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  1. 2010

    A full length album by Periphery.
  2. Minimum Wage

    Sorry guys, been busy. I'll try to reply to everyone today; if not today, then tomorrow.
  3. Top 10 Anticipated Games of 2010

    Bioshock 2 Grid 2 Prince of Persia 2 Mass Effect 2 Mirror's Edge 2 Nintendo DS successor
  4. Assassin's Creed 2

    DLC is such a fucking scam. You mean to tell me they're releasing 2 DLC packs roughly 2 months after the game releases, and expect me to pay for it? Bullshit. I really fucking hate when some of these developers have the nerve to claim they will be releasing DLC before the game even comes out. I swear, this is just an obvious attempt to inflate the cost of shit that would of been amazing had they included that code in the original version.
  5. The Conservative Bible Project

    Atem, this isn't a debate. Warned for spam.
  6. Minimum Wage

    @ Pharaoh Atem Sorry Atem. Everytime I got to drafting a response for you, other shit came up. I wanted to argue Plato, but I just didn't have the mind to do it. Meh, here you go. ----- This is simply one of our idealogical differences, which can't really be argued in the context of this debate. Well, it can be argued, but I don't see it leading us anywhere. If I were to chart how I feel about the world right now using your scale, it would look something like this [notch represents where we are now]: BAD <----------|--------------------> GOOD I'm positive yours looks something more like this: BAD <--------------------|----------> GOOD You assume the worst in people while hoping for the best, which must really fuck up your overall world view - witnessing daily that which is the opposite of what you hoped for. False - not every police officer is a dirty cop. I feel an assumption in there. Have we proof that the majority of officers have had the opportunity to do so with impunity? This ties back to my concept of folks having social markers out of a shared fear rather than a shared kindness... This is a toughie. I honestly can't answer it. Maybe something one of us says later with help me answer this. NOTED. I agree. One thing I'll note is that I'm arguing to reduce the amount of starving people. American's are the most charitable people on earth. Of course we could always give more, but that fact shouldn't be ignored. Fair enough. I'm arguing that the elimination of the minimum wage would do more to solve the problems of homelessness and starvation than the pro-minimum wage position. So, in response to your position: "The minimum wage should exist because it's unethical for it not to exist." The ethical concerns are primarily denoted to those at the bottom, so I shall argue for them. The minimum wage does not meet the needs of those amoung us who most require a job. It limits the hireability of the lowest skilled leading these people to a position of sad unfulfilled ambition if not complete homelessness and/or starvation and death. Eliminating the minimum wage would open up new doors for these workers that were otherwise hammered shut. Despite their lack of skills, they would be employable. It's better to have a job with a low wage than to have no job at all. <3 Elimination of the minimum wage does not equate to zero regulations. Define "evil devices". Outline as many as you can as specifically as you can. Then give me some damn regulations to make up for it, something that makes me feel secure from those with power to damage and destroy me. My freedom and my safety are the same thing; if I am unsafe, I am a slave to my circumstances. Folks try to posit that regulations destroy freedom; the correct way to see it is that it destroys their freedom to destroy or damage myself and my freedom. Folks don't realize, insofar as I can tell, that they might not be able to have - or even deserve - the freedoms they seek. I know that they don't deserve the freedom to permit my unwilling starvation. In a no-min-wage system their power over you is permitted only by your own refusal and/or inability to educate yourself. An overhauling of the welfare system could fix this problem. Again, these instances will occur with or without the minimum wage. However, if you eliminate the minimum wage, you could use the increased tax revenue to fund better welfare. Businesses are in most cases hiring and paying these people an amount which correlates with their abilites. The problem is when you have people with extremely low abilities, and you are unable to pay them an appropriate amount because the government states how low you can go. "This guy here can only do $2 worth of work, sadly, we can only hire those able to do $7.25 worth of work. We aren't allowed to pay people $2." This isn't economically or even rationally feasible. Lets say I do go ahead and hire the guy who can only mop floors for the full $7.25. What then does the drive-thru lady/cashier receive; $7.50, $8? If you also pay the cashier an amount around $7.25, you're devaluing her work and experience. You're making what she does less important than the guy who just mops. You're making her work harder to receive the same wage that the "lazy guy" makes. Unless you pay her $15, $20, you've effectively made her a slave, and everyone else above her as well. Of course, if you pay her $20, everything stays the same. Then you should definitely support my position. Did you mistakenly omit something here? The economic system is what's in the center of the ethical vs. unethical venn diagram. You and I both would like to see it completely encapsulated under the ethical banner, but the nature of economics makes that arrangement an impossibility. The economic system is driven by the unregulated selfish desires of money grubbing assholes who scoff at the thought of a tax increase used to clothe the homeless. The guides by which most people on this earth live their lives, religions, are ones that both directly and indirectly support a selfish worldview. The only way to change that perspective is through education, not enforcement. Your idea of how people should live their lives is very Platonic if not completely utopian. You realize that people are inherently self-centered assholes who want to be left to their own devices while at the same time believing government should legislate the whole of their lives for the greater good. Humanity simply won't adhere to that kind of doctrine, regardless of how "socially righteous" it may be. As you said: You realize that it won't work, but in the end, that's what you are arguing for. What do I do here? Hiring unemployed low skilled people and making society buy things which lead to greater employment oppurtunites is awfully rightous and noble, but not in any way realistic.
  7. Minimum Wage

    @ DIN365 All that and you still can't come up with an answer how the elimination of minimum wage will send china's GDP up, and not the fact that it's simply a much bigger manufacturing country of 1.3 billion and would have happened regardless of minimum wage or lack of. No minimum wage » Increased employment » Increased consumer spending » Increased business profits » Expansion of business » Higher GDP An increase of the minimum wage raises the cost of labor. You've already stated what happens when you raise the cost of labor: How does a list of American recessions prove the minimum wage doesn't cause a dent in inflation? What the fuck? Only for unsuccessful businesses, but if you are making a good amount of money, it shouldn't matter either way. it's not like minimum wage will be above the inflation rate anyways(even though it's below it now), so this arguement is absolutely useless. The minimum wage does not have to be above the rate of inflation for an increase in costs to matter. An increase in costs is an increase in costs. If I am paying my workers $6 now, but will have to pay them $7 an hour next week, how does that 'not matter'? The cost of labor should naturally inflate just like the cost of everything else. Just because milk and cheese went up 6% does not mean the cost of a new car also went up 6%. Those things have completely independent commodity values. You can't raise the cost of labor 6% just because the "national average rate of inflation" is 6%. When you raise the minimum wage, you're making assumptions as to what the cost of labor in the marketplace ACTUALLY is. Any increase in the minimum wage is an assumed value. Prove that it isn't then maybe you'll have an argument. The national average is far to broad to properly calculate what the minimum wage should be, this is why so many individual states have a minimum wage completely out of line with what the federal government mandates. Evenstill, it remains an assumed value. The only way I see it working is if the minimum wage were calculated locally within every city in the U.S., but even then, it's not beneficial for anyone. Tell that to our finance minister jim flaharity and the bank of Canada. I'm sure they would love to hear how if the loonie overshot the greenback it wouldn't hurt trade and canadian business. To be completely honest, I am unfamiliar with Canadian affairs, however your example is ridiculous. By your logic, every country with a currency that's valued less than the American dollar would be trading more than us [Americans]. That obviously isn't the case. Sure the value of a nations currency plays a part in trade negotiations, but not to a degree even close to what you presented. So you can't understand that if a money's value increases, it's worth more too? ok, then lets explain it this way. Lets say I own a business and pay each employee 10$ per hour. then, deflation happens and that 10$ becomes worth more. and because of that, prices drop and so does the amount of cash(not the value). If I continue paying my employees that same amount, I will be loosing more money unless I adjust it to where it should be or keep my prices the same(which will be a greater value than what it was before) So in other words, you will be costing businesses money unless the wages are dropped. Not necessarily. When the value of money goes up prices WILL fall, but the consumption of goods and services will increase. You haven't taken that into account. Your statement declaring "if I continue paying my employees the same amount, I would be losing more money" is false. In an instance where people have more money, it's your job as a businessman to increase your volume of sales. Deflation is only a bad thing when the markets are unable to capitalize on the increased consumer purchasing power, thus resulting in an overall decrease in demand and production. Disinflation as I mentioned can result in increased consumer purchasing power while reducing the potential of a deflationary spiral. That distinction between the two is very important. Addressed this in a prior quote. [To be completely honest, I am...] And you think a crackdown wouldn't have the same result? maybe work better than dropping off minimum wage? As you pointed out, companies won't pay their employees shitty wages, but they still will do it to illegals. even you said it would happen with or without minimum wage, so therefore, dropping the minimum wage will not stop or even drop the illegals problem any more than a good crackdown could. Fair point. It's tough to know which could provide the superior outcome. The incentive is still there if all you do is a crackdown while keeping minimum wage in place. Would you support annual crackdowns? Is it better to punish the dog for drinking the toilet water, or to put the toilet seat down? So by slowing down the rate of inflation(which means goods are still going to rise) can lead to the drop of prices and not just slow the increase in prices? BWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!! Oh my god you are such a moron. You really have no clue as to what causes inflation, deflation, or even what disinflation is, don't you? Did you know that disinflation can also lead to deflation? (which is what i'm talking about). Seriously, learn about what causes inflation and deflation before you say such a stupid thing like this in the future. you're killing yourself here. Fail. In an economic sense, slowing down the increase of prices IS a drop in prices. If the cost of bread annually rises by 5 cents, but this year it only went up 2 cents, you just saved money. You now have 3 cents to apply to another purchase. Of course, the cost of bread is a very small example, but you get the picture. Disinflation, in most cases, is good for the consumer and for businesses because people can buy more shit than before. Deflation can be good for a while, but long term deflation is horrible. I never said people shouldn't be paid what they're actually worth, but to put things into perspective... Why are they not being paid by what they are actually worth now... There is a price floor on the cost of labor. I've already explained how it won't make the problem worse. You've been trying to argue how it will, and have failed miserably. Eliminating the minimum wage will allow standard market forces to be applied to the cost of labor. It will increase the employability of low skill workers, and eliminate a major barrier of entry into the workforce, increasing employment. No, the minimum wage does not protect low skilled workers. I've already explained it. If you can't refute that, you have no basis for claiming the minimum wage "helps the exact people it's there to protect." The minimum wage does NOT protect low skilled workers. Ahh yes, here is where your entire position falls apart like a poorly constructed LEGO megazord. If you don't put the minimum wage at a level above the inflation rate, how does it help anyone? Either the minimum wage will stay below the inflaton rate, effectively keeping wages the same while making it harder for low skilled workers to acquire jobs, or, the minimum wage is above the inflation rate and fucks everyone. Good luck trying to explain your way out of that conundrum. It doesn't need to be there if all it does is fuck shit up. It changes nothing for the people it's supposed to help, and fucks everyone else. Shit you missed: 1. Explain how the minimum wage protects consumerism. Explain why businesses would drive wages so low as to prohibit the consumption of the goods and services they produce - why it's rational for businesses to run themselves out of business. 2. How does the minimum wage benefit those who receive it? Remember, feel free to re-ask me anything of yours I failed to address.
  8. TF2 Tournament - Suggestions

    Suggestions: 4v4 KotH Viaduct 4v4 PL Goldrush
  9. Let's pretend that I am starting a new music collection.

    The Beatles - Sgt. Peppers Lonely Hearts Club Band [Rock] Michael Jackson - Thriller [Pop] A Tribe Called Quest - The Low End Theory [Hip-Hop] Miles Davis - Kind of Blue [Jazz] ? [Death/Metal] ? [Trance] My Bloody Valentine - Loveless [shoegaze] The Prodigy - The Fat of the Land [Electronica] Godspeed You! Black Emperor - Lift Your Skinny Fists... ? [Punk] That's the most accessible varied list I can think of.
  10. Minimum Wage

    @ DIN365 Actually, I never even mentioned GDP, but now that you mention it, lets take a look at it, shall we? China, a country with no minimum wage and is a huge exporter of goods, with a larger population and industry, has a lower GDP than the united states, Japan and the combined EU(which have minimum wages), but to really give you a real good kick in the teeth http://www.mapsofworld.com/world-top-ten/w...-exporters.html So by your logic, China should be doing much better than it is on the world market because it has no minimum wage. So lower GDP than the smaller japan and united states, less export dollars in spite of having a bigger industry Wow, trying to pull China out of your ass to argue that the elimination of a minimum wage in a capitalist system is ineffective. Your example in its entirety is complete bullshit, but you've actually proven me right. China had a strict Communist centrally planned economy until the 1980's. That is why their GDP is currently lower than ours - they haven't had a capitalist free market system in place for as long as we have. The fact that China's economy will outpace ours in the future is an unarguable eventuality. They've had the fastest growing economy in the world for the past 30 years. Your example fails in its assumption that China's economy has ALWAYS been the same as ours. Following the current trend, you'll see that China's GDP WILL be higher than ours in the future, it's just of matter of how long. They are still evolving and developing. LMAO! do you really believe that minimum wage is driving up inflation, and that minimum wage isn't just adjusted to keep up with inflation? Let's take a look a zimbabwe to illustrate this point. People were bringing home wheel barrows full of money not because they were absolutely rich, but because of hyperinflation. they were making tens and thousands of dollars because inflation pushed the value of money so low, that you could practically hand it out. You know what the funny part about this is? minimum wage had no part in it. it was their stupid president's fault for printing off money to the point of it being practically worthless. Yet again, you pull out the most extreme example you can think of to try and discredit me. It's practically impossible to calculate exactly how much the minimum wage affected Zimbabwe's economy because there were so many things to try and take into account. You haven't actually proven that the minimum wage didn't cause more inflation, you've just assumed so. The most economically logical assumption is that the minimum wage DID cause addition inflation and/or relieve workers of their jobs. I like how you're trying to change your tune to not agreeing with me before thinking you have an argument now. Sure, you were leading me on. Hilarious. How does that website refute my point? You haven't proven that "inflation would be the same regardless of minimum wage or not." The goal of business is to expand as much as possible. To expand, you need more workers. The hiring of more workers is difficult when you set artificial price floors on the cost of labor. It's price fixing. The only way the above would happen is if the dollar goes into deflation, which which the abolishment of minimum wage will not do. False, it can also happen via disinflation. When are you going to start proving what you say with logic rather than just saying something won't happen? Cool extreme case scenario bro. I didn't know that, do you want me to provide an alternative example? Wouldn't the WTO only have jurisdiction towards the international/imported price of lumber, not the domestic price? Please rephrase. So in other words, there is nothing to stop them to continue hiring illegals at reduced rates than a white american. I'm arguing that the hiring of illegal immigrants will be reduced, not completely eliminated. It's obvious some will remain. Roughly 10 million illegal immigrants work in the United States, if you reduce that by even 10%, 1 million new jobs open up. No. Already answered, but you are too busy nitpicking on the small things to see the big details. Then restate your position in a clear concise manner. It should be easy considering you've already said it. So in other words, the minimum wage actually protects consumerism, because some crooked businessman can't do that to their employees. What the fuck? Explain how the minimum wage protects consumerism. Explain why businesses would drive wages so low as to prohibit the consumption of the goods and services they produce - why it's rational for businesses to run themselves out of business. No, I get that quite well, seeing how I work out west where A&W grunts are making 12$ per hour, while elsewhere they're making minimum wage. If you understand that, why do you think people can't and shouldn't be paid what they're actually worth? According to you, it drives prosperity down by raising costs of everything. Yes, and you have failed to refute that argument. Unanswered Questions: 1. What is the goal of the minimum wage and who are you helping by supporting it? 2. If the minimum wage is so effective at bringing prosperity to the masses, why don't we just increase the minimum wage to $20/hr and stamp out poverty for good? 3. If you agree with the fact that it's "damned if you do and damned if you don't" what then is the point of supporting the minimum wage? Are you saying you support the minimum wage even though it changes nothing? Feel free to point out any questions you've asked that I haven't answered.
  11. TF2 Tournament - Suggestions

    I'd rape.
  12. yes

    white people rap: cage, pos, atmosphere, etc basically just look at lazerbeaks posts in favorite artists thread (for the most part) and i think youll get the idea black people rap: t.i., lil boosie, gucci mane etc then theres a few that i think you could fairly argue cross over such as kanye west and lupe fiasco. You're asking me to draw up my own generalizations as to what you believe "white people rap" is. If I were to do that, I'd just say the shit you like consists of mainstream low talent hacks and Lazerbeak prefers his rap music to have actual substance rather than be rehashed chronicles of a nigger. Obviously that's not what you want me to think. Can't you provide a definition for a label YOU created?
  13. yes

    Ryu, you have yet to set a criteria for what is and isn't "white people rap".
  14. Post a Pic of your Computer thread

    nut, your heatsink is backwards. You have it blowing hot air back towards the CD drive rather than out the back.