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  1. Monarch - Deck Discussion

    I wonder how many times players have missed this   This is very important.   KNOW YOUR RESTRICTIONS!   thats one of the reasons the deck is so hard to play in the first place. easy to forget restrictions when thinking out your lines.
  2. Monarch - Deck Discussion

    Also, If they were to somehow make harbinger set backrow 90% of their games, then i might reconsider that proposition of maining a little for second and choosing first. But i have sampled out this deck over 1000 hands, which gives me a good idea of how well it draws. It bricked 12% or so going first and only 1-2% going second. the extra card makes a huge difference in terms of consistency, so i wanted to maximize on that completely. I do however, choose to go first games 2 and 3 against most matchups (outside of mirror).
  3. Monarch - Deck Discussion

    Going second is still definitely right, because most of the time you won't be playing vs pendulums at all. I think only in a fraction of your games do you actually play against a t1 Harbinger..   ...aside from late stages in a tourney that is. So lets assume we're playing late rounds in a YCS or even top cut at ARG, where you can expect to play an above average number of pendulum match-ups.   -if they are making 38 plus setting scolding, Then I am probably going to lose that game. But its really hard for them to have that setup to begin with. They have to hard draw scolding and be able to go off with 5 cards. you could argue that they could draw into the scolding, but they could also resolve ariedne and have to set scolding with a strike/warning, leaving themselves vulnerable to twin twister.   -Harbinger + 2 strike is not as bad because again its very easy to bait the harbinger itself. sometimes you have to throw out a reasoning for them to negate, but twin twister is the great equalizer and resolving that card means you win. you also have return to play around strikes here so you can bait the harbinger with twin and follow-up with a return play.'   -Harbinger by itself is a non-issue, because of how easy it is to bait with something like stormforth.    Its a card that has leveled the playing field a bit in terms of the matchup, sure. I don't think Harbinger by itself is auto-win, its very easy to bait the card when you run 24+ spells. That is not always the case and you will lose a certain number of games to it regardless. mostly because you can't beat that plus the pendulum follow-up. the card Itself is not very hard to beat at all, with cards like stormforth and Erebus. generally speaking we still have twin twister to equalize as well. but my point is that I will still rebound a certain % of the time.   don't be mistaken, I still think facing harbinger + backrow is mostly a losing proposition, i wouldnt say its something as drastic as 90:10 like people make it out to be. I'd say its closer to 60/40 or even 55/45, and ill take that all day every day because i know how hard it is for that deck to do. I'd argue with these numbers, if they were able to make harbinger 50% of the time and you won every other game they didnt open it then you would have an overall winrate o/ aroundf 70% against the deck.   This only applies to game 1 of course.   EDIT: These are only example numbers, not factual. Only from what i've experienced, take that fwiw.
  4. Monarch - Deck Discussion

      After a few games, Monarch is pretty easy to play. Doesn't matter what version it is really. Pendulum is much harder. When you open an awkward hand with Monarchs, you either pass or do what you can. Pendulum is much more complicated in what you XYZ into, what you search, what you choose to play around, etc. I play Monarchs too but I'm not going to pretend its super skill intensive or anything. It's really not.   How does Eidos brick your hand anymore than Quantum Red Layer does? Barring Effect Veiler, they're the same card. Red can make Durendal to mulligan your hand, but if we're going to ignore Effect Veiler then Edea/Eidos is much stronger. Idk how you can deal with drawing Blue Layer. That's honestly so terrible that it makes the engine shit all on its own.   You're also never going to "juice" off Kuraz. They're either calling blind and calling 8 so your Kuraz will pop itself and just draw 1, or they'll know you're playing Monarchs and call 6. Red and Blue throwing off ratios doesn't matter because your opponent should always be calling 8 or 6. You'd be hitting Edea, Eidos, or Mithra all the same.   Hitting Erebus really isn't that great, btw.   I also don't agree with 1 Ehther, it's the best card in the deck, but to each his own I guess.     1) Ii would agree that after a few games, standard domain monarch is really easy to play. you have 1 general strategy and that is to setup a domain lock as soon as possible, generally by resolving pantheism a few times a turn etc and then tribute summoning a bunch of big dudes (1 or 2). You break fields with stormforth erebus going second but you want to go first, period. I completely agree that it is basic and easy to play. If you took the time to play xyz variant, its more like a toolbox deck in that it can do multiple different things a turn, to counter or play around or exploit an opponents strategy. It has stormfroth erebus to clear a board, but it also has scarlight, magnaliger, adreus, etc.  The things you mentioned with pendulum are the same when applied to xyz monarch deck, except xyz monarch is more consistent with less bricky/awkward hands.   heck the main reason i play this deck is because the average hand is just better than the average hand of any other deck.   2) Eidos is not so comparable to red layer simply because it has no utlity outside of being tribute fodder. its only other effect is to Banish from grave? that would imply youve already gone off. Generally speaking you can xyz with red layer, with magnaliger alone its essentially a trapezeze + trick clown (dante cir?). There is simply more utlity with red layer, which also doesnt take up your normal summon and every other deck besides mirror is playing strike/warning/counters in general. Having your normal summon stopped can shut down your entire turn sometimes, so there is much less risk involved. Drawing blue layer happens 15% of the time. Sure you have a -1 when you draw it, but you can still etele it out of your hand when necessary. It is also perfect discard fodder for the 3 twin twisters I play, but outside of that sure it is horrible to draw. I think of it as Garnet with brilliant, sure it sucks to draw but my deck is better because i can use Etele.   3) your juice from kuraz is basically in combination with other cards. generally its chicken game f/u (which they should be calling 6 against, so lets go a step further and not include that), but blue layer you teleport out, or prime you summon in anticipation. If you activate reasoning as your very first card turn 1, then yeah you won't see much value in hitting Kuraz, but a common play is to set cards before activating reasoning in anticipation of the kuraz being hit. if you summon kuraz and pop an extra return etc its juice. squires are great to hit from reasoning, absolutely. But they lead to mismatched hands, in any combination. I honestly have tested everything from 3-3 to 1-0 and honestly the smaller the better. I just hate drawing squires in general because they are only good when you have a big monarch. Even reasoning into them when you have nothing to tribute for is terrible. At least if you reasoning into blue layer you search your tribute monster, or if you reasoning into red layer you may have an xyz play. It all comes down to utility.   Hitting erebus is mostly good because it helps you make harbinger, or otk (when summoned), but if they call 8 and you mill erebus then its just like having erebus in hand most of the time. Its almost like a rota in a way. Which leads me to my final point.    1 Ehther. Yes, one of the best cards in deck. Best card? nah. It's highly searchable, which i think is the best thing about it. It is always my number 1 search target from return. But whmen you take reasoning into consideration, and the numbers they call being 6/8 always, then you have the worst possible card when they call it right. What i mean by that is if they call 8 and you hit ehther, its super flacccid. If they call 6 and you summon ehther, you feel pretty bad too (because you can't tribute it and get value from it in grave) so you want to reduce the chance of this happening.  I can understand why you wouldnt agree with this, and that you think the best card in the deck is ehther. These are the thoughts from a domain player, who's strategy is to gun for ehther and have backup ehthers to ensure domain remains f/u etc.    This deck does not rely on these strategies. The best card in the deck is 100% erebus, next to stormforth, prime, and pantheism. These cards are the reason i play this deck, not ehther. I choose to go 2nd, so my plan is to break boards. Ehther is my protection on my opponents follow-up turn, and a way to get a 2nd prime to graveyard generally so by my 2nd turn i can start putting up my xyz train, as well as summoning erebus again etc.  also a big part here that i think was overlooked was the fact that erebus recycles ehther, and that most of the time i summon kuraz im using it to pop my ehther, so that i can erebus ehther and summon it again on that same turn. 
  5. Monarch - Deck Discussion

    That's completely wrong actually. Reasoning milling pantheism and prime is obviously the bread and butter. The card single handedly gets you out of the early game where this deck struggles. Who cares if you mill copies of stormforth or whatever, you have pantheism and tenacity to search what you need after drawing cards. The purpose is to fuel multiple primes so you can xyz every turn. You also plus heavily on the card by milling juice and hitting Kuraz. It gives you more monsters to Summon which allows you to Summon level 8 monarchs much easier. Reasoning itself can fuel a big Monarch summon by milling prime and summoning a monster. What reasoning requires is specific ratios. It requires a low monster count. You also have to consider what you'll be summoning, hitting Ehther is the worst obviously. But hitting Erebus is great, whether they call 8 or not. So you'll obviously want to use more Erebus in a reasoning focused build. Then using 3 Kuraz because it's a nutty engine card which extends your plays. You just need to round it out with a few more monsters and youre set. I used super quantums because etele and return got your engine going so consistently, but they also throw the level off from reasoning. Not to mention they'll get their effects from reasoning. Milling prime and hitting red is a free xyz, etc. We chose not to use squires because they cause a lot of mismatched hands, eidos bricks your hands etc. Tbh the games don't last long enough where you'll need to resolve edea, and milling 3 of something like stormforth is so rare that you don't need to recycle in a huge majority of games. The point is if you just threw reasoning into your deck you probably wouldn't have great results with it. It is a very tricky card to build a deck around, but if you are successful it turns it into a low risk high reward, amazing engine card. Its definitely one of the best cards in my deck. Now piloting my deck is a whole different story.I honestly think it's (in some form) the best deck in the game, tcg side. The problem is that it's very skill intensive to play, let's just say it's not very rewarding when you misplay. It's much easier to pend 5 and call it a day.
  6. Monarch - Deck Discussion

    I'm actually inclined to say it would be wrong to play the ratios I played at Vegas purely because people are inclined to call 6 more often when they know what you're playing. Id recommend adding a few monsters to throw off the count. As long as you don't play more than say 12 monsters you should get value out of reasoning enough of the time. The lower monster count the better, but you also want to be unpredictable. Im sure there is a happy medium yet to be reached.
  7. Monarch - Deck Discussion

    Don't worry about the late game by playing an extra deck ;)
  8. Monarch - Deck Discussion

    I honestly don't think you should respect that deck. Fog blade is terrible. The deck is terrible. Only good at stalling the inevitable.
  9. Monarch - Deck Discussion

    Made top 32 of ycs Vegas with a rather unconventional list. Check it out!    
  10. YCS Atlanta 2016

    he's a former world champ, iirc.
  11. I would like to point out that the most important plays are when you make R4s outside of your pendulum Summon. You want to focus on making R4s outside of the ps because the ps is the bread and butter, the rftdd if you will. As long as you focus your deck building on doing exactly that, you'll find out exactly why this deck is the best.
  12. Your statement about abductor in that its effect rarely goes off is wrong and should be edited. The deck was built to supplement ratios that make abductor the card it is. It goes off quite frequently. Also, we included wonder wand to increase the spell count aND to combo with clowns and basically sacred sword. Mst is essential as a combo piece more than anything. Yes it will out problem cards, but the fact that it pops plush for no minus and is another sorrel for abductor makes it an auto inclusion. Lastly, maxx c is the real deal and is the second most important card in the mirror. This is all pre-structure of course. I call this stage 1 pepe. Stage 2 is post magician, and stage 3 would be post bosh "final form".
  13. Qliphort - Discussion

    Mind crush is a blowout against nekroz, but it's very lackluster in comparison to other traps that have higher utility across the board.
  14. Nekroz - Discussion

    That's the window to activate GO&SR. I think he was just pointing out go&sr applications in the qli matchup.
  15. Is this going to be draft in top 16?