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  1. Update: It's 2017, I'm bitching out of Yu-Gi-Oh!, and last night I played my first ever games of the FF TCG...
  2. usually competitive players aren't that interested in them, or even just older players. the target audience for them is younger casual players. you won't find many of those on dgz unfortunately.
  3. oh sry forgot about that, its monahan. and would you be interesting in warring? we're doing both current and goats
  4. hi seth
  5. muh 100 godzillion (herald psy frame invoked) beat carter wix (metalfoe)
  6. DuelistGroundz username: muh 100 godzillion Discord username: Warenfetischismus/Comrade Monahan Formats: current format only Expected level of activity: a couple matches a week
  7. yeah i had the same complaint if you look earlier in the thread allen. i just do the thing petqwe says to get around it, but i wish i didnt have to use circa-2007 addictinggames memes just to play the site
  8. "However, you may not play against the same player in a casual match (for ranking) more than twice every 7 days per format. In other words, if you play against someone for 3 matches in current format over 7 days, only the first two matches will count for rating." woops
  9. 2-1 muh 100 godzillion (dark synchro) over squids~ (abc)
  10. only current muh 100 godzillion/Comrade Monahan
  11. ive been playing BA infernoid 60 card a bit recently and its topped a few regionals here and there. i know other ba lists w/ 60 cards have done decent too, so id prob recommend a grass variant. i dont really play as much as i used to though so id take my advice with a grain of salt lol
  12. it's down right now but from playing more lately, it appears the "logging in as random people" thing is fixed. p good site atm, only have 2 real complaints: 1. they should bring back the secondish lag that dn had where if you look at one card and then look at another it doesnt immediately load. the problem with having it immediately load is that if you have to move your cursor to the side of the screen to scroll while reading the card, you can easily hit other cards on the way and make them load instead. there are two ways to get around this, either moving your cursor at ridic fast speeds or right clicking, but id prefer you didnt have to do either of those and would rather it be like the old site 2. for the love of fucking christ can it be made so the unchangeable default on the homescreen isn't looking at all the zodiac-meets-/po/ tier bottom feeders? it was funny for the first week when it was more innocent but now its just garbage. imagine if on facebook the first thing you had to look at every time you check it is the the most obnoxious zodiac shitposts (going to assume if you're on dgz you're competent enough not to actively follow zodiac.) just make it so you can change the default to your friends, letting people choose. I assume that was the original intent and what they meant to allow you to do, but it works for absolutely no one.
  13. Zarc Y has left the duel the rising come ups
  14. "why not just quit and go play other games" im stubborn ok
  15. if u thought waiting for admin on dn was the struggle, you should get a load of waiting on db. at least on dn you had confidence that someone would eventually be there. i could be here for days!