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  1. Mecha Phantom Beast - Discussion

    I'm testing the Transmodify Build, kinda tired now, but after about over 50 single games, this is what i came up with:   http://i.imgur.com/hJqjUKI.png   (don't mind the side, it's only a draft)   i'm still not satisfied, and the extra deck is a nightmare with quickdraw. Fleur has won me a lot of games though
  2. Mecha Phantom Beast - Discussion

    Hi, just got back into competitive play, seeing the banlist, and picked up this deck, to experiment with.   So i started testing around with it, and found that Transmodify is very good with Hamstrat, but lacks a bit of consistency, seeing as the other level 3's really aren't that amazing. If any of you have any ideas on how to fix that, don't be shy. Also Tether wolf into quickdraw into junk destroyer is a nice combo. Not to mention that sided spell cancellers are gg against spellbooks.   I agree that Harrliard is very good at 2, can do some amazing things. I believe Coltwing is underrated atm, especially with transmodify and iron call, and it's effect not being limited to once per turn.
  3. I really wanted you to win this year, you would have deserved it. Great tournament, it was tough out there! Congrats on the consecutive tops.   Did you get a profile of the norleras deck that made the tops?
  4. YCS Bochum

      It's called an inter-rail global pass http://www.b-europe.com/Travel/World/InterRail/InterRail%20Global   The Belgian scene will almost entirely be present, since it's so close to the border.
  5. Lightray Grepher

    [quote name='victor' timestamp='1335920184' post='3170115'] Thought about this card some more, I realized that it allows you to RFG Fortune Lady Light: This card is for all intents and purposes Pot of Greed. 1 card -> draw 2 cards. And you can play of 3 of them, no restrictions like Cardcar D. And moreover, you put FL Light in grave to be RFGed for Chaos Sorceror or BLS. With 3 Pot of Duality, you probably wouldn't even need to play full-on Fortune Ladies to abuse Future, just Gold Sarc and Grepher would be enough. [/quote] That was the first thing i thought about when i saw this. getting kinda excited
  6. Chaos Dragon - Discussion

    'Drawing good' vs 'Drawing bad' doesnt really matter. 'Drawing Good' usually wins that battle. What the question should be, is, if they both draw their nuts, or both draw decent hands, who will win that game? In the DW matchup, my money's on the Chaos dragons.
  7. Chaos Dragon - Discussion

    [quote name='Draigun' timestamp='1335213435' post='3162589'] At the same time, that's a single "win-more" card you have to hope to open with or draw into / not have milled. [/quote] Completely agree with that too.
  8. Chaos Dragon - Discussion

    [quote name='teh Keewie' timestamp='1335203745' post='3162486'] I dislike Return in this deck for the simple reason that it usually won't last the turn you need it on the field with their mst's and heavy being dead the majority of the game. [/quote] Return has helped me tremendously. The pressure you put on your opponent with the twilight deck is substantial. Just showing your opponent the power cards you are searching with eclipse or by milling, instills fear. This, and the fact they know you only run storm and no MSTs, makes all mainstream decks set as much backrow as they possibly can. You on the other hand just keep bashing through them, by creating huge threats, and they keep losing lifepoints nonetheless When they only have 1 or 2 left, you set return. Then 1 of 2 things can happen:[list=1] [*]If they blow it up with Storm or MST, [b]half [/b]or in the best case [b]all [/b]of your threats for a finisher are out the window. [*]If they don't blow it up, you win. [/list] + In games you are winning you usually don't see your 5th turn, the pressure is on them to draw s/t removal, or get owned. + If the opponent sides Macro, you have extra outs. + You have another out to Kycoo shenanigans + All their Crows, Dprisons, BTH's etc.. - you get it.
  9. Chaos Dragon - Discussion

    i honestly just don't summon them, and beat them with my other cards g2 i side them out
  10. Chaos Dragon - Discussion

    Just got back from not playing until september 2011, and rolled up my locals on saturday with Chaos Dragons. I didn't lose a single duel, in fact i 2-0'd them all, and my opponents were almost all top 10 players (nr. 1,4,6,...in Belgium). I took Peter Gross's deck, and added "Foolish Burial" & "Return from The Different Dimension", cut a Tour guide and a Thunder king. Won 2 games off of Return, that card is amazing in here.
  11. Hello Fascination

    Why no honest?
  12. Plant - Discussion

    One of my Teammates went 6/1 at nats, playing 5 GK with plants, winning 3/5 with sided Dark Imprisoning Mirrors I guess with mained Raiza's, this could be good.
  13. My flight is booked, staying at the ibis madrid centro :-) I hear the 16/17th is going to be a "grande fiesta" weekend :-) The belgians are accounted for! :-)
  14. Pass Out

    [3[Triple]3] - Junk Synchron [3[Triple]3] - DoppelWarrior [3[Triple]3] - Ryko, Lightsworn Hunter [2[Double]2] - Chaos Sorcerer [2[Double]2] - Lonefire Blossom [2[Double]2] - Effect Veiler [1[single]1] - Gorz The Emissary Of Darkness [1[Single]1] - Glow-up Bulb [1[Single]1] - Spore [1[Single]1] - DandyLion [1[Single]1] - Sangan [2[Double]2] - Pot Of Avarice [2[Double]2] - Mystical Space Typhoon [1[Single]1] - Charge Of The Light Brigade [1[Single]1] - Reinforcement Of The Army [1[Single]1] - Monster Reborn [1[Single]1] - Giant Trunade [1[Single]1] - Dark Hole [1[Single]1] - Book Of Moon [1[Single]1] - Foolish Burial [1[Single]1] - One For One [2[Double]2] - Solemn Warning [1[Single]1] - Solemn Judgment [1[Single]1] - Mirror Force [1[Single]1] - Torrential Tribute [1[Single]1] - Limit Reverse [1[Single]1] - Call Of The Haunted [1[Single]1] - Dimensional Prison
  15. Cards that should be made

    Vanquish Dragon Lv7 - Dragon - Water - 2800 - 1000 This card cannot be Normal Summoned or Set. This card can only be Special Summoned by removing from play 1 Water and 1 Light monster you control. Once per turn, you can select 1 card you control and 1 card your opponent controls. Remove them from play. When this card is destroyed and sent to the Graveyard, select 1 monster in your Graveyard. Then destroy all cards you control, and Special Summon that monster.