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  1. Counter-Strike: GO

      You should definitely not be changing your sensitivity that often. Your muscle memory gets used to a particular sensitivity over time and with constant practice, hence if you keep changing your sens all the time your flick shots will be pretty inconsistent.   Also, I don't know people are saying single tap with the AK, as that isn't entirely correct. Depending on the distance and scenario, you should be shooting in 3 round bursts, or if it is a really long range battle (Dust 2 A-Site to pit for example) you would use single taps. Watching pro players and pro matches, as well as just general experience of playing, will allow you to be able to pick when to spray, tap, or burst correctly.    Having a particular crosshair really won't make your aim better, most pro players change crosshairs quite often. The way to think about crosshairs is they are like a nice pair of football boots for soccer. Having a particular one wont actually improve your aim, but it can work as a placebo and refresh your mental game. Also another thing to note, is what one players crosshair may look like for them, will look entirely different on your screen if you use a different resolution.   When it comes to sensitivity, it really differs from person to person, I personally use 400dpi Windows sens 6/11 and 2.25 in-game. The large majority of professional players play on 400dpi with an in-game sens of lower than 3, but there are a few pros who would use higher. Hiko uses roughly 4 ingame 400 dpi iirc f0rest plays on 3.6 ingame 400dpi Liquid Elige has the highest sensitivity out of all known professionals, it is something like 1600dpi with 1-2 in game.    Overall, i'd recommend using a sensitivity below 3 if you're playing on 400dpi, and just get used to that. Having a large mousemat is very important for CS, so I highly recommend investing in one, i.e Steelseries QCK heavy.   -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- If you have trouble with spraying rifles, literally play this map for 15minutes or so evandery day and your spray will be much better.   https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=k6ZVlZL0NGI Also, the player talking in the video (AdreN) has many tutorials on his channel that will really improve your gameplay.
  2. Counter-Strike: GO

      Community server deathmatching, particularly HSMOD (Headshot only) servers. This will improve your raw aim, and HS only will improve your mid - long range gun battles.         Since my last post in this thread, I've continually been playing CS, up to Legendary Eagle (EU) and mostly playing Faceit pugs as well. Any dgz players interested in adding me: http://steamcommunity.com/id/davidyo
  3. I judged a number of Irish events headed by this guy, and he really was liked by many people at events. I feel sickened now while reading this article. It feels really weird to be reading the article and actually know the person.
  4. despite the fact I don't even post on here I still seem to come and browse dgz almost every day   I'll sink a pint of Guinness to that
  5. Yu-Gi-Oh! Moments Where you felt Awesome

    This guy has an autoplay song on his profile   How is he not banned
  6. New Here~~

    Use the default font
  7. AMA

    Do you like yorkshire pudding with beef or lamb?   How competitive do you think Smash 4 will be, if at all?
  8.   Come back and manage in warring!     It doesnt seem very active and I don't know if I have time with college + job
  9. Sick of solo queuing on CS:GO I need friends 
  10. Geargia for YCS Toronto

    How one manages to accidentally post 6 times is beyond me.
  11. I believe Uprising is due a usergroup
  12. Uprising

      still here if needed, if not o ok