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  1. She doesn't like it. No logical reasoning found.
  2. Same. Shark week followed by the flu. She was under an angry quarantine.
  3. Every other series had a theme too and this one missed that Mark even though it was right in their face. Daredevil - classic legal (law and order etc) Jessica Jones - classic PI (dick Tracy etc) Luke Cage - classic blaction hero (shaft Mr t etc) Iron Fist - really could've been ten times more of a call back to Xiao lin style for movies like crouching tiger.
  4. I don't like Jones one bit and I'm not sure if it's his fault but the fight choreography dropped leagues below the rest.
  5. We don't rate but fixes can be provided if you expand on your ideas. What are your goals in each match up? Why are your card ratios the way they are or why are you using certain cards that may look out of the norm? Etc. Go into detail so we understand and can guide better.
  6. I just wanted to make a bet joke and that was the best I could come up with
  7. I bet they knew.
  8. ^meh Stand up comedy... The way most people talk about music.
  9. My hometown is in two legendary shows. Amazing.
  10. Yeah but when I leave the page, the post is fine.
  11. What happened to foolist to make him revert?
  12. Only had headband... need to keep an ear out for the rest