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  1. Ya the hands were rough and he had me completely fucked with the fd squamata and I started to misplay by fearing the el shaddoll/denko combo.. I don't think there was an out to his hands regardless.. Not making excuses he just drew stones to my butt hands.. And Econ is a mother lover.. At least he didn't kill me with treeborn.
  2. I was aware of my misplays, Jeff and I were talking about it all game.. I just really punted game 1.. I realized the acid golem after I already brought it back in def..
  3. 9-1 YCS Toronto Report

    Gj guy.. Needs more red hat..
  4. YCS Toronto Top 32

    [quote name='Zeron' timestamp='1346803696' post='3272810'] Congrats on your top and performance over the weekend. That round 7 (Rob Cedar) deck you faced sounds a lot like the initial build that Joe Giorlando posted in response to the satoshi list before it was confirmed I think. http://duelistgroundz.com/index.php?showtopic=137354&view=findpost&p=3256651 It has everything you mentioned in your report. Out of curiosity, would that happen to be something close to what you had encountered? [/quote] That was like 4-5 cards different, Joe showed the list to Sean Montague and he showed me, I tested abit and changed a few cards to better suit my playstyle..
  5. YCS Toronto Top 32

    Ya I think it was a catastor!, that card almost single handedly completed the comeback.. That gm 1 was a very good gm, gm 2... Not so much.. Haha, good luck in future events
  6. YCS Toronto Top 32

    Thanks for the kind words dude and Congrats on the top.. I put back 2debris, caius, Bls and a synchro btw.. And broken I just sent you my list bud..
  7. YCS Chicago: Top 16 Finish - 10th Place

    excellent work mathew.. great report too.. u forgot to include the part where cook was "in" the shower for 50mins with the lights off and his hair was still dry.. ugh...
  8. 10/15 Garden City Regional Report

    gj josh, sorry i didnt win the last round.. buddy made a few misplays and didnt kill me when he had the chance, but i just couldnt capitalize on it... see ya in columbus im sure...
  9. thanx, good job on the invite dude, see ya next weekend...
  10. Sorosh's YCS providence report

    wow, clearly that 20sec hug meant nothing to you... good luck in pittsburgh.. see ya there buddy...
  11. Slick's YCS Providence Report

    Rob Cedar loves you back!!! good luck in pitts.. sucks we couldnt get there this weekend..

    I believe the "honorable" refers to a military position.. ppl in uniform need as much attention as possible.. Edit; Jeff that's y I use dbl sleeved synchros
  13. Yugioh Cube

    for multiplayer, GIFT CARD is a must.. creates a whole new twist to alliances..
  14. Prizes are better than the ycs.. too bad you didnt post this a month or two ago..