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  1. Good luck to anyone attending.
  2. Great episode. There is also a random Carl's Jr and Hardee's commercial running around that is hilarious.
  3. Chalice is a card too.
  4. D.D. Crow does seem like the best way to disrupt the Norden combo with Fusion Substitute. The main issue that I see with this, is that if they opened Barrage, they can still end with Drident. I don't feel Droll would do enough. The other option would be Cherries to banish Emeral or Drident. There aren't really any other good rank 4 options outside Emeral after going off, so it would put them in an odd position and they are less likely to read you have it.
  5. Can a monster in the extra deck zone be used to link? If Nordan is occupying a zone, could it be used to overlay into an xyz I to the zone it is occupying? Probably too soon for the answers but curious if I missed something. Decks that rely less on summoning from the extra may have a strong push again. Don't think we are quite back to t set days but like the direct we are going with slowing it down.
  6. Think I would rather just use Traptrix Rafflesia instead than have to awkwardly put in a Mother Grizzly or random Dark Monsters. We can play Bearman if we wanted negation through Harbringer. We even have 106 if we wanted Monster Effect Negation, Dweller for grave and Ragna/Caringorgan as mentioned the mirror. Tensu doesn't seem bad on paper but I feel if I was using it, I would need more Zoo monsters to compensate it.
  7. Good luck to everyone going, especially players from Vegas. Welcome to the Zoo format.
  8. Brady is the GOAT. Congratulations Patriots!
  9. I know Zoodiac is in the infancy stage in the TCG but the OP deck discussion is pout of date, even by OCG standards. Manticore and Coach Bearman isn't really a thing but Kiaju isn't even mentioned. Still a wonderful starting point. Just wanted to throw my two cents. I think we should let it evolve in the TCG and see what becomes of it and what is "standard".
  10. Totally agree with the Kaiju statement. You don't give a crap if you have cards sitting in your hand that because how great the Zoo engine is. Plus as you said, Kaijiu helps with every match up. Kirin, Abc Dragon, and Drident are all issues to getting setup when going second. Slumber also gives you a play if you get Dimensional Barrier played on you, as that card otherwise says "set your traps and pray". Plus the bigger Kaiju are threats in themselves and can push for game, when otherwise it would be a slow roll.
  11. Can we get a Zoodiac discussion thread started? The one in the OCG thread is a good start. There is YCS Seattle and nowhere to discuss the new archetype for the TCG.
  12. Terror Top, while it is legal, should be here. Are the beast warrior pendulum monsters underwhelming at all? I would rather max Viper and in change, max Barrage. I may want to add Tenki too.
  13. Haven't tested it yet but I don't see why you wouldn't include Zoodiacs in the deck. The extra will be tight but curious to how many RoTAs are optimal in the main. I don't want to see too many miss matched hands of foes / zoodiac. Then we have Invoker that can just get the engine started.
  14. Just stating a fact - the offense tied the game and the defense blew it at the end. You could blame the offense too I suppose for being lack luster in the first half and not putting up more points. But to your point, I think they should buff the offense. Boost their strengths over their weakness. Wouldn't hurt to get decent pass rushers that could pass a drug test, though.