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  1. Bunch of my friends party dnd and I just never got into it. Keep telling them to call me when they're gonna play so I can sit in and see if it's something I wanna do. They apparently have a fallout version going.
  2. So I was mistaken. I thought I was being challenged on my unemployment and was initially denied. I was only denied for the backpay. I didn't apply for a month just in case I caught something in between and didn't have to. So when I appealed, I was fighting that and even accidentally worded it so that it all still made sense. On top of that my tax return is bigger than it has been in the past few years. So I have a bout 6 grand coming to me AND get to keep my weekly benefits. I'm going to be ok.
  3. So many new questions but this chapter was massive.
  4. I thought for the longest time you were an asian that lived in canada and this whole time you lived feet from me.
  5. I'm...... so sorry.
  6. I've also gone by Crash and Motherfucker on here and went to regionals/jumps/ycs's with "Hi my name is" stickers with those names on them.
  7. I DO *sobs uncontrollably*
  8. Here's some of the cringiest shit you'll ever read.
  10. http://kissmanga.com/Manga/Bleach/Chapter-215?id=280497 I tried soooooo hard in 2007
  11. Damn you caught me.
  12. Jokes on you... I am black.
  13. I don't want anyone knowing I was named after a chapter of bleach thank you very much.
  14. I was ignoring it and talking about the app addiction hoping to find another lost soul to confide in.