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  1. Jordans

    watch out when buying online guys. alot of reputable sellers are now selling "grey market" aka non-authorized nike sneakers
  2. Jordans

    Well hopefully I'll be as lucky as I was with the thunders.. copped 2 pair on finishline on release date easy.
  3. Jordans

    Yeah its like 20 percent of the stock or some shit right? I need those lightning IV in my life!
  4. Jordans

    I've literally considered getting a part time job at footlocker just to get releases easier and on that 30 percent discount..
  5. Jordans

    Anyone have any luck buying the bred 13s this Saturday?
  6. Undisputed

    Vic, you got aim?
  7. Undisputed

    haha, I'm about to get some games in online with Hector. Let's see what's up.
  8. Undisputed

    Oh alright i was like this dude is building a dynasty lol. I'll be there man.. Going in there blind, I need practice.
  9. Undisputed

    Good job keeping this team alive for so long.. jesus christ!
  10. YCS Miami, FL Feb 15-17

    I'll be playing at this event.. Just don't know what the hell is going on in the game these days,.. Prez hit me up man!
  11. let's talk about Facebook

    ruins relationships
  12. Post shoes you want to buy

    http://2.bp.blogspot.com/_1Y9S23AFQgA/TE33LD3WTcI/AAAAAAAAHS4/PklvsVjOrGA/s1600/Adidas+Busenitz_1+Blogg.jpg nvm pic is to big
  13. what is ur favorite shirt color

    black, white, different shades of grey
  14. gucci mane

    totally redeemed himself for the ice cream cone on his face