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  1. Since when is Peter Parker Barry Allen?
  2. Ugh who in their right or wrong mind wants multiple tangelas? Egg luck = suck
  3. But I've caught other Pokemon just like it and there were no curves. Only great balls give me this problem. When I try to adjust and throw the curve, it goes straight off top the side.
  4. Anyone else having problems with throwing something other than pokeballs? I just wasted about ten great balls because no matter how straight I swipe forward, it curves.
  5. He probably writes this stuff thinking it's shocking us every time he aizen's us.
  6. I did force quit. Just to make sure. Should've waited longer. So annoyed.
  7. So just did that fucking "nickname your eevee to determine the eevolution" bullshit. Nicknamed it Rainer for the Vaporeon based on everyone's advice. Got a Flareon. Thanks Obama.
  8. Ok so I have one of each eevee already so strictly for gym purposes I gained enough candy to evolve another eevee and I'm torn between a vaporeon and Jolteon. Vaporeon: 1002CP 127HP Water Gun/Water Pulse Jolteon: 945CP 72HP Thundershock/Discharge Which should I try to upgrade?
  9. I never said you were mad or going through extensive effort to prove your point (it's a debate topic so who wouldn't welcome that). Don't know where that comes from but thanks for clearly reading and interpreting my posts correctly and laughing at me over interrupting things correctly. Only thing I attacked was your immediate need to play the "liberals are retarded and beneath me so let's talk down to them." character. I'm still not convinced you aren't trolling. Anyway, you're literally defending the equivalent of someone taking a speech offline, right clicking for synonyms, and saying it's a different speech.
  10. That's quite the reaction and interpretation of and over two sentences. I get you're passionate about your bigotcheeto overlord but your kneejerk "liberals are stupid and should be talked down too constantly" reaction is so amazingly fitting that I applaud your commitment to the character. Never said she stole the whole speech. I implied she stole a few giant chunks. The link you provided had a video that clearly shows that. Idk what leg you have to stand on honestly. Platitudes are one thing (which are usually worded differently from speech to speech) but the wording is exact. How can you deny that? At all? I think the reason this is even news at all is because Trump has done nothing but give the Obama's every move since before his presidency even began. So for her to turn around and use anything from Michelle's speak is almost hypocritical. Also if you're trying to point out that same video that's floating around with Deval Patrick's speeches among others, Obama expressed intentions and had permission on all of those before he used them.
  11. Funny how the word similar means exact wording to you.
  12. He was right about immigrants stealing stuff too.
  13. Someone caught an ivysaur in my house that I couldn't find. How dare him.
  14. I'm just playing to beat my friends who are stealing gyms. New Jersey has a massive debate on the term used for pork roll/Taylor ham. I'm for a different area originally so I'm always completely out numbered with that so I stole a gym and named my vaporeon Taylor ham. The rage texts that ensued. That's the point of the game for me lol.
  15. 1400+