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  1. shitpost duel

    Haha is this a joke? I can't tell Cx
  2. shitpost duel

    I activate Pot of Desires. I set a monster then four s/t cards. I end my turn then molest you.
  3. Hello!

    I'm not actually kidding!   [spoiler]              Jeff Jones let out a soft whimper, the only thing he could do, while he and Pat were on the floor. The room was dirty, just like Jeff’s thoughts. Very dirty. His blow-up bulb was thrown to the side, and Hobans goblin grinned its face into the dark hole of demise. Over their moaning could you only possibly hear the drip of white liquid that escaped the brown coffee table besides the two men. Jeff took notice to the aroma that surrounded him. It was sharp, and especially salty.              Hoban thrusted and thrusted but to no avail. Jones could not feel anything, while he entered the mind numbing high of his fantasies, created by the outer gods themselves. In this state he felt nothing, yet, absolutely everything. His body zoomed through space, the burning abyss, Frozen mirrors, and screams of pleasure. Every cell in his body longed to stay like this forever; to never wake up.                   Suddenly, he awoke. “Jeff, you spilled the paint all over these cards. I spent an hour thrusting this brush onto upstart goblin.”                   “Who’s idea was it to mix dark hole and upstart goblin pat?” Patrick smiled, eyes wide. His lips sucked the recklessness around his moustache as he formed words. They were soft and erotic.                   “My dick.”[/spoiler]
  4. Some Garden paintings

    I love the lighting in the second painting. First painting has an interesting vibe!
  5. Hello!

    Hello. I was meaning to make an introduction, however(to my dismay) in the last year I wasn't in the best of places regarding school work. Worked really hard to get my shit together. It's "whatever" though, just an explanation of my registration date.   I think this is a very great community. Some of you remind me of teachers I had who'd be very lax but also professional when it came to the subject.   Anyways, I'm going to play Yugioh actively again very soon since I went very casual post-LTGY. Only played around with synchrons, shaddolls, and BA and read a few deck discussions on DNF after that.    Aside from YGO I also draw(might try digital media) and make a lot of jokes.        Questions:   Would a Jeff Jones fanfiction be too hot for you all to handle? I may or may not have some. Humor stories, nothing sexual. PM though if you want it hot.   Are YGO discussions active atm? I see a lot of locked topics.    Do you still discuss card advantage, consistency, and other deck building strategies in their own respective topics?