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  1. High 90s on rotten tomato.
  2. I don't play anymore and this confuses and excites me. Do explain.
  3. Holy rage filled horror. I spent a bunch of time checking IVs and matching the "best moveset" from a list I found online and now they're all different and nerfed so all the time was a complete waste. ghreliuvnsefdxuighnbersldfgvnsedfugbhvjsneldf,
  4. Went to download a 3rd party app and it didn't install correctly. Now every time I unlock my screen or open certain apps, a pop up or fake virus garbage keeps opening. Malware scans do nothing and I can't find the source despite deleting the original files. Suggestions?
  5. anyone getting the evo items? I'm looping around some blocks and getting about 50 items per loop and still nothing. Also feels like stops recharge faster but Idk if that's true.
  6. When you fall asleep watching reruns and watch up to everyone waiting for you to start the next episode:
  7. lol everywhere
  8. http://wwg.com/2017/02/17/pokemon-go-what-gen-2-pokemon-is-region-exclusive-/
  9. Don't make me regret things please.
  10. Yeah this was the only one that wasn't a quote. While markus can easily shut the fuck up about warns if they are deserved, this was all just a bad troll. again, buck can fuck off
  11. You are literally being trolled by a few tv quotes. The warn was unnecessary and I'll probably remove it off mobile later. This isn't an insult to your character or meant to undermine. Just a big misunderstanding that went rogue because of the content of the quotes. idc about buckwheat tho
  12. Sitting on my couch in fresh pajama pants. Fuzzy style so the static is real. Throw a blanket on top and leg hair makes it feel like I'm constantly being crawled on by several bugs. Finally had an itch too annoying to scratch so I dig into the pants and find this... on the back of my thigh, half way to my ass. What the actual fuck is it?
  13. Please pay attention to where you're posting things. This is a deck garage and we have an entire Duel Links thread in the appropriate forum.