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  1. shining blue eyes (goat control) > 2k17! (chaos dimension fusion idk) 2-1
  2. lost to dinobones my infernoid zoo to his zoo. good war
  3. well off to the mountains of japan i go
  4. woops i lost
  5. yolo vote Malcolm
  6. yeah zp/malcom for sure, order doesnt matter to me. vote zero passion
  7. i have yet to make a post that was not worthy of 50 upvotes, moved to SMASH'd, moved to legendary threads, screencapped, printed out, put on your refrigerator, tell your friends about it in the DMs, @everyone over it on discord, write an op ed in the New York Times about it, and submit it as a letter of recommendation to Harvard University. you, on the other hand, have yet to make a post eligible for admittance to Foster's Home for Imaginary Friends. and on top of all of this, you're still scum vote Malcolm's Multi again
  8. thats a crying shame because ive been trying to suck the fuck out of your penis for years now
  9. ok!!!
  10. i dont effortpost in mafia if you dont believe me thats fine lol
  11. lmao you're literally le "xd u play ygo on a ygo forum" tier garbage pls dont talk about actual contributors to the site like that oh my b attack ideas not players yeah ur talking way too much rn tbh i still think ur scum
  12. angery yes i did look back thats where i quoted the post from!!! u scum
  13. vote Malcom's Multi i thought it would make sense, in light of sophocles actually being scum, to look back and see if he was trying to set us off anyones trail by voting for me when it happened. sure enough, the post right before he voted for me with his first complaint was Markus beginning to go after Malcolm.
  14. all those kids talking about how they never draw the taketomborg better be playing the fucking 1 terrortop
  15. Forbidden: Elder Entity Norden Limited: Speedroid Terrortop That Grass Looks Greener Unlimited: Performapal Skullcrobat Joker Wisdom-Eye Magician Pendulum Call Rffective June 12th onward.