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  1. What Anime Are You Watching Right Now?

    Just finished Psycho-Pass. Loved it. Granted, I have not begun the search for Psycho-pass 2 yet.
  2. What song are you listening to now?

  3. Ask about my whore mother.

    Well, she just dropped my brother and I off and is now out and about with my mother, so I would assume the game is good.
  4. Ask about my whore mother.

    No, but we can just kill her afterwards. Ill help you bury the body. Edit: @thrasher
  5. Ask about my whore mother.

    Bazoo she's pretty good. Shes got her fucking hand on me right now (on the phone) and I actually want to punch her in the fucking nose. But.... oh well. Wilson, I wouldnt know. Not into incest. Anything, yeah, she lies. Its cool. Trying not to give a fuck. You can do that for me. Oh boosh;) go shit on a bible. Loljk fuck that shit. That books way too long.
  6. Ask about my whore mother.

    Family owned brothel? Brings in about 100k a year.
  7. Ask about my whore mother.

    Have my sister though, looks like she's following her mother's lead
  8. Ask about my whore mother.

    I hope that fuck she fucked was too.
  9. Ask about my whore mother.

    This reads, My brother, my sister, my mother, and myself. You all decide.
  10. Ask about my whore mother.

    No, just cheated on my dad. Was fucking around and now I don't really give a fuck about her.   Oh. fuck. my. sides.
  11. Ask about my whore mother.

    Hey DGZ, I've been gone for a while in light of recent events circling around depression and rough family situations. I don't want to come across as if I'm trying to throw a pity party, but if you'd like to know more about things you may not have had to deal with, or if you have a similar thing going on and want a new perspective...   ... Ask me anything.
  12. Hi

      Hey, at least you can admit it. Some people never grow up, and that's just hard to watch. Welcome! and I hope you like it here.
  13. Pokemon XY Friend Code/Trade Request

    Sorry I'm late to the party, but my FRIEND CODE is: 1461-7486-1420 and my pokemon for the FRIEND ZONE are: Lampent, Phantump, and Spiritomb   I'll be adding everyone, but deleting those that don't add me with in a few weeks (waste of space etc.)
  14. AMA Started Drinking Yesterday, didnt stop

    How are we going to persuade our friends to go to clubs? How will we find pussy? Will I find ganja? When will you be here?
  15. Star Wars Mafia - Day 4

      why me Honestly? Cause I'm noided by the way you post. My suspicions are usually just that: Suspicions, and generally have to background to them apart from me trying to cover my ass (irl as well). As for something to make this post worthwhile, you easily changed your vote from biki to gaia for what seems like nothing. someone said vote gaia and suddenly you're there like you'd been waiting for it ["finally"]. But again, mainly cause i get noided as fuck in these games.