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  1. What Anime Are You Watching Right Now?

    Agreed. Amazing at building up those stressful or high tension moments.
  2. Anyone playing Pokémon Sword/Shield

    Yeah It took almost no time to breed near perfect IVs once the 5* Ditto raids popped up. I have 2 dittos with 5 'Best' IVs so with them and a destiny knot or Power item, I'm maybe hatching 5 eggs to get what I need. Most of the time if I can get it down to a 1 Bottle Cap range, I'm good. Right now I have Dragapult @ Expert Belt (for lack of better item honestly... everything else I'd want on here is being used or is choice scarf and I don't want that move lock) EVs: 252 ATK/SPE 4 DEF Infiltrator Jolly Dragon Darts Phantom Force Steel Wing U-Turn Corviknight (Non G-Max) @ Leftovers EVs: 252 HP/DEF 4 ATK Pressure Impish Body Press Iron Def Roost Excadrill @ Focas Sash EVs: 252 ATK/SPE 4 HP Sand Rush (Probably changing to Mold Breaker soon) Jolly Earthquake Rock Slide Swords Dance Rotom Wash @ Choice Specs EVs: 252 SPE/SPC Levitate Modest Thunderbolt Hydro Pump Shadow Ball Volt Switch Mimikyu @ Life Orb EVs: 252 SPE/ATK 4 HP Disguise Jolly Swords Dance Shadow Sneak Shadow Claw Play Rough Tyranitar @ Weakness Policy EVs: 252 HP/ATK 4 DEF Sand Stream Adamant Earthquake Stone Edge Crunch Fire Punch Alternates: Gyarados @ Lum Berry (I think... been a sec) EVs: 252 ATK/SPE Moxie Jolly Bounce Waterfall Dragon Dance Earthquake/Power Whip (Go between these two because I can't make up my mind) Snorlax @ One of the berries... I forget which one. EVs: 252 HP/DEF 4 ATK Gluttony Impish Belly Drum Fire Punch Recycle Earthquake Might get into making Doubles soon. Even less experience with that since I'm not entirely sure which moves hit all or just them or however that all works. The strats are way deeper I feel and I'd need to learn a lot more.
  3. What Anime Are You Watching Right Now?

    I........ started the jojo's.
  4. What Anime Are You Watching Right Now?

    little column a little column b yeah?
  5. What Anime Are You Watching Right Now?

    Hearing Overly Cautious Hero is a good isekai.
  6. What games are you currently playing?

    Rumors hit about FFX-3.......... am I going to have to actually finish X-2 now? Ugh.
  7. Anime/Manga Recommendations

    ONE PAAAAAAAAAAAAANCH should be on that list too.
  8. what are you doing with your life in 2020

    Doing more open mics and expanding my comedy footprint and hopefully transferring to a branch of my bank that allows 1 of 3 things: Better hours Pay raise Promotion Due for one of the three in March.
  9. who the fuck is this kid

    Marzy <3
  10. What Anime Are You Watching Right Now?

    I hold Ippo at the standard and this has better art, directing, and so much faster passed action. Episodes might drag at points but it's so good.
  11. I need someone to watch letterkenny and tell me how well they use the lingo. Someone "Canadian" was telling me it's trash because no one uses it that much.
  12. DG Roast

    TO THIS DAY... NOT A SINGLE ONE OF YOU UNDERSTANDS ROASTING. Call outs =/= roasting christ
  13. What Anime Are You Watching Right Now?

    So i just discovered haikyuuuuuuuuuuuuuu or however many U's it needs but goddamn.
  14. Anyone playing Pokémon Sword/Shield

    Trying to get into the competitive scene and the grind has been cut so short, I can work two jobs and get a decent/near perfect squad going. I just need to learn a bit more about EVs and strats but the only thing keeping me away from the games before was the grind to get perfect IVs/natures/abilities and they wiped it away with raids, mints, ability caps, and hyper training. Thrilled.