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    Very decent at ygo
  1. Kozmo - Discussion

    i agree, been considering 1 goodwitch 1 wicked just to habe an additional f0 out. the problem here is reasoning though, risk reward etc   You need to get lucky to win an event and reasoning literally plays through everything. As long as you're summoning a monster its always fine. If you want any of my ideas you can PM me
  2. Kozmo - Discussion

    Why not 3 mojo? I feel like that's standard/mojo is by far the best trap in the deck
  3. Kozmo - Discussion

    3 Destroyer 3 Tincan 3 Sliprider 2 Farmgirl 2 Strawman 1 Dog Fighter (amazing in the mirror) 1 Forerunner 1 Dark Eclipser 2 Wickedwitch   3 Reasoning 3 Teleport 1 Dark Hole 1 Raigeki 1 Twin Twister 3 Kozmotown   3 Call of The Haunted 3 Kozmojo 3 Strike 1 Warning   Extra deck: Irrelevent- 1 Pleiades 1 Nova 1 Infinity 1 Barbaroid   Side: 3 System Down 3 Mask of Restrict 3 Maxx C 2 Twin Twister 3 Anti-Spell Fragrance 1 Effect Veiler (Just cause I couldn't find a skill drain)
  4. Kozmo - Discussion

    I went undefeated at a regional on saturday, and I played a deck that mained 3 reasoning and 2 strawman. I won one die roll all day, and went 2nd 7 times and lost only 1 game 1. I attribute most of my success to reasoning. I think that card is absolutely insane because it gives you the ability to play through 2 strike if your hand is good enough. I think people are overlooking how good that card is.
  5. YCS Atlanta 2016

    I was dqd round 11 for an absolutely unfair, ridiculous reason. I'll post what happened later
  6. YCS Atlanta 2016

    Does anyone have a picture of standings they could post?
  7. YCS Atlanta 2016

    Finished 7-2. Have to win both tomorrow, and then still might not even top. Oh well
  8. Philly Regionals 2nd Place Tournament Report... again...

    Wow no Yosenjus what a pay2win
  9. Arg Las Vegas December 12-13

    Was Pat playing some sort of synchro deck?
  10. Mass shooting at Oregon community college

    People are disgusting, this world is a scary place.
  11. YCS San Jose Nov 7th

    Pretty sure joe g had 7 in a row
  12. Nekroz - Discussion

    RIP sweet prince. You were my favorite deck of all time  :(
  13. ARG Atlantic City 3rd Place

    Congrats Matt! Enjoyable read as always. Denko jinzo vs trap decks reminds me a lot of double nat beast vs nekroz 😔
  14. Congrats Ryan! Even if u are a pay to win NOOB u r the best yosenju duelist in the world I'll admit
  15. Dueling Network

    I'd just like to warn everyone to watch out for Set 5 GG in matches. He's the definition of fucking scum and will literally do anything he can to try to cheat/make you wait 40 mins for an admin/ go afk for a win. Worst experience I've had in a match to this date.