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  1. Please give me the trade function. I have 11 Tauros and 4 Tangelas.
  2. Yeah my 2ks are garbo. Maybe 1 out of 20 I'll get a karp or a starter. 10ks have gotten me more repeats than anything else.
  3. I almost want 5ks more than 10Ks now. I keep getting garbo in them and the odds are extremely against me. 5K's at least I can get a ton of candy and evolve things I need.
  4. Wishing Trump would apologize lol. You really are delusional. Have you seen <insert every interview ever>?
  5. That was embarrassing.
  6. The guy who cheated on wife 1 with wife 2 and cheated on wife 2 with wife 3 is making fun of his opponent for having a husband who cheated. Huh...
  7. We don't spoonfeed adults. It's part of growing up. We'll advise and guide the best we can but you have to at least put up an effort. I'm done with this topic. Go back and re-read things and learn.
  8. So you can only take advice if it's directed at you specifically?
  9. We did that in the exact thread he's talking about.
  10. Except no one forced you. You just ignored all advice lol.
  11. Yes but I didn't do it by bumping a long since dead thread to make a terrible joke. There's trolling but at least be funny.
  12. Did you just necro your own thread to complain?
  13. You're so very tryhard and when people tell you not to do something, you come back with utter nonsense in an attempt to explain yourself when no one cares. We just want you to do what you're fucking told: Lurk and learn before bitching about neg and misunderstanding internet sarcasm becomes your fucking life style. You are literally the murderer of most jokes on this board recently and it's the most annoying thing.
  14. I cannot stand you and want you to stop posting for a long time.
  15. Your Political Compass Economic Left/Right: -5.13 Social Libertarian/Authoritarian: -5.18