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  1. YCS Prague 2017

    sad react
  2. YCS Prague 2017

    Ill be going. Does anyone know anyone buying Pokemon TCG at the event? Also looking for a hook up
  3. Zoodiac - Discussion

    Ok thank you I understand now!
  4. Zoodiac - Discussion

    That play around maxx c doesnt leave you with drident on board tho?
  5. Moving to Canada

    Decided to move to montreal, booking flights within the next few weeks. Does anyone know of any groups or anything that we can join for jobs? Have a few groups like this in dublin not sure if they exist elsewhere. Also do you guys have recruitment agencies in Canada? We have recruitment agencies that just find people dead end jobs here is there such a haven over there? wtf why are there bullet points.
  6. IDK about that because then if i destroy every 5 round regional in Ireland because theyre piss easy won't I just win the place at worlds over people in germany playing 9 or 10 round regionals?
  7. I think they should assign the smaller countries into the bigger ones like Ireland into UK, Austria/Nordics into Germany, Belgium/Netherlands/Switzerland into France and Spain/portugal/greece whatever into Italy. The regionals in the smaller countries will be smaller so theyll get less points for their wins meaning they wont just be dominating easy competitions but still have a chance to compete for worlds if they do well at YCS' and euros and their nationals.
  8. Moving to Canada

    I speak really good french actually so thats not a problem. That group is perfect, any other groups that you guys could throw my way? Jobs/ Accomodation etc would be fantastic. Regarding the tax, do different cities have different taxes? We have the same tax everywhere here so that somewhat confuses me.
  9. Moving to Canada

    I'm moving to Canada to work and basically just party for the summer. Sorry for the probably misleading headline but suck my dick. My friend wants to move to Edmonton, i hear its nice enough but if I'm going to go all the way to Canada would a city like Toronto or Vancouver be more worth my while? I'd like to go somewhere with with a vibrant nightlife and enough to do so I won't be bored on my days off. I'm 20 and I live in Dublin now which is a pretty cultured city tbh but i dont wanna end up moving for the summer and ending up with a boring city. They have a big university in Edmonton I know but during the summer the whole student aspect will be null and void. In Dublin during the year we normally have lots from the countryside but they all dissappear during the summer. Thoughts/Advice where to go? We were mainly turned of Toronto because of cost and Vancouver because a lot of Irish people go there and we don't want to be like the americans in Dublin. i.e. no one gives you a minute because we hate you but we're happy to fuck you
  10. LackeyDGZ Card Problems Thread

    I had this problem today with ghost ogre snow rabbit appearing as a token?
  11. Ronintoadin

    I primarily play and rarely judge.
  12. Ronintoadin

    I feel its pretty ridiculous he can just rule that its inherint when the rest of the world rules it that it starts a chain? Like what can I do? This seems seriously corrupt.
  13. Ronintoadin

    Every judge in Ireland except me refuses to accept the wikia or adjutication conflagaration as official rulings and simply make up their own
  14. Ronintoadin

    A lot of places online say that you just cant summon anything inherintly from the graveyard but i think lightpulsar dragon is inherint?
  15. Ronintoadin

    Can someone please provide me some kind of proof that ronintoadin starts a chain? Every judge in my country is ruling that it's inherint.