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  1. oh i didnt see your post sorry. ive actually been thinking outside of infernoid recently. i want a 60 card deck that isnt infernoid so that im losing neither to grass nor sides (lancea wall necrovalley kycoo etc.) this disgusting mess is what i came up with so far both shaddoll and ba to also try and beat d barrier. poly and hand destruction are prob coming out and i dont have a real list yet.but the idea is there. here are some notes: -it can sort of solve kaijus by having multiple monsters they need to kaiju, and sort of solve slumber by windas protection ability (and beatrice floating) -shaddoll fusion is good vs zoo going second and is better than imagination cus they cant destroy it -falco is also strong against zoo cus drident can only destroy face up cards -can play all 3 allure and 3 desires basically no problem -can incorporate the zoos, and flows well with shekinaga -instant fusion is obviously even stronger in such a deck than usual -so is terrortop -you can even still play leftarm offering if grass is going to get mills like this -hand destruction is neat because, bar the effs of what you discard, it keeps grass at a constant for both players -as far as other fusion spells go i dont really know what to do. im sure theres something better than just poly. -you can even still play kaijus here too. idk if theres a deck anoyatilis is good vs but you can make that w/ gameciel -grass might be able to get you to fusion if you mill a fusion spell and core/squamata theres other stuff but this is just the beginning. basically it takes the old billy brake deck and uses grass, desires, 3 allure, zoos, etc to modernize it into a deck that is strong and conveniently placed in the current format. i have more to work on but this is it. also since i have a little less schoolwork this semester ima try some irl yugioh, got a regional on saturday im hitting up. ill prob play some compilation of what ive discussed in this thread so ill get back about how i did etc.
  2. some notes from today. (1) on the one hand milling wulf was important cus you want something on field prior to your summon of lilith/onunc so that you can tribute a mon other than themselves if they play something. on the other hand, ls suck and milling wulf was rly the only reason to play it. from this i realized that playing 2 trick clown makes more sense for this. however, just replacing the ls stuff with 2 trick clown also requires finding other cards to play for the other would-be ls cards. that im still working on, but perhaps incorporating the seven star sword idea from the last post to supplement whatever i would comparatively lose in getting to grass (taking out recharges) is the right idea. opening one for one with trick clown is also better than opening it with wulf. between 3 snow and 2 trick clown, taking into account that the draw spells can make you mill less with grass, i think this is a pretty good number to expect to hit one of the 5 off grass, which is all you really need. its also neat that both of them are active cards on your opponent's turn. (2) if you're gonna play 2 seven kaijus just use 2 of the weaker one cus needing 2 names isnt real at that point and the 28 from raidan obstructs attondel, which again you summon more in this deck cus of killing them over kaijus. (3) forgot to add maxx c. considering im building this as a go second deck it would make sense to play it, and this helps me further get to grass. it isnt however a point in favor of further supplementation of recharge, cus id use it in both anyway. (4) unsure about whether or not to play piramis. what im wondering is if its interaction with metalfoe counter is even real. it may not be necessary to defeating the deck anyway. its not currently in my list. (5) whether or not i decide to side the void trap for autowins going first will also dictate if i main a sjette or not. there is also an argument to be made for sending sjette with decatron to make sword live, if im switching to that version anyway. edit: 6 right, and if i cant find enough good cards to play i can probably be fine at 58 or 59 instead of 60 if i take out the lightsworn cards because im not milling with them anymore and am replacing them with draw cards that dont dig as much as those to still give me about the same number for grass. edit 2: scratch that edit for now
  3. LS probably sucks. that doesnt invalidate really anything from the rest of the strat though. plus there are other tricks up my sleeve, like seven star sword with the 7 star kaijus and the level 6 infernoid with deca. the 6 infernoid would play a dual-role here with the trap as well seven star sword would also make seitsemas not shit, which it otherwise kinda is in my estimation. im always summoning attondel over it to combo with attacking over the kaiju i give em.
  4. also 3 fairy snow instead of not 3 is cus i feel like u literally just win if you mill that card
  5. was actually just gonna post here cap is from lackey, so its out of order. basically it takes the concept of the deck i had from nats last year (abusing kaijus and decatron w/ advance draw, using antra to put back kaijus to use them twice or play trade-in,) and combines it with the new shit to form this monster. i honestly dont know anything about abc, d/d/d, frogs, metalfoe, etc and i only have a cursory understanding of zoo. however, from the hands im nolifing of lackey tonight and last night it looks through this can blow through almost any board. additionally, it can conversion side out the kaijus, the trade-ins, the advance draws, etc going first. you could even side in zoos and some traps (the new insane void trap and the barrier thing maybe,) so that way you have a ton of autowins going first. in that case the plan would be something like win g1 through board > hope they dont hit iron wall/necro/whatever g2 > auto g3. g2 plan could prob be improved upon. and im sure there are other siding methods and conversions available here. also i think pot of desires is fucking nuts in this deck and not playing it cus of grass is kinda wrong. first it lacks "muh comparative thought" cus you would use grass first anyway, and second they're at most gonna have like 30 or 31 cards in deck on an average first turn zoo play, so you're still getting a good number of mills even playing the draw cards, and yes, even playing desires. you play 3 of everything so banishing shit you need isn't a real. but anyway im open to ideas. thats the point of this thread anyway. not rly planning on coming back, just wanted something to fuck around with if db ends up working out. otherwise, i hope someone else can use these memes.
  6. whats the approx number of cards in deck zoo ends with after a standard t1 combo? if it depends on the combo, whats the range?
  7. >not hoxha
  8. kotf finals
  9. Enver Hoxha opt in
  10. also should get everyones db names here too, unless we wanna have a dif thread for this. tbh i just feel nostalgic for this thread and wanna keep it alive somehow
  11. how about we re-purpose this thread into a duelingbook cap thread
  12. that just means the image isnt there for some reason
  13. jesus fucking christ stop posting
  14. i guess we'll have to wait a little bit to really see
  15. how much of an uptick has there been in membership since lackeydgzs release thus far