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  1. While we're waiting...   Meanwhile at Konami headquarters:    
  2. YCS Madrid September 7-7th

    Very unfortunate what happened in the Semi-finals (also strange the judges didn't spot it), nonetheless Joshua deserved the win after his 13-15 YCS tops in the past.. Both Joshua and Eugen's lists are up, more to come   Next up, YCS London ^_^   https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jgaN0n4-A7A&list=UUh6_NfqQJOVbylp6s0K1FpA   https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tADUGxucjAM&list=UUh6_NfqQJOVbylp6s0K1FpA
  3. 2014 World Championship

    Sehabi played the best choice for the event, and he definitely deserved the victory. Congrats again Sehabi!   I managed to get 12 videos (13 deck profiles from the main event players). Sadly no Worms (japanese player) and Artifact (2nd place), no english and the judges kicked me out at the end. Also during the deck profiles, I needed to watch my back after a warning by a judge during Tej's deck profile earlier that day :/   Sehabi's winning decklist is up, more coming up today and tomorrow. It was an amazing weekend =)   https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pqwsd1XXS8A&list=UUh6_NfqQJOVbylp6s0K1FpA
  4. YCS Madrid September 7-7th

    Another YCS in Spain, I'm in :)
  5. European Championship June 27/28/29, 2014

      did you get the top 4 decklists? The winner and Top 4 spellbooks only from Top 4 Other deck profiles are from top 8/16/32/64
  6. European Championship June 27/28/29, 2014

    Finally back home..   Day 1 was terrible with round 9 ending around midnight... Day 2 went smooth.   The coverage/stream was fantastic from what I saw. The venue was the best we ever had!   I managed to get around 15 deck profiles at the event, all will be uploaded during the upcoming days.    Next up, the World Championship in Rimini :D
  7. European Championship June 27/28/29, 2014

    Booked at IBIS, epic weekend will be epic, can't wait :D
  8. Soul Charge

    Meanwhile at Konami headquarters  
  9. YCS Paris April 26-27

    First YCS that I have to mis since years...   They also announced it pretty late.. -__-
  10. YCS Berlin, February 22/23 2014

    More decklists when I get back home, the internet at our hotel is terrible... Top 32 Inzektor Top 32 Evilswarm Top 32 Fire Fist Top 32 Fire King Top 16 Mermail (Joshua Schmidt) Top 8 Hieratic Rulers Top 4 Fire Fist (traptrix) Top 4 Geargiakuri
  11. YCS Berlin, February 22/23 2014

    Congrats to Alpay for the victory! :)   New rule at European YCS: No recording allowed, so the judges were on my back every time when I tried to record something... No matches from this YCS, not even the finals because Konami didn't set-up a venue screen...    Deck profiles from Top 32 and on are coming up, Alpays decklist is first.
  12. The Concept of "Yugi-Tubing"

      I am definitely not a fan of making a 2 min. Dueling Network (decklist) video about a deck that topped a regional/YCS. I'd rather want to hear the player's personal opinion of the deck or why he chose to play a particular card. It's also kinda cheap, but then again, I understand why people do it. For example, Konami doesn't post decklists of YCS's anymore, so it seems like a decent way to show a decklist.    But the problem is, as you said, someone posts a decklist from a YCS/regional on youtube (either a live deck profile with the actual player or a DN deck profile), and other people copy the list, take it as their own content, and post the list for the 30th time on youtube. That's cheap, and adds no value to the community in general (and sometimes the quality of the video is worse or terrible).   The reason why I started doing this, is that at that time, video coverage from Yugioh events (like Sjonen Jumps/YCS's/Worlds/Nationals etc.) was very rare. I'm mainly looking at feature matches from big events (or tables matches from the rounds). I thought it would be interesting to see a very well known player in action during a big tournament (other than reading a feature match from UDE/Konami, which is also interesting, but not the same). Thanks to something like video coverage from a YCS, you can see how they play, feel the player interaction and it gives you the feeling that your standing next to the table. That's something else than 'just reading' a feature match on the website, and it's also something that not everyone is doing on youtube. And with this, I try to add something to the Yugioh community. Video coverage from YCS's, big tournaments etc. is I think very fun to watch, and I also think we can learn more from these kind of videos.   Sadly Konami doesn't want to do video coverage, and on top of that, they prevent people from recording at these events (also here in Europe since YCS Turin). Sure we have the venue screen for some kind of video coverage. But for the past few years, the quality of the video/screen is horrible (and I think everyone who was present at YCS Turin agrees, because during daytime we could hardly watch the feature match from the venue screen).
  13.   I asked Samuel for a deck profile after the finals, but he sadly declined because of ARG, sponsorship etc.    It was really nice meeting everyone again. It was also nice talking with both Samuel and Patrick. Samuel definitely deserved the win.   As for the coverage... It's becoming harder and harder for me... But I managed to get a few videos. - Finals are already up (both game 1 and 2) - Coming up:    -) Deck profile Bujins Top 32    -) Deck profile Fire Fist Top 8 (the current decklist I saw going around is slightly incorrect)    -) Duel videos I really wanted to feature Joshua and Michel again, but sadly people from my locals wanted to leave early... Hopefully see you guys at the next European YCS! ;)
  14. Pokemon XY Friend Code/Trade Request

      Added you, can you add me? :)   Pengwan, I also added you.   Sittin on tha bouble, I also added you.   Arshen, I also added you.   IamTheGreat, I also added you.   Can you guys add me back? My FC: 3582 - 9572 - 6160
  15. YCS London Oct 2013

        Congrats to the top 4, and offcourse Patrik Rieder for winning the event!   Videos recorded today: Top 32 table 1 match: LukeRandi vs Rocco Top 16 table 1 match: Joshua Schmidt vs LukeRandi Top 8 feature match from Michel Gruner against Evilswarm (what a duel...) Finals between Alpay Engin and Patrik Rieder   Deck profiles: Winner Patrik Rieder 2nd Place: Alpay Engin Top4: Joshua Schmidt Top 8: Jake Mcgee Top 8: Evilswarms (only decklist from paper)   Dragon Ruler YCS offcourse, props to a few top players who side decked their Sixth Sense and Return from a D.D. out for Game 2/3 (saw it in Top 16 match and the finals).   Pretty good YCS, time in between rounds was too much (always 40-60mins.)   Next up, YCS Turin (Dec) :)