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  1. was that tyrannos first post in this thread? this thread was fucking MADE for him he could win on one post i swear
  2. preliminary new format theory for dark synchro and infernoid: Dark Synchro if infernoid and paleo get more popular, as well as of course zoo declining in popularity, this likely leads to less d barrier. compound this with not going against a deck that draws 3, giving them usually one too many outs to your plays when you're on second, and dark synchro is able to play going second. just like old infernity, they're able to plow through traps quite easily provided there isnt too many of them, and there wont be now in either paleo, infernoid, abc, etc. nor will they have autowin traps what results is a deck similar to how infernity used to be, you autowin going first and plow through their backrow to win going second. this alters the old strategy of "it being necessary to play around their 1st/2nd pick by building a deck for only the less popular one," because we're no longer in a situation where the pick corresponds with such an insurmountable advantage. as the format progresses, and different cards and decks become good and worse, dark synchro is also uniquely capable of responding to this because the deck can play so many different engines. one engine may be good at one point while another is good at another point, corresponding to things like hand traps you have to play around, floods you have to play around, and so on. in line with this, if 60ish card decks become really popular, dark synchro is again uniquely capable of abusing left arm offering. this is because, whereas non-grass spells are significantly worse in other 60 card decks, in dark synchro they can be whatever other piece you're missing for the combo to end the game. what results is a dark synchro list playing ~60, yet only using one grass. so you play 4 of it when its good but only 1 (out of 60) when its bad, and left arm is still otherwise amazing in either case. the prescription is clear, then. im going to work on a high number dark synchro list using engines that correspond to playing around whatever is popular at the time, ill blind first but be fine going second, and ill should have produced an extremely strong deck. the only go-second issue is that artifact windwitch eidelon can scythe you, but they may be slow enough a deck to where you can survive, and you might be able to otherwise play something to trump it. Infernoid The best thing about this list is that you can justify going way down on your normal summons, making reasoning/gate better. Advance draw is still amazing but i think seven star sword is better now whereas hand destruction and trade in will be worse, as a result of kaijus being less necessary (these being some of the normal summons one can take out.) if 60ish card decks become really popular you can also justify pot of desires here. the advantage of the draw spells in the mirror is that it gets you to gate reasoning and feast faster, which will be game. against paleo its the same as usual, a matchup very much in infernoid's favor. the gate/reasoning/feast advantage cus of draw spells in the mirror additionally applies for other 60 card matchups. you can side the kaiju engine now i guess for when it applies, you'll have the extra room if you were taking out the sided zoo engine from my build. the cool thing is, depending on the appropriate time in the format, i can alternate between dark synchro and infernoid. this will then answer the question of "which of these two is better?" of course, ive still yet to read cards coming out and there are other decks to consider such as metalfoe that still uses zoo, but in the case of dark synchro they aren't real and it's a similar deal for infernoid theres obviously much more work to be done, things to learn, trends to track, theory to do, etc. outside of lunalight combo i liked this format, and i think ill like this next format too, itll be a swell time.
  3. by this statement i dont mean "it blinds second now," rather, that going second is a lot less of an issue now and, like the old infernity, you can just plow through their backrow. the problem with draw 3 zoo was theyd have too many backrow from the draws and d barrier was an autoloss. if less people are going to main d barrier as a result of infernoid getting more popular, that is also a plus for this deck.
  4. please in the future specify your combo is ocg before posting it, most of us only care about tcg and dont wanna waste time looking shit up like i just did in any event ill be working on dark synchro for this format, cus its substantially better going second now
  5. thats whats been causing it? fuck ive lost like 10 matches to that while i had game lmao
  6. do you do much reading on your free time?
  7. ah. yeah hes pretty good. kinda redundant sometimes but you're bound to get that in a complete and exhaustive work.
  8. have you read boole
  9. today marks the first real day of db. was up almost all day. a new era begins went ~9-2 for today, losing to two ridic hands altho i think i coulda won one match if i didnt reach enlightenment trying to feast > onuc/devy while iron wall was up. overall rly excited to be degen and play more ygo o n l i n e
  10. basically the main is fine but i didnt do well (a tie and a draw) just cus i didnt practice right, against a variety of decks. the extra and side could use work tho obv. you can convert out the draws and kaiju stuff for zoo but youd want them going second so my idea is vs players you think are smart enough to let you go first you side in the zoo, and players not as good you keep roughly the same main
  11. you end up needing more mills than you think you do so desires kinda sucks. reasoning and monster gate give you an advantage agaisnt other decks above 40 cards so other hand traps is a no-go. you literally dont need chalice or its counterpart void seer cus you just keep forcing devyatys into backrow and win you can side zoo for going first against players that you think, after winning g1, are smart enough to make you go first. thats about it, and it has nothing really to do with the draw 3/5. also kaijus and the draw cards are amazing you're 100% wrong. i think it will still be good too. you can side it but maining them is ignant. dont brush away going second its actually just too powerful to resolve grass for the extra cards and just win cus of it, and the extra draw shit helps you do that, and they combo with the draw cards. its actually just game not really tryna have a theory thread tho, im already quite convinced of the main. its just the extra and side that need work, most id change in the main is a few cards.
  12. i had a little less schoolwork this semester cus reasons so i decided to go to a yugioh tournament. i only went to 2 last year and this will prob be my only one this year. on the whole im not that interested in the game and, while it's weird to say at 19, im growing out of it. due to lack of interest, it can't be said that i tried that hard in preparing for this tournament. it's true that i built a really strong deck (main deck at least,) but several mistakes in methodology were made in full consciousness of making them. among these were: assuming people were just ignorant for playing 3 tierra and that they thought they'd resolve 3 imagination. i didn't know it could send other copies of itself as evident by the feature i only tested vs zoo. my first match ever vs paleozoic and invoked were literally IN the tournament i only worked on my main deck. my side and extra were completed the day of the tournament out of the back of my friend jeremy's car there were others. the obvious result was a strong main deck, shit side and extra, and shit technical play vs any non-zoo. here's the list: main: 60 2 devyaty 2 onuncu 3 attondel 2 seitsemas 2 sjette 2 piaty 2 patrulea 2 harmadik 2 antra 3 deca 1 dino kaiju 1 spider kaiju 1 turtle kaiju 2 snow 2 maxx 29 3 grass 3 left arm 3 advance draw 3 trade in 3 imagination 3 vanishment 3 slumber 2 twin twister 1 seven star sword 1 hand destruction 1 rekindling 1 monster gate 1 reasoning 1 foolish 1 one for one 30 1 void feast 1 extra: garbage side: who cares this deck blinds second btw. r1: dentist (idk how to spell it,) mirror g1: i activate feast g2: idr but he won g3: i activate feast 1-0 r2: guy, zombie g1: i godhand and atk for game g2: he lets me take back a fuck up where i didnt know his lonefire had a banish eff and i win cus of it 2-0 r3: jeff/otkcentral, metalfoe zoo g1: i grass into the next dimension g2: we grind for a while but he takes it g3: see g1 3-0 r4: guy, invoked, livestreamed g1: idk what his cards do so i lose an otherwise winnable game g2: i learn what his cards do halfway through but its time in the round so we draw 3-0-1 r5: paulie, zoo g1: i slumber + grass him into the next solar system g2: i get vanity'd into the next spacetime continuum g3: see g1 4-0-1 r6: stephen, zoo g1: i grass and win g2: hes smart and makes me go first. we grind for a while and i almost take it but lose by a little over 1k health g3: i brick 4-1-1 r7: slightly irritated guy, paleozoic g1: idk what his shit does so i misplay a lot but win somehow g2: idk what his shit does so i misplay a lot and obv lose g3: idk what his shit does so i misplay a lot and let him go first which i didnt know was wrong so my decree sucks and basically kms dropped oh well. it was ignorant of me to go 6ish hours out to a tournament without caring about doing well but its w/e. in relevant news, idk how much the new baboon card will change shit but this deck might very well still be applicable after it comes out and might still be very fucking strong. just make a good side. and extra. i might help a little here and there. gl
  13. was he using 60 cards or 40
  14. eatin pizza by round 0
  15. Oh I thought you were asking me for practical applications not logical reasons. Again I still need to work on defining power better. It makes sense to me and I believe it makes sense to others but that isn't an excuse for explaining it properly obviously.