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  1. ultimately it's a toss-up as both have their merits but the main reasons I'd consider playing e con, at least in the mirror is a) utility and being able to advance your gamestate. not only by taking ignister and getting access to luster but you can potentailly do things like taking feral imps and searching a scale if you need it, taking dinomist so you can wavering or summon master, etc, and then being able to use their monsters to make defense from the extra deck like felgrand to stop their counterpush. it also works against effect veiler and other negation theoretically, and b) it works as a defensive card in itself going first which is something dark hole lacks (aswell as being able to make defense from the extra like I mentioned)   that being said I wouldn't play it outside of something like the dark version because with that build you have more guys you actually want to normal summon
  2. has anyone reconsidered e-con for the pepe mirror with how focused the deck is on its draco engine now?   the main interaction is to tribute one of your guys (preferably something like a joker/armageddon that you've already gained value out of or a monster you've pendulum summoned for free) and steal their ignister or dinoster. if you take ignister and it resolves you basically just win the game because you get access to your luster and spin away 2 of their cards in best case scenario, then just make felgrand with their monster or otk them. you can also do cute things like take their dinoster and summon a master from grave/wavering them or take something like rafflesia and destroy their board with treacharous trap hole (assuming you both play it but its a possibility).   it also works as a defensive card on their turn if you tribute something like feral imps that you've already gained value off of
  3. Infernoid - Discussion

    queen is a fine approach for the problem that I mentioned in the kozmo matchup as it gets rid of a ship and basically gives them a sitting duck for seitsemas to run over and gain advantage off of. also has some cool applications you can do with it like making their kozmojo dead before trying to go for a push/potentially popping it with patrulea although you do run the risk of hitting a COTH if the card isn't known. also doesn't take up a normal compared to something like cydra core   that being said I'd prefer to play something like quaking, especially maindecked, because a) queen is basically a -1 if you draw it going first until they allow you to make it live, and b) one of the biggest threats in the kozmo (and pepe) matchup is that if you don't have any defense from the main/extra deck they can just push through and OTK you which queen does nothing against whereas quaking punishes them pretty hard. also I know queen kind of indirectly deals with going second vs pepe but I still wouldn't want it in that matchup because this deck pushes through monster floodgates like it's nothing with reasoning/decatron/harmadik, the main problem comes from their counter-push
  4. Infernoid - Discussion

    oh no doubt, I've seen so many players outright drop easily won games because they leave themselves open by locking themselves under too many levels or not really fully utilising defense from the extra deck/main deck options because they just think opening reasoning is gg how often do pepe play into quaking from your experience?
  5. Infernoid - Discussion

    main reason why the deck doesn't really see much play beyond its own deckbuilding paradoxes is the kozmo matchup. like it was pretty hard but at least manageable in the past because a) if they didn't see a big ship they generally lost and b) you could at least gain advantage through popping their backrow, but with tincan/COTH both of those problems are mitigated not to mention how much you have to invest to get rid of their boards which they can just get back with those cards. like if you go for scarlight + seitsemas to try and get over their ship then that's a lot of resources put into a small investment that they can just as easily get back.   ultimately the problem with the matchup stems from your deck mainly gaining advantage through battling (you can also through patrul/harmadix but they don't have much use in this matchup beyond baiting pilots) through either ignorantly beating over their monsters because of how big they are or using seitsemas which you can't do at all if your opponent just puts a big 3k guy on board that you can't target.   going forward I think the best way to approach the matchup is most likely through cards that directly play into this so you can remove their guys and theoretically outpace them. for starters quaking mirror force works as a way to both stop their big pushes (as most kozmo players will typically try to kill you as quickly as possible since infernoid typically doesn't play much defense) as well as making it so your seitsemas gets value. you can also leave their facedowns there as they can't get rid of them beyond using dark destroyer and just keep poking at each one every turn. only major problem with the strategy is seeing seitsemas early on to make it work
  6. YGO TCG Forbidden List July 2015

      What?   or did u mean infernoid u were really getting your hopes up huh mikki
  7. albums or ep's you revisit

    in terms of stuff I've been going back to a lot lately   Days Before Rodeo - Travis Scott Lonerism - Tame Impala Lost In The Dream - War On Drugs Voodoo - D'Angelo Honest/DS2 - Future Kid A - Radiohead XXX - Danny Brown Led Zeppelin IV - Led Zep
  8. Shaddoll - Discussion

    I don't think the deck needs any more accommodations for CCV like Kuribandit or more copies of Falco; for one it's an unsearchable one-of trap, and for two depending on the build we have 0-3 Shadow Games, 3 Mathematician, 0-1 Foolish, sending Falco/Hedgehog for Construct, searching a target off of Hedgehog when you send as a fusion material etc, as well as actually drawing into targets (depending on the ratio you play Falco/Hedgehog at) which should be more than enough. I think maybe the only change needed is fitting Rhapsody into the extra since it's obviously a DARK with >1000 attack, and you can actually get value out of it before tributing it off
  9. What song are you listening to now?

    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EI6iZJOntY8 Lupe Fiasco - Hurt Me Soul
  10. post itt and I hit on you

    You don't know me
  11. What album are you listening to

    It's actually really fucking hard to get through this album in one listening because of the urge to hit the replay button whenever Mural finishes
  12. Dueling Network

    Absolutely relentless