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  1. Force of Will

    wow! you are one of the lucky few out of the hundreds who signed up to be sent spoilers for the new set. you're meant to post an image of the new cards on facebook/twitter to show to the world. you also got a promo cheshire cat which is quite valuable!
  2. Force of Will

    im not trying to advertise other sites, but fow has its own forum now which looks pretty good
  3. Force of Will

    Awakening at the End http://www.fowdb.altervista.org/cards/en/mpr/074.jpg
  4. MCB on dgz is in top 8 with qliphort, hope he gets to worlds
  5. Qliphort - Discussion

    For Wavering Eyes to get its search effect you need to destroy 2 cards in the pendulum zones. which means you need to open 2 pendulums and wavering then destroy your own scale to search the scout. how often is that working for you? have you upped your qliphort count?
  6. there was that issue were some players that weren't going to Euros would give their qualified cossy ID to a player who was to get the free mat. They dont want players to cheat the system so its entirely reasonable for them to ask for ID I think.
  7. What Manga Are You Reading Right Now?

    anyone else been reading Combat Continent (Doulou Dalu)? I found it similar to The Gamer since the characters level up. Its pretty cool only 60-ish chapters atm but its been translated rapidly and 5-10 chapters have been coming out a week. Not sure where its at 
  8. Arrow

    i thought it was pretty meh too i just want to know what happened to ray at the end! o: isnt there rumors that hes getting his own show?
  9. Not played yugioh since last euros, given the location is a £40 flight away I think ill play :) LCQ's are easy right? ;)
  10. Bleach Manga

    [spoiler]Grimmjow is back!!![/spoiler]
  11. Naruto Gaiden: The Seventh Hokage

    not sure what im expecting from this. naruto finished and i left what i felt for the series there... its going to take something good to get the ball rolling. [spoiler]so far not too keen on the whole whos my parents from sadara, i wanna see some ninja fighting![/spoiler]
  12. Hearthstone Random Talk Thread

    anyone know why EU is a day behind NA when it comes to releasing the BRM wings? is it because they dont want to overload servers or something? also was watching dog's stream, impact starts chatting to him most of the chat trys to get dog to delete impact haha
  13. YCS Chicago Apr 10-12 2015

    woa that top cut is stacked  i think i want dirk to win
  14. HEX MMO Trading Card Game

    thought i would check this out since its been heavily advertised when i try to watch anything hearthstone related ive downloaded it, worked my way throught the tutorial and first 5 fights but id like to know more. does anyone know of or can recommend any youtubers or twitch streamings that play this? im finding it hard to learn this game (even tho its pretty simple to play). Just videos which explain things like socket? equipment and how i get/use them? mercenary thing? leveling up characters and cards etc I had a quick search myself but most are in german
  15. konami is shit - discussion

    waiting for someone to repost that picture from when the babies got banned and when they got limited  the one with a konami plane nuking dragon ravine