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  1. Daily but I'm not going out exploring like I used to.
  2. Amazing how they keep using the same formula over and over but I keep wanting to read more of it.
  3. nevermind It works. You block the attack then dump after dmg calc. That's awesome.
  4. Hey so would nox summoning from the hand count as a gladiator beast effect or is it an inherent summon? Triggering itself would be ridiculous but there's a lot of things happening at once like forcing the move to damage calc so I doubt it'd work regardless.
  5. Nox can kind of just end a battle phase assuming nothing kills it before the tag. It being 5 for editor and setting up darius is neat. I stopped reading the first after I saw Augustus.
  6. Oh and my own drop is now 3 Dragon scales, 2 upgrades, 2 metal coats. The game might actually hate me Idk.
  7. I haven't seen a single high iv Rhyhorn in my entire gameplay even with this event. Saw one larv and it ran.
  8. What's the other cards? In not on the up and up clearly.
  9. Great disappointment.
  10. Doing this from Explorer and holy hell this is torture. My internet is fully connected. This is a chrome only problem as everything else is working fine. un/reinstall did nothing. Help plox.
  11. thatsthejoke.jpg in case it was just out of confusion, winter is being outed as 100000x more mental and pedo-y than buckwheat.
  12. Not going to make this some long drawn out thing but this site definitely shaped my young adult life and broke me out of the world's biggest naive bubble so after ten years I'd just like to say thank you dg.
  13. Time. Travel. Is. Fucking. Horrendous.
  14. Serious answers only: what is the plural of math?