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  1. who the hell hacked kp

    i'm not really involved with this community much, but this made me sad enough to say something there's really no place for this kind of ego and toxicity in goat format. its resurgence was born out of passion, a desire to optimize a healthier format, and as an escape from this exact kind of bullshit. perovic was instrumental in advancing its popularity and its theory, and without his contributions, i'm not even sure if people would still be playing it. if perovic wrote out something to me after a duel, win or loss, i'd be happy to take any and all advice he's willing to share with me. learning stuff feels good! especially when it's from one of the most storied competitors in that scene. in fighting games, it's pretty common to challenge higher-level players to money matches, "buying" the experience of playing someone at their best - it's invaluable information if you're remotely passionate about your hobby. in yugioh, the less accomplished player can win more often than in some other games. that's fine, of course, but people will treat individual games like it's life or death, and take away nothing from the experience afterward. in a casual, no-stakes setting like db, it's embarrassing at best, but in goat format? why are you even playing goat format if you have this mentality towards it? there's almost no social obligation (tournaments, discussion about upcoming sets, etc.), and there sure isn't a career to be made out of it. idk man i don't play much ygo these days but i've loved goat/cc formats since they were modern, and i've always appreciated kp's contributions to the scene, so this really bums me out. i can understand why he wouldn't want to play goats online anymore after this - it makes me hesitant too
  2. Lightsworn - Discussion

    i think that i still like the normal 40 card build more, but i haven't really understood why people default to playing 60 card builds just because they're playing 3 grass looks greener. i don't know the exact statistics but it seems to me that something around ~50 cards is better, less dead draw opening hands and you'll see TGLG a lot more, and milling like 10-12 cards is plenty to get an engine started in a deck with wulf, trick clown, snow, etc.
  3. 11 years since...

    i always liked sing the sorrow more i appreciate this thread a lot tho
  4. Yu-Gi-Oh! Quotes in the future!

    typically you'll want to start by playing the card Union Hangar
  5. i haven't really played in a while, but that lineup of semi-limited cards is like one big flashback to 2012 lol
  6. The Vinyl Thread

    love the weakerthans to death dude, been meaning to pick up reconstruction site on vinyl for a while my collection is fairly small since i don't really buy that often: https://rateyourmusic.com/collection/feltlikerain/oo,fmt.LP
  7. What album are you listening to

  8. Battle City: Retro Formats Leader Board & Match Report Thread

    got nippie 2-1 in windup and 2-1 in edison edit: got logic 2-1 in goat
  9. Battle City: Retro Formats Registration and Rules

    dgz - lightsworn beach dn - lightsworn beach
  10. What song are you listening to now?

  11. What album are you listening to

  12. madolche top 8 regional report

    nah man, i love madolche but im happy to set it aside after this weekend i am eager to see what people come up with for it in the future tho
  13. Painful Escape

    this card is neat, i like that it lets you dodge effect negation and do cool stuff like tribute a volcanic rocket for royal firestorm guard, deneb for vega after adding altair, bear for wolfbark, etc etc a lot of these ideas are very rogue deck-oriented but i think it will absolutely affect the meta somehow once the right interaction comes along, and like jeff i think it's really cool you can add bountiful off it right as solemn notice is coming out
  14. madolche top 8 regional report

    thanks a lot man, appeciate it the extra deck space was tight-ish, there are a few things i would have liked to add (armades and trish were ideas i had to compliment instant fusion and veiler specifically), but ultimately i just went with what i was comfortable with and i never felt like i was missing anything in regard to maxx c, i had them dropped on me a lot throughout the day but i don't think anyone ever c'd an instant fusion, usually either a mew, hoot or jelly - the thing about c vs madolche is that i think people don't play it properly and will drop it on the first jelly play instead of waiting to strike for a leviair loop; coincidentally my only loss of the day was against the one guy who i think played maxx c 100% correctly