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  1. NHL 2015-2016 Season Thread

    There is no light in my life.
  2. NHL 2015-2016 Season Thread

    we'll give you a middling RW prospect and a 2nd rounder.
  3. NHL 2015-2016 Season Thread

    trade us vrbata
  4. my absence

    as if allen doesn't like brand new.
  5. NHL 2015-2016 Season Thread

    *begins building mike condon shrine beside carey price shrine*
  6. NHL 2015-2016 Season Thread

    habs played like poop but doesn't matter, had price.   the leafs have given the habs the most trouble out of anyone. it's weird.   9-0!!!
  7. NHL 2015-2016 Season Thread

  8. NHL 2015-2016 Season Thread

    hanging with st louis gave me hope. they didn't have shattenkirk or stastny though.   the blues dominated for a bit, but i think the habs might finally be good enough both roster and system wise that Price makes up any difference.   Habs are sitting top ten in possession and offense, and as long as they can keep that up Price is the ultimate equalizer. They don't need to have the best roster, just a good one.   it feels weird to feel so confident haha
  9. 2015 MLB Thread

    game 5 might be the craziest sports game i've ever seen.
  10. NHL 2015-2016 Season Thread

    pretty dope seats caniac   https://twitter.com/ShutdownLine/status/653435715355807744
  11. NHL 2015-2016 Season Thread

    habbies 3-0.   boston looks fuckin terrible you guys, its amazing. tuuka rask will keep them competitive though. hes still pretty good.
  12. RIP Nafe

    still can't believe this is real.
  13. NHL 2015-2016 Season Thread

    naw man
  14. aaron there are no good clubs in canada.
  15. Rick and Morty

    their universe is just a tiny-universe powering conor obersts guitar amp.