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  1. Absolute Darkness (Zero DAD)

    No. Ok, fine. Back to the summonable monsters thing, I agree somewhat. However, all it really takes is one of the monsters to go off and the deck wins. Considering that all of said monsters (save for Stratos) are responsive (Tomato, Sangan, etc.) I see a major weakness to Nobleman of Crossout. However, that should be easily solved as Nobleman is a side deck card primarily and this deck sides out quite well. It fears Grand Mole though. Just sayin.
  2. Absolute Darkness (Zero DAD)

    Figured as much. I still feel the need for defense in this deck. So little, and even in a slow format you can get hurt very quickly.
  3. Absolute Darkness (Zero DAD)

    I don't know why (and this should mean absolutely nothing, as I've never used the deck myself) but I feel the need to main deck Caius. However, the build looks solid really. Nothing wrong with it. I like the fact that you don't play Solemn, which every other build seems to do. Not a huge fan of Dustshoot though, but again that is personal preference.
  4. Diversity in Philly 3/27 Regional top 8

    No, I don't believe I was. However, it really was a last minute thing, intended to be nothing more than a fun deck after all. I'm sure the room for Tempest Magician could easily be made.
  5. Diversity in Philly 3/27 Regional top 8

    Joe Arecchia - 4th - Tournament report is up on the other YGO site, lol. I might copy and paste it later. I went on a whim because friends were going. Built the list in 10 minutes. Cylinder was a last minute add over Trap Dustshoot and won me at least two matches through the day. The side deck wasn't anything special. The only card I ever really sided in was Nobleman of Crossout. My matches were pretty good too. Beat Brent Yetter and Rob Ackerman with it. Stupid 9 rounds, lol. Thanks for all the comments on the build. I didn't take it from anywhere; straight out of my head. And for the guy that asked, no I never made the play to run Rat and search for Cat. Seems like a waste considering the superior options of Lily and Mole.
  6. Would it really matter if...

    I don't get it... Oh wait... Ok, I get it. I don't care if he goes or not. If he goes, I don't see him that weekend. If he doesn't, I still probably don't see him that weekend. Only way this impacts anyone is if they are planning to spend a ton of time with him that weekend, or if he wins the Jump or something. My life doesn't change either way. So, to answer the topic question, no, it wouldn't likely matter to me.
  7. Akito's Epic Sneak Peek

    Ok, the people ruined this thread.
  8. Akito's Epic Sneak Peek

    The YGO ruined this thread.
  9. X-Saber - Discussion

    Quick question on a ruling for "XX- Saber Faultroll", Are you allowed to Special summoned by any other effect? Example: "Monster Reborn"?
  10. worlds update thread

    Go Go Yu-Gi-Oh!... Will the USA ever win?
  11. The hate... it's so strong!

    No, I just got a dictionary for Christmas. Best...Gift...Ever... EDIT: Ok, so I'm a tad on the amazing side, lol.
  12. The hate... it's so strong!

    Just because it is used, does not mean it is used properly. Textbook definitions exist for a reason, to define something properly. Unfortunately, the term in this context does not fit the definition. Thus, it is a word with no meaning. Anyone using the term is thus reffering to absolutely nothing, as it has not been defined. They are attempting to refer to something that is incorrect, which thus makes them incorrect, or at the very least misinformed. I have heard many (by the common and incorrect definition) 'pro' players wish to not be referred to as such. Perhaps they are a wiser than the rest of the community in this regard. To further prove my point, and to also counteract your own, why is it that other TCG/OCG/CCGs have a 'pro' player term in regard to players that make money off the game? This game certainly falls into the TCG category, though it is one in which money cannot be obtained. Thus, the 'pro' label must be rephrased/recoined/relabled. Unfortunately, no one has done so properly. There should be a simply way to state that someone is an upper tier player without misusing a language (albeit a strange language).
  13. The hate... it's so strong!

    If you really want to get technical about this. Pro would be the abbreviated form of Professional. If you look up professional, it states that it is a person with educational training and a degree in a professional field, or one that performs commercially in a field - i.e., making money. I'm not saying that there aren't 'PRO' YGO players. However, I doubt they are the ones you are thinking about. Next time you wish to know whether a player is 'PRO' or not, simply ask what is his/her annual income from the game. You don't even have to play...
  14. Best US National Champion

    I take nothing away from anyone. I'm just saying that this is completely opinion based, with no possible way to have a 'correct' or 'incorrect' response. It is impossible for all these guys to have a fair tie-breaker (so to speak) due to the time parameters. Thus, this is nothing more than a popularity contest. I voted before posting, then came to this realization. So, I posted a simple reason why I voted. There is a much more complex reasoning behind this also, but this isn't worth going into.
  15. Best US National Champion

    Well, this whole thread would be based entirely on hypotheticals. Is it: Who would win among them? Who was the best at the time of winning? Who was most consistant? Who was best during the format in which they won? Who is the best overall? Who's win meant the most? etc.etc.etc... So, obviously, specific parameters for this thread should be set. However, I voted T, simply because of overall impact. I think if you took each guy at their prime, then T would likely win. I don't want to discredit any of them though. Luck and skill set aside, they all hold a unique honor in this game that many others can only dream of achieving.