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  1. cool it fits
  2. glad to catch a gdq meme in real time so ttyd guys fucking up the same trick a million times in a row (to be fair it was a rly tough trick) the room is dead silence and despair at this point, hes literally a heart away from reset. all you can hear is the game music cus no ones talking then like a gift from god the announcer decides to butt in with a donation "LONG TIME WATCHER FIRST TIME DONATOR SOOO HYPED FOR THIS TTYD RUN" met with absolute fucking silence only the game music amazing
  3. digbic ya lied to me he was grabbing another drink
  4. the chat is entertaining at least
  5. idk there was a lot of good shit that got rejected, i checked the submissions a few months ago
  6. although to be fair, they're trying their best to keep us awake with this ff commentary idk if they can keep this up for four hours though lmao
  7. as much as i would love to see chrono cross (my favorite game) get a gdq slot, im not a big fan of longer turn based rpgs getting slots at all. pokemon runs are usually short enough or enough of a meme to be passable. if people like shenanigans and werster weren't entertaining id prob not enjoy them besides, rpg limit break is a marathon specifically for these things. they even did chrono cross last year
  8. its crazy cus i was watching bouncey practice the last secret the other week on twitch and he kept falling back to the beginning so i thought he would work that quirk out by the race. he still won tho so its cool
  9. sunshine race was good
  10. starts today with the first run at noon est anyone else watching for the memes?
  11. oh cool, i didnt remember that post. the basic problem was that i wanted to mill rhino (playing it in the first place) but not draw multiple normals, so i ended up with several more cards in that build. the idea is that you're milling more than you're drawing, meaning that even though you're slightly decreasing the chance of milling the rhino by playing more cards, its not as important as the draws because they're scarcer.
  12. i also recall another example of this general concept being a BA deck I fucked around with for a bit. its just instead of bricks (tatenborg aside,) it was normal summons that inspired me to create the deck like that. the idea translated well. this was a while ago though, when people still used kozmo
  13. the answer to your question is that "the maximum number of igknights," at the time, made the deck over forty. i dont remember the specific cards but there were either 6 or 9 rotas and 3 of every igknight monster. regarding the upstarts and into the voids you actually wouldnt have the same reasoning that "the beast and some punctuation" had with infernity. this is because you would use them before searching in virtually all cases to decrease the chance of drawing bricks in igkngiht, whereas that wouldnt always be the case in infernity (monk aside.)
  14. but if we're going down the path of "such and such individual cards are too important," then we're already out of my definition of this being applicable when "your engine is more or less the same." if this isnt correct with water than it just isnt, but back when water stuff was new or even the year after, i interpreted a lot of the "handful of waters" as being more or less the same. and yes the formulation "not drawing brick is more important than drawing brilliant" would presuppose playing it for whatever reason.
  15. those are ones you can play in larger proportions when you go over 40. that way you can still see them about the same ammount (more or less depending on what you want,) but are still decreasing the chances of seeing your bricks