the same with Crystal Wing.
  7. This has been discussed before but I feel it is either use Brilliant Fusion or Pot of Desires. I choose the guaranteed 2 draws vs extra normal summon / Burial / BEWD tutor. Maybe I can fit both in one deck and making it work but I don't want to grab Lazuli or Garnet off my draws. Maybe my luck is terrible but I don't want to drop a game to bricks. I am gearing towards taking BA more seriously but main decking Cherries or work on a Chaos Max build. Not that I have a terrible issue vs PK Fire or the mirror but feeling these two ideas are worth looking into and wondering if anyone tested these ideas because BA is getting more tops than bewd currently.
  8. Ravine definitely makes Arkbrave, Felgrand, and Goliath better but if you stay clear of those cards then you will understand why Shrine is the better card. If your felt inclined to play those cards, I would focus going into Dark Matter. I can't find a good reason to play those cards at the moment. After obtaining a couple of Desires, I finally found a build I am comfortable with. The difference between playing CoC and Desires is extremely apparent when playing. Anyone that is still stuck with the mindset that Desires isn't worth the chance the banishing cost in resources should reconsider it. I have two slots I am playing with right now and right now they are a couple Sea Turtle. I cant find a top deck right now where I wouldnt want to see a Kaiju opening hand going second. Desires helps balance opening Kaiju opening hand but that is the only fear in play in second. The other cards I want to test is that slot is Master. I have a lot of great experience with that card since BlackList mentioned it, esp with CoC, but the tagging out aspect I'd what I like in the utility. Adding grave Veiler or Sage is beautiful too. Regarding Order, I wouldn't touch it because it requires two other lights on board to be of any use. I would consider the Malefic BEWD if I was using any field spells.
  9. It was a pain in the ass to find my two locally - literally nobody wants to part with them. TCGPlayer seems to have them steady at 55-60.
  10. Wrong thread. Burning Abyss will be fine but the Cir hit hurts. Dante is losing good cards to mill each list.
  11. Loved Eleven. Great show and can't wait to see what happensb in the future. I was hoping for a Pennywise to come out of a drain or blood bubble as this is eerily reminded me of It. In a good way.
  12. Did Trump literally make a joke about gun owners to shoot Hilary?
  13. If you ever come to Vegas, we literally have them everywhere.
  14. It literally takes a little time to check your Pokemon IVs. If anything it is lazy not checking. Either way, enjoy the game how you want to play it. I personally don't get to play too often and rather maximize on the Pokemon I catch.