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  1. but it wasnt REAL COMMUNISM
  2. ye ill take this L
  3. if they really cared about player safety theyd have worlds in north korea #FACTS
  4. Welcome to the party, comrades! @Ant_88_tnA @Markus
  5. sbe > kiritsinon 2-0 (goat mirror) braydenite > gojira 2-1 (kaiju zoo vs gojira's dino)
  6. shining blue eyes (goat control) > 2k17! (chaos dimension fusion idk) 2-1
  7. lost to dinobones my infernoid zoo to his zoo. good war
  8. well off to the mountains of japan i go
  9. woops i lost
  10. yolo vote Malcolm
  11. yeah zp/malcom for sure, order doesnt matter to me. vote zero passion
  12. i have yet to make a post that was not worthy of 50 upvotes, moved to SMASH'd, moved to legendary threads, screencapped, printed out, put on your refrigerator, tell your friends about it in the DMs, @everyone over it on discord, write an op ed in the New York Times about it, and submit it as a letter of recommendation to Harvard University. you, on the other hand, have yet to make a post eligible for admittance to Foster's Home for Imaginary Friends. and on top of all of this, you're still scum vote Malcolm's Multi again
  13. thats a crying shame because ive been trying to suck the fuck out of your penis for years now