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  1. The whole gym system needs a revamp. Taking this long to realize how to fix that along with not releasing 1v1 is really killing this game.
  2. Welp, I was half right.
  3. The line about the statue of liberty was gold.
  4. I've conditioned myself to go into anything Xmen related involving Hugh Jackman with very low hopes. This trailer didn't really do it for me outside of the obvious R rated material. So I'm right where I should be.
  5. Which makes me wish the entire crew was there. Not a fan of half and half stuff but I get why they have to do it.
  6. You are out of your fucking mind.
  7. That's my feeling too. The running joke is literally "You can never trust a politician." and yet everyone's shocked when unethical things are done. At the same time you're saying you'd be able to trust Trump to be more trustworthy? Is that supposed to be a funnier joke?
  8. I'd love to see those screenshots.
  9. Literally nothing to do with the point I was making.
  10. Not trying to call you or anyone specifically but it all just seems a little ungrateful for a free program... especially after he said he was already working on the thing you're all complaining about.
  11. I'd honestly ease up on the guy trying to make American DN ygopro great again. It'll get there.
  12. New branch I was transferred to is so big, I just walk around with the app open in my pocket and collect candies/hatch eggs. I hatched all of my eggs already in 1 day (at least 2.8K) and it's only 2:30.
  13. I know it's probably not remotely close to something the developers should care about but having no ranked within pro itself would mean so much traffic for these boards and all owners should probably advocate for it.
  14. They can if something the candidate said instigated the action (treating muslims and mexicans differently and wrongly because they were negatively portrayed by trump or trump supporters seen as stupid, trashy, etc because Clinton called them deplorable). "Should" is the key word in that first sentence.