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  1. Studio Vs Cpt Crunch

    i didn't quit cause of All kiet, i quit cause YGO is boring and all i ever do is fuck around while playing it, and GKO is a terribad program and i won't play on it.
  2. Studio Vs Cpt Crunch

    No, it isn't. Shut the fuck up. Why not un-nuke Starwind in exchange for someone else? Do something, because this is really ridiculous. sorry i forgot some people on dgz are way too stupid to detect obvious sarcasm so for your sake pretend there is an /sarcasm in there.and rice you've asked me for my password so you can do shit too so i wouldn't bring up other people doing it. since everyone can't see eye to eye it boils down to spicer unable to use YVD (and possible not willing to) and 1 member of CC not willing to use GKO and the other not able. you have 3 options 1 let CC sub members in 2 sub spicer out 3 nuke both teams
  3. Studio Vs Cpt Crunch

    just nuke all 3 teams that are left and call the tourney a success, that's obviously the best option.
  4. Eyesametric

    i love the 2nd one, the colours work really well. your text is much better on these too. the effects on the eye in the 3rd one is cool but it's a little too....unaltered for my tastes. and i dun like the 1st one much none are bad by any means but the 2nd is hot. now that you're getting better my c&c will get a little harsher, so please don't take it as negative. it's how i c&c everyone. when they start i only point out the positive things they do and as they get better i start to point out things that need to improve.
  5. Studio Vs Cpt Crunch

    Actually there was a announcement about GKO for the whole board to see. everyone should have know it was coming and those who didn't read the announcement that was posted in every section of this board have no right to complain about it. As for spicer holding up the war that's where everyone is incorrect. He is in fact not, the people not willing/able to play on GKO are. Now with that said the rule that was posted (for those who didn't bother reading it) was that once GKO made its official release it was the only program usable for all wars/tournaments on DGz. The only exception to this is if both parties agree to use YVD. Again I point out Spicer is not in the wrong here, I do however sympathize for the members of Captain Crunch however. I agree that GKO is a complete shit program and lacks in almost every department. It's why I quit playing....the program sucks and it's all we're allowed to use.
  6. Studio Vs Cpt Crunch

    that will make it rather difficult to finish then...how did you manage to get banned already?
  7. i love this tag

    too saturated, no flow, bad text, too bright and the random lines are kinda bad the plus however is that is a sweet pic of spiderman....
  8. Studio Vs Cpt Crunch

    i hear that ryan spicer is a good ygo player i also edited the front page. quit fucking up my layouts =\
  9. Studio Vs Cpt Crunch

    erm, not that this will matter but there is absolutely no reason for starwind to be suspended unless it was over the "fuck brasic" thread. and if that's the case then it's still a lame reason. all other issues aside that have been raised for this round of the toc i don't see any need to do that. CC is pissed they got an unfavorable ruling and they vented. i'm pretty sure no one on studio gives a shit that they are trash talking us and the toc, it was returned and no ones worse off for it. suspensions and nukes aren't the answer. just let them replay or get a war council group vote on what to do. nuking both and suspending starwind doesn't solve the problem, it only makes it worse.
  10. drift skin

    since you want c&c i'll do my best. i like the Chinese lettering but i think it's over done. i would lessen them a little. the text is hard to read in the field boxes, i would redo it. and the only other thing is i would manip the tire a little so it doesn't look choppy. its probably the way the pic is to begin with but from a design standpoint it would look better if you smoothed out the inner part of it. this one is nice but i've seen you do better. still a nice piece.
  11. Dreamer

    BEE EYE GEE GEE WHY says: http://duelistgroundz.com/index.php?showtopic=59819 BEE EYE GEE GEE WHY says: and BEE EYE GEE GEE WHY says: http://duelistgroundz.com/index.php?showtopic=59635 kxb says: i'll look in a sec kxb says: her pic choice in the 2nd one is great. i've used it a few times. it's balanced well and i like the blending. the effect she used on the card slots works well. all i would suggest is sharpen up the girl to give it more of a focal point. people aren't sucking up, it's a rather good piece kxb says: i'll look at the first one now
  12. sorry i couldn't find any extra soft for you.
  13. Studio Vs Cpt Crunch

    onoes winds of fate doesn't like me. i think i'll go /wrists now, i have no reason to live anymore.
  14. Studio Vs Cpt Crunch

    blunt couldn't shark for logs cause they were sent in time. my math may be bad but sending logs in 5 min is less than or equal to sending logs in 5 min or less....which is the war rule. now i'm not sure how math works where you are but doesn't 5 min = 5 min?no ones made a ruling on the thread yet so how do you know what the outcome is? you're being assumptive. also from the screen shots you can't say what the outcome would have been. matts hand is good and so is starwinds. how about you all chill the fuck out and wait till they decide then start crying if you don't get your way. ygo is serious business, and thats sad