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  1. The Flash

    I fell asleep in the middle of it.
  2. Hi

  3. The Flash

    I have no hopes honestly. I think Nora is fucking adorable and it's about the only reason I'm still DVRing lol.
  4. Hi

    I know it's super dead but I'll be popping in here and there. Work computer has discord blocked but I can get here and be less bored at work sometimes. "You can check out any time you like but you can never leave."
  5. The Flash

    They did name drop next season's big bad but it brings a whole slew of new questions because I hate this show and will watch it all the way to the end out of frustration. Iris is still the worst actor I've ever seen outside of a power rangers villain.
  6. The Anime Masterpieces Thread

    Yeah I hate the overly cartoony faces but the dialogue has it's shining moments. Red XIII.......
  7. The Anime Masterpieces Thread

    I avoided it for so long, ate an edible, marathoned everything TFS did, and haven't looked back. Machinabridged isn't terrible either.
  8. The Anime Masterpieces Thread

    That's what it felt like in the 1st few episodes but I was willing to chalk it up to it being a low budget start.
  9. The Anime Masterpieces Thread

    I love DB abridged and the final part of the last episode is probably going to make me cry so I need to give SAO a try. Also fucking Hellsing Ultimate Abridged Finale coming soon omfg. I still haven't done ygo abridged though.
  10. The Anime Masterpieces Thread

    We tried this with one piece.
  11. Banjo-Kazooie

    I 100% Kaz and Tooie every few years. So much fun. DK64 scarred me as in order to beat the game and get the Rare coin or whatever you have to beat the MUCH MUCH MUCH MUCDHSIVUSVCH harder version of the original DK game and I can't fucking do it.
  12. Pokemon GO

    free where????
  13. Pokemon GO

    Ah. That's cool. I'm so far behind on all of it. I stopped out of frustration right when gen 3 came out. All I was missing was a sunflora for complete gen 1 AND 2 dex. After countless weeks of spinning, no sun stone.
  14. Pokemon GO

    Sure don't.