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  1. P.s. Reading through the last few pages of this thread, I've noticed some of you state your opinions so matter-of-fact-like. It's an unattractive personality trait and creates a lot of unecessary friction, making for a much more difficult discussion, so I might recommend being more open-minded, and/or just simply more considerate going forward. It's productive to share your thoughts and reasoning behind them. It's often unproductive to speak in absolutes, flat-out accusing others of being "wrong" simply because they don't agree, or spewing unecessary condescension as an attempt to establish some sort of superficial dominance over others. It just all seems a little excessive at times, especially regarding something so subjective as yugioh. But that's just my two cents, hopefully it means something to someone!
  2. Hey but forreal lets have a big goat tournament. probably shouldn't be any deck restrictions. we play this format because it was the best regardless of whatever other decks besides goat control were floating around at the time. just seems like playing the most historically accurate format makes the most sense, because like I said, it was still the best regardless of whatever "bs" also saw play at the time. Buuuuuut that's just me. Would really like to just get the thing rolling; we've gotta just pick one or the other either way. And either way we'll find out what works and what doesn't. Let's just do it sooner than later instead of arguing about it. Also, my DN is "Rabbid." for anyone who ever wants to play; I've been on there much more frequently as of recent.
  3. A Treatise Regarding Exarion Universe

    Not entirely sure where the discussion went, but was referred here by a friend. The OP was a good read; glad someone pointed those things out. I'll probably be playing exarion-less preCRV goats from now on (I might have missed the developments: was this the general consensus going forward? Or did people more so seem to want to play with exarion and post CRV? Further, are people wanting to play no bans goats? Empty jar, burn all legal?)
  4. Goat Format War League

    on for games for a bit!
  5. Goat Format War League

    I got Exiled 3-2, ggs. cool deck, cool guy. game 5 was a grinder
  6. Goat Format War League

    I got Faint 3-2. Awesome guy, good games
  7. Goat Format War League

    on for games
  8. Goat Format War League

    all good my man, nobody's fault. bad luck exists even in goat format hahaha ggs
  9. Goat Format War League

    I'm so done dude. lost 1-3 to themadgician. There's a rant to be had about my past couple of matches, but nobody cares, nor should they. lol   anyone who wants to play goats for the heck of it outside of warring, I'm always down. It seems to be the only time I win games.
  10. Goat Format War League

    Unbeknown to me, I must be terrible. once again, I lost. finished my match with Jazz; lost 0-3. 6-card all monster hand with low LP late game 2, and then I felt violated given the card-for-card answers followed by OTK in game 3.    I really do appreciate how cool everyone I've played has been throughout this war. Makes the game worth while lol
  11. Goat Format War League

    Jazz is up 1-0 on me; we're continuing later.
  12. Goat Format War League

    lost to nippie 1-3. it's not my day. ggs though
  13. Goat Format War League

    lost to perovic 2-3. crazy game 1, I played poorly in game 4, and didn't have the outs in game 5. definitely good games though
  14. Goat Format War League

    ah gotcha. that's fine, we can just replay the game then. I'm still on now if your router is back in business lol
  15. Goat Format War League

    DN just shut down on mine and OD superman's game 4 on my turn. was way early and we both had a lot of cards. I was down in LP like 4450-8000, but like I said, we both had a lot left. I don't know if it means anything, but it started lagging pretty hard once we hit 5 watchers.   kicking myself for not having screenshotted to show my hand lol