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  1. Sky Striker - Deck Discussion

    Okay, so I guess some explaining is in order. I'm going through some insane stuff right now so hopefully effortposting about this will get my mind off of it, or at least distract me for a little while. First and foremost, congratulations to Titto Maret aka @Faith+1 for ending in top 8 of YCS New Jersey last weekend. He was the only one in the room playing my exact 70 card list. His profile is here: In DN picture form, here was the list: Typed out: Main Deck: 40 Monsters: 9 3 Sky Striker Ace - Raye 3 Psy Frame Gamma 1 Darkest Diabolos, Lord of the Lair 1 Ghost Winter & Cherries Something 1 Psy Frame Driver Spells: 28 2 Called by the Grave 2 Foolish Burial Goods >>>2<<< Metalfoes Fusion 3 Pot of Desires 1 Reinforcements of the Army 1 Sky Striker Area Zero Space 2 Sky Striker Mecha - Afterburners! 1 Sky Striker Mecha - Jamming Waves! 2 Sky Striker Mecha Hornet Drones 1 Sky Striker Mecha - Shark Cannon 2 Sky Striker Mecha - Widow Anchor 2 Sky Striker Mecha Modules - Multirole 3 Sky Striker Mobilize - Engage! 1 Terraforming 2 Twin Twisters 1 Upstart Goblin Traps: 3 3 Infinite Impermanence Extra Deck: 15 1 Psy-Frame Lord Omega 1 Scrap Dragon 1 Heavymetalfoes Electrumite 1 Isolde of the Noble Knights 1 Knightmare Mermaid 1 Knightmare Unicorn 1 Knightmare Phoenix 1 Linkuriboh 3 Sky Striker Ace- Kagari 3 Sky Striker Ace - Shizuku 1 SPYRAL Double Helix Side Deck: 15 3 Ash Blossom & Something Something 1 Darkest Diabolos, Lord of the Lair 2 Winged Dragon of Ra - Sphere Mode 1 Called by the Grave 2 Mystical Space Typhoon 1 Sky Striker Area Zero Space 1 Twin Twisters 1 Sky Striker Mecha Hornet Drones 3 Typhoon Here were Titto's matchups: Feature Matches: Round 6 vs James Sooklaris: https://yugiohblog.konami.com/2018/06/round-6-feature-match-titto-maret-vs-james-sooklaris/ Top 16 vs Max Reynolds: https://yugiohblog.konami.com/2018/06/top-16-feature-match-maximillian-reynolds-vs-titto-maret/ It's worth mentioning as well that I'm currently 3rd place in DN matches with this list, with a 90% winrate (72-8.) However, some of my losses aren't exactly "real" (losing to giant bees flying into my room making me panic, losing to having a suicidal schizophrenic breakdown against an idiot mid-match, etc) so it's closer to like 76-4: Ok. Now let's talk about the actual list. Why Play Pure Sky Striker? Right. So the first thing I want to make clear is the context this deck was made in. It was around the time Gouki started getting extremely popular, about 2-3 weeks ago now. I had already wanted to play a go 2nd list since going 2nd is preferable in the mirror, and it just so happens that the hand traps that get around Called by the Grave in Gouki are better going second as well, such as Psy-Frame Gamma and Infinite Impermanence. Note that this was right before Trickstar Brandish got extremely popular, which was at the end of last week. However, if you play well, this isn't actually a hard matchup. I'll explain more about that in another post. Anyway, like I said, at the juncture of "good in the mirror" and "best outs to Gouki around Called," we arrived at a go 2nd list maining Gamma and Impermanence. That was the reason to actually play the deck for this event in the first place. Card Choices Some things might confuse people with this list, especially going by the YouTube comments. But there's a reason for every single choice with theory that goes back months now. I'll start with the weird monsters. Diabolos This card is part of a group of cards that go by the logic of "going for damage in the mirror (I'll include Trickstar Sky Striker in this too)." These cards include Twin Twisters, Called by the Grave, Diabolos itself, etc. They can't be considered in separation from eachother. What caused the need for going for damage in the mirror were the Cherries/Evenly builds that became popular online. The way that you beat that deck is just to ignorantly go for damage and not play into Evenly too hard. That's how we originally realized it and started playing these cards, but we stuck with them because going for damage just ended up being better in the mirror anyway regardless of their build, especially with the new End of Match Procedure rules. Naturally, since the cards that adhere to this logic are stronger in the mirror, we want to side more of them in the mirror. That's how we ended up siding a second Diabolos, a third Twin Twister, and a third Called. 1 Cherries The 38th, 39th, and 40th cards in my deck were 2nd Afterburner, Diabolos, and 1 Cherries. I had 3 spots left while building it. I decided that instead of playing three cards that shine in one match up but are bad against others, I'd play cards that are amazing in specific match-ups but that are decent otherwise, diversifying my match-ups. The 2nd Afterburner is good against Altergeist. Diabolos is good in the mirror. Cherries is good against Gouki and Spyral. Just like the Diabolos-Called-Twin Twister idea, these cards cannot be considered apart from eachother, and that's how we ended up with the numbers for them. Now for the weird Spells. 2 Metalfoes Fusion Elephant in room lol. So, just like the last two choices cant be understood apart from their context, the thing that must be realized about Foolish Burial Goods, Metalfoes Fusion, Twin Twisters, Called by the Grave, Airspace, etc is that they're Burning Abyss monsters. What do I mean by this? Recall the logic of the ratios of Burning Abyss monsters in my old BA decks from 2015. Instead of the "3 of one card before any of another" theory, they operated on "since they're the same card effectively and therefore redundant, spread them out as much as possible in numbers to minimize the chance of drawing two of the same one." The aforementioned cards in this deck operate on exactly the same logic. They're all combo cards that are bad in multiples. All that would be left, then, is to demonstrate that Metalfoes Fusion belongs in this list of cards. It is by far the best card to send with Multirole and Airspace, and along with Diabolos, the best card to discard for Twin Twister. Considering we play 8 of those outlets total (even more post-side,) I think we can justify another Metalfoes Fusion. Worst case, it's not that difficult to get them to destroy it when you set it in a format with Trickstar Lightstage, Knightmare Phoenix, and Jamming Waves. The last thing to mention is worries about "how many bricks we're playing." To begin with, it just so happens that Trickstar Reincarnation being in the format is pretty convenient for letting us play more bricks since they'll be replaced with the new hand. Second, Metalfoes Fusion and Diabolos are moreso combo cards than bricks in the traditional "Garnet" sense. The only real brick in the deck is Driver, and even then we still at least have Twin Twister. 1 Field Spell, 1 Terraforming This is just the right order to play them. Seeing them both is fine because you can use Field Spell on the dead Terraforming, which you can't do if you played 2 Field Spell instead. 2nd Field Spell in side comes before 2nd Terraforming because the 2nd Terraforming makes banishing the Field Spell with Desires way more risky. 3 Pot of Desires People say they don't like this card because the mirror is "resource-intensive" and they don't like "banishing too many resources." The reality is that if you're on the "go for damage" logic with Diabolos, Twin Twister, etc, then the mirror isn't about "resources," it's about just killing them. To add to that, you have to get to certain cards as fast as possible in other match-ups. Since, unlike Called by the Grave and Twin Twisters, this card is neutral to what matchup you're against while also being applicable to the same idea that made them 2 of's, this is the first card in order to go to 3. Only 2 Widow Anchor, Shark Cannon Shark Cannon is good against Trickstar, as well as when you're going for damage in the mirror to have a searchable way out of their Raye in Graveyard. It's also good if your Red or Blue get Cherries'd, to reborn theirs. These situations "come up" which dictate a need for it. Widow Anchor is played at 3 a lot, which I don't think is bad. However, it is weak against boards with Knightmare Goblin. I suppose you could argue that they lose anyway when they have boards like this, but they can end on it potentially through a hand trap (ending on a worse board.) Considering you don't really need to Widow Anchor much in the format in a going second list (whereas in a going first one you might just wanna set a bunch of them,) there becomes less of a need for this card, but this counterbalanced by the fact of Desires banishing it and the 2nd in deck "coming up," brings us to 2 copies. 2 Hornet Drones It just sucks when this card gets Cherries'd in the mirror, and Raye is almost always preferable to start with. With 9 starter cards in the deck, along with combinations like Multirole + Field Spell or Twin Twister + Field Spell, as well as the opponent's Reincarnations, I'm not that worried on the impact cutting one has on the consistency of the deck. However, against decks we side in Sphere Mode against, we want all 3. So we end up with 2 mained and 1 sided. That's it for the Spells, and we've already discussed Gamma and Impermanence, which concludes the main deck. Now for the weird stuff in the extra. 1 Scrap Dragon This, along with Omega, clears itself from the Extra Monster Zone. However, unlike Omega, it deals with Floodgates on board. So if they're playing Altergeist and have Anti-Spell up and use Multifaker in hand, you can Gamma it (which they can't Protocol because Faker activated in hand,) then get over the Marionetta or whatever on board to turn off Protocol, then Scrap Dragon the Anti-Spell and you're golden. Works fine against other helmet decks like True Draco as well. 1 Heavymetalfoes Electrumite Mike was the one that convinced me to put this card in as the 15th card over the Hexstia vs Skull Dread I was slaving over. I guess one pendulum did top so it's sort of relevant, moreso than World Chalice anyway. On to the side deck, stuff that hasn't been explained yet. How I Side I'm gonna start by copy/pasting the text document on how to side with this deck. It doesn't include Trickstar because it was made before that deck became popular but the siding against that deck is -3 Gamma -1 Driver -1 Cherries -3 Impermanence +3 Ash +1 Called +1 Diabolos +1 Twin Twister +1 Airspace +1 Drones: 3 Ash Blossom + Something Something This card's function is due to the popularity of Shared Ride, to make going second in the mirror and elsewhere still better even post-side. You hold it for that. 2 Sphere Mode This card acts as another hand trap that they can't Called by the Grave. 1 Hornet Drones This goes along with Sphere Mode mostly, since you can't normal summon Raye the turn you use it. But it's also good against Reincarnation and Anti-Spell Fragrance decks. 2 Mystical Space Typhoon, 3 Typhoon We just aren't losing to Altergeist. MST vs Cosmic Cyclone is debatable, but you can MST your own Field Spell to unbrick yourself. Also, paying for Cosmic Cyclone is not as good with the new End of Match Procedures. Typhoon, it should be mentioned, is also important in the mirror cus it prevents you from losing to a turn 1 Multirole while not being able to be Called by the Graved (unlike Ogre.) We're playing that over Evenly Matched in that matchup because better Altergeist players have caught on to not setting a trillion cards against us, and if they just set a floodgate and maybe a backrow and just try to go aggro we can be in trouble. And that's the deck. Might be subject to change some now that Trickstar is really popular though, but I don't think its a bad matchup if you play well. Once again, huge shoutout to Titto for top 8ing this event. 2 Fusion 2 Strong!
  2. Sky Striker - Deck Discussion

    i suppose its relevant to mention im using a going second list even vs combo decks, because gamma and transcience are the only hand traps that get around called by the grave vs the combo decks and obv gamma sucks going first. the only things that might make me wanna go first is if i was switching to artifacts and shared rides i suppose, since i dont wanna rely on not getting my s/t destroyed between twin twister and spyral killing them for free. also good point i totally forgot ygoscope.com i should be checking that. however its only been 2 days since sky striker were legalized and i think they updated weekly but good thing to note. and yeah thats true about iblee and lava golem. ill get back in more detail a bit later tonight
  3. Sky Striker - Deck Discussion

    in fact the skull dread + gamaciel combo is so obnoxious that some have taken to play lava golem as it hits both the gouki field and that combo.
  4. Sky Striker - Deck Discussion

    skull dread is what makes the skull dread + gamaciel combo possible which is the only scary thing that deck does. ive never seen firewall do a lot in my games vs it. ive found the only games im losing to it are when they go for the skull dread + gamaciel play so hitting skull dread would be important in that situation. also there are other rouge "brilliant fusion decks" i guess you could call them where skull dread is the only relevant thing they do (played against one last night that went skull dread into rescue ferret into nat beast lock.) but anyway regarding world chalice being a deck or not, idk if ive just played vs a disproportionate amount of them but they seem to be one of the only decks im actually losing against with my build lol, and id rather just not take that externality if i could avoid it. on hitting firewall vs gouki, its something i considered with that vs isolde before but in thinking worst case scenario, which is a soul charge followup, i think stopping them as early as possible is stronger as they have less of a gy to work with. if they just go junk forward + gouki and cherries resolves on isolde then making their soul charge good is really awkward. im assuming for the most part that you win otherwise hitting either firewall or isolde. also respond to my discord pms
  5. Sky Striker - Deck Discussion

    good posts everyone. id just like to mention the op and early posts are obv a bit outdated at this point. anyway the reason im posting is so i can get my thoughts written down in solving the problem of: if you're maining cherries and have one extra spot in extra, do you play hexstia or skull dread? (or stated differently, if you're maining cherries, is hexstia played before skull dread or is skull dread played before hexstia?) (sorry if this comes out jumbled and randomly i didnt plan this post formally at all) this may seem like a pretty specific question but its relevant to my build right now. if this doesnt apply to your build just skip this post i guess. a few assumptions are woven into this question. first, that you're covering the other bases with red and blue for mirror (and cus they're part of your deck obviously,) double helix for spyral, and isolde for gouki. second, at least in my list, it assumes that you're not planning to cherries any other targets against those decks, such as firewall against gouki (im not playing firewall currently.) third, it obviously assumes your regular non-cherries cards are all accounted for, making this extra spot the "15th card" in extra. what these assumptions do is establish that the only real cards you're left with to choose from are hexstia and skull dread. skull dread obviously to be an autowin against rouge world chalice decks, and hexstia to gain a slight advantage in the more popular altergeist matchup. we're immediately hit with a tough question: do we play the card that autowins an unpopular matchup, or do we play the card that gives a slight advantage in a popular matchup? now, of course, drawing cherries isnt that good against altergeist and it will be sided out. we're dealing with worst case scenario here of you drawing it. while cherries on skull dread giving you a huge advantage in the world chalice matchup is obligatory, what needs to be established is the circumstances in the game that would lead to cherries on hexstia mattering, since they involve a few assumptions as well. first, altergeist cannot really turn 1 hexstia. hexstia is something for later turns, ideally turn 2. the best thing hexstia does is back up a floodgate. so, we have a card meant to back up a floodgate that is summoned after turn one. this means that its only a problem comparatively if they draw the floodgate after turn one as well. why? because if they had it turn 1 (floodgate here meaning anti-spell/imperial order btw) the question of whether or not you had an out to it (twin, typhoon, cyclone, mst,) would have already been resolved and if hexstia arrives on the board next turn backing up that same flood, then you didn't have an out to it anyway. the question then becomes: if they didnt have a floodgate turn 1, how much of a chance do they have of seeing it in the next turn? also, do you usually win anyway since you're given that turn 1 to play, as they didn't have a floodgate? answering the latter question depends how good your hand is. if you can resolve a multiroll against that deck you can outpace them easily taking advantage of that turn, but that means you would have had to either draw engage or multiroll itself to do it that turn. in this case you wouldnt need to cherries hexstia regardless, since you already win from this power play. but if you have a decent or bad had, and you're given the chance to play that turn because they didnt have a flood, we'll assume that you didn't resolve a good multiroll and cherries on the hexstia may become more important if they draw the floodgate after. to answer the question of how much a chance they have of drawing the floodgate on the turn after. it's not that great. most of those decks play duality, some play card of demise, and usually desires too. the good news is that if they duality they cant hexstia that turn anyway, same with card of demise. so that means they either have to hard draw the flood for turn or desires into it to get to it. what all of this does is end up rephrasing the question of whether to play a card for a popular matchup thats decent or one for an unpopular matchup thats sort of an autowin. since we can assume that the only time the cherries for hexstia will be an issue is if they didnt open a flood AND they only either desires or hard draw it for turn next turn, that is relatively unlike and although the matchup is more popular, the unpopularity of that very situation counterbalances it and leads to the question being asked as follows: would you rather play an autowin against an unpopular matchup or play a decent card in an unpopular situation and here the answer becomes obvious, you have two unpopular situations but one card does more in its respective situation (we're assuming of course that cherries on skull dread hurts world chalice more than cherries on hexstia in the aforementioned situation.) while we dont have precise numbers here and are speaking in looser generalities, i think the case full skull dread before hexstia is pretty clear if any criticism of my line of thinking here especially as regards the actual dynamic of the matchup, id appreciate it. ive played a fair amount against both decks (more than probably the average duelist has vs world chalice unfortunately lol,) so i think my grasp on the facts here is pretty good but i may have missed something obvious or perhaps not obvious. thanks everyone. against just ignore this post if the original question doesnt apply to your deck _________________ edit: rereading this i found 2 issues. i fucked up lol. first, another thing in skull dreads favor that is that because you would side out the cherries vs altergeist and not side out the cherries vs world chalice if u played skull dread, you get more utility out of cherries overall in the world chalice matchup cus its in your deck for both or all three games. i dont think this changes that much though. second, and more pressing, maybe concluding that both were "unpopular situations" was kind of a loaded term because the popularity of altergeist as a matchup compared to world chalice would still make that situation come up some more times. so perhaps the more honest way to phrase it would be: an autowin vs unpopular matchup vs a decent card in an overall "decently" likely situation. that would, of course, make the question open again. which just makes my head hurt. ill sleep on it lol. i think im on the right track though
  6. they're just a really strong control deck
  7. starting 5 days from now the most relevant decks will be: 1. sky striker 2. gouki 3. spyral 4. altergeist and then a bunch of stuff like mermail, invoked mekk knight, infernoid, world chalice, etc which wont be as popular as those 4
  8. Sky Striker - Deck Discussion

    btw with new end of match procedures diabolos dmg pushes just became even better
  9. Sky Striker - Deck Discussion

    ill have to make a gouki op at some point, hm
  10. May 2018 F/L List

    fuck yeah brandish/gouki format inbound
  11. Sky Striker - Deck Discussion

    well well well
  12. Sky Striker - Deck Discussion

    yo if u get reasoninged blind call 4. infernoid isnt really playing it so there isnt a reason to call 1 and some guys are using it in brandish cus they think ppl will call 1 to just summon rei or diabolos for free.
  13. Sky Striker - Deck Discussion

    yeah if you're against pendulum luke's play is prob better and if you're against firewall decks or generall knightmare-centric decks i think my plays better two things: 1. i think the brandish mirror theory on mermaid from the last page is valid but its also a free out to iblee which i didnt realize at the time so thats a good reason to play it (frees up your brandish spells and is still able to crash if you want to evenly) 2. this might be too enlightened a play but against the iblee decks, particularly spyral, it can sometimes be a good idea not to immediately sanctum them post side and instead wait til they trig iblee in the gy to chain it for scythe. while you're probably going to take some damage that turn, the 1k loss from their mermaid (which they have cus they used it to get to iblee) makes it so they basically cant kill you, and youve made them use a lot of resources at this point. they cant get rid of their own mermaid either cus sleeper can only target their spyral and your cards. this might not work if they immediately link away mermaid though. idk just an idea to keep in mind for the occasional yolo. if you're controlling them its usually prob better to gun it on the second spyral summon tho.