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  1. (904) Crossover Souls

      aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaand it looks like a secret rare as far as I can tell
  2. Nekroz - Discussion

    I feel like D.D. Crow also has potential to stop an end phase COTH for the satellarknights by removing the deneb in the early game, but I'm not sure if veiler is better here by stopping it outright
  3. The Secret Forces (TCG)

    so that's 3-4 bio per case 3-4 valk per case 4-5 trish per case   did you open a euro case or usa case?
  4. The Secret Forces (TCG)

    https://fbcdn-sphotos-e-a.akamaihd.net/hphotos-ak-xfa1/v/t1.0-9/10959727_10153035804925270_5373859602882941979_n.jpg?oh=ed4cdb1764627b166d537a0830d9a320&oe=5564A078&__gda__=1432413589_2ad08df374aea19c64cf8162c1c3f04c pull ratio from 3 boxes worth from someone i know.
  5. (904) Crossover Souls

    but if you open this, you summon it, dump dragoons, add another atlantean, and add megalo, then you drop the atlantean and a random water monster, and then you sack this new guy, bring back the dragoons, and you're hitting 66 damage off 2 cards   pewpew
  6. Premium Gold: Return of the Bling

    I checked PP16, and every card in that set was released in premium gold, card for card, from EN010-EN029. So i think they're gonna use this to print PP17, and that means that we'll most likely be getting #95   hide ur kids
  7. Nekroz - Discussion

    maxx c just gets infinitely better at that point doesnt it?   as long as the shockmaster doesn't come back (which is totally unreal anyway), i don't think anything stickchair related is gonna be a gamebreaker. rank 4's are strong but they're not as strong as nekroz, qliphort, shaddoll or BA. Same thing applies to the chronomaly cards, they're good, but since moralltach is at 1 now, the deck just isn't scary to play against. You play against is like you would against any other backrow.dek and win with a well timed trishula, i have no comment on noden, i don't know all the relevant interactions yet so its kinda hard to judge, but I almost forgot to mention the shaddoll+stickchair things and noden, that might be something worth revising.   infernoids start off strong and fizzle out ultra fast. If you have a valkyrus or two to block atks and trishula is inherently amazingggggg against them, you won't lose unless the game is really skewed in their favour from the start. I'd rather talk about the BA matchup, coz i've been thinking, that we don't carry monster removal and can't go hard in the paint like shaddoll, but we do not carry the "commit to the board to start setting up" problem of the qliphorts. BA seems like the most problematic of the bunch, unless i'm totally missing something, because i haven't practiced so my comments are pure theory, correct me if i'm wrong please.
  8. Nekroz - Discussion

    You're right in your claim, but nobody was worrying about it anyway, the Infernoids just aren't that good.
  9. Shaddoll - Discussion

    i don't think the typhoon thing from bp3 is that good in game 2 i mean if you're playing qliphort, you'll hardly, if ever set up both scales turn 1, there's legit 0 reason to unless you drew the god hand. and you'd be playing typhoon for only that reason and that situation of you going second and need to blast away those two scales is so rare anyway, i don't think it's good at all; not until there's a deck that actually consistently sets up the scales and does something useful with them. if anything, i'd rather want an ice hand in the hand, accompanied by the others in the deck, because as far as i'm aware, qliphort can't properly deal with that card unless they drew warning or something of the like.
  10. Qliphort - Discussion

    i'm playing swift scarecrow to block any tempo swings and to help not fall too far behind off a oddeyes atm. i'm fairly concerned about getting outpaced and taking 4k to the head, and not being able to tool more often afterwards. you can grab it off gigant if you have the wombo combo+any    1. play tool, grab a qliphort disk if you dont have it, or any other qliphort if you do 2. play trampolynx 3. pendulum summon the other qliphort 4. bounce tool 5. sack other qliphort for disk and get two lv6's 6. make gear gigant and get scarecrow 7. play tool and grab the spell and glue it on disk   so you've got gigant, disk, scarecrow, a lv6 qliphort loaded, and saqliphort to grab killer which you can drop the following turn.     or something like that, i dunno.
  11. Let's Talk About Shadolls

    i'd like to mention that dragon being able to destroy any backrow is actually really nice, so if you have a faceup dragon for super poly, or play sinister shadow games, you can throw the dragon in the grave to trigger a dead-drawn moralltach, if that's something people playing artifacts in their shaddolls weren't aware of
  12. cromat is in the finals of new zealand nationals

    http://yugiohnz.squarespace.com/   for anybody who was interested in the breakdown and tournament coverage   Top-16 3 Geargia 3 H.A.T 2 Bujin 2 Constellar 2 Infernity 1 Mermail 1 Burn 1 Evilswarm 1 Mythic Ruler   Top-8 2 Geargia 2 H.A.T 1 Bujin 1 Evilswarm 1 Infernity 1 Mermail   Top-4 2 H.A.T 1 Bujin 1 Infernity   Top-2 1 Bujin 1 Infernity   Winner! Infernity!
  13. Primal Origin (808)

    i got a seventh one today for like 20nzd, which is like 15usd or so, and the caingorgon, went 3:1 in the sneak and pulled an eachtan, everyone was paying redic amounts for the artifact cards too, it's crazy         omg the sneak peek tournament for this is fucking trash like omg you play 18-20 monsters, summon a 2300 beater and hope the opponent didn't get a ranga zero and somewhere along the line the person who gets to cut off the opponent's tribute fodder wins.   if you don't want to waste time, don't bother with this, because it's seriously a die-roll format and if you get ragna zero you'll probably do really well anyway
  14. Primal Origin (808)

    and a couple minutes later, we have info!   https://fbcdn-sphotos-h-a.akamaihd.net/hphotos-ak-frc3/t1.0-9/10169460_10151972727141511_1201361887108627922_n.jpg   updated list!         Ghost Rare: 1/1 Bujinki Amaterasu     Secret Rare: 7/8 Thestalos the Mega Monarch Orea, the Sylvan High Arbiter Rank-Up-Magic - The Seventh One Noble Knight Brothers Gadiator Beast Nerokius Majesty's Fiend Bujinki Amaterasu     Ultimate Rare: 5/5 Number 62: Galaxy-Eyes Prime Photon Dragon Number C107: Neo Galaxy-Eyes Tachyon Dragon Number C102: Archfiend Seraph Artifact Durendal Bujinki Amaterasu     Ultra Rare: 9/10 Sylvan Sagequoia Madolche Angelly Artifact Durendal Artifact Ignition Sylvan Charity Artifact Sanctum Bujingi Sinyou Noble Knights of the Round Table Bujin Hirume     Super Rare: 11/14 Artifact Moralltach Noble Knight Eachtar Artifact Scythe Pilica, Descendant of Gusto Lucent, Netherlord of Dark World Number C107: Neo Galaxy-Eyes Tachyon Dragon Number C102: Archfiend Seraph The Monarchs Erupt Vampire Vamp Avalon Tachyon Chaos Hole       now we're missing 1 secret rare, 1 ultra and 3 supers!
  15. Primal Origin (808)

    that's what i thought but on the konami site they made C107 with a yellow name too but now we have confirmation that C107 is super and ulti so i can't be sure that 62 is ultra/ulti because they might have used the ulti scan and have it be super/ulti, or even secret/ulti if they want to be like that   idk i want to be completely sure of the rarities that i put on the lost because someone else put a list of rarites with (NC) next to them and that stressed me out   ---   this could also mean that if 62 is super, then there is space for Hirume and Amaterasu to both be ultra perfectly filling up the list for ultra rares. but felgrand and star eater were secret/ulti/ghost, but C101 was super/ulti/ghost and oh gosh i can't deal with the breaks in patterns these last sets   if both the bujin are ultra, this would leave open the revealing of 3 secret rares and 3 super rares though which is nice and dandy i guess