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  1. What games are you currently playing?

    Replaying KH1 and 2 on my ps2. Seeing if I can 100% both before 3 comes out. Race is on.
  2. Turn A Video Game Into A Film

    Sounds like it'd go the way of the WoW movie. Also, it's not Mario kart. L2rules.
  3. Nintendo Switch (new console)

    I want Banjo Kazooie to be a character more than the internet wants Waluigi.
  4. Deadpool 2

    Saw it over the weekend. I liked it a lot. I don't think I liked it as much as the first but I might need another watch to give it the credit it needs. Also was there a credits seen at the very end of the credits? Was forced to leave before then.
  5. Favorite Anime

    Thought that's what it was but couldn't care enough to make an effort.
  6. Favorite Anime

    There are some subtle differences even then. The importance of the pink haired girl (her name escapes me), tuckers fate, etc.
  7. Help with Blue Eyes deck

  8. Deadpool 2

    10000000000000% agreed.
  9. Favorite Anime

    Please tear apart the movie in a way that I can bring to arguments with friends because right now "It's so fucking dumb." is all I can muster up calmly before I'm not allowed to give an opinion on anime in their discussions.
  10. Hajime No Ippo

    It's over man. It's over.
  11. The Flash

    I keep trying and falling asleep in the middle of the eps.
  12. N64 Olympics

    I have an N64 and constantly battle it out with friends who talk the most trash. Trying to set up a marathon game to crown a champion. Feel like there are some glaring misses from the list below but what games should be included here? Smash Party 2 Kart Poke Stadium Minigames Tennis Goldeneye Reserves but not really good multiplayer: Diddy Kong Racing.
  13. Avengers: Infinity War

    If you are friends with Sater on FB, avoid like the plague. God Thanos Tier spoiler status.
  14. N64 Olympics

    first to sub 15 min leggo.
  15. N64 Olympics

    Did not know that this was multiplayer.
  16. N64 Olympics

    I vaguely remember a racing game that had a side part where you just fling a car into traffic and the winner is the highest dollar amount in damage. Was that 64 or am I old and my childhood is blending together?
  17. Turn A Video Game Into A Film

    No. The rules have changed.
  18. N64 Olympics

    Just picked up THPS for just over $10 so I'm content for now.
  19. N64 Olympics

    Looked up Worms on Amazon. USED ONES are going for over $175. Is this a joke?
  20. N64 Olympics

    THPS and Worms are on the top of the list. Amazon buys hooooooooooooooo.
  21. What was the last film you watched?

    Moonrise was great ignoring the creepy kids touching on camera thing. Fox was probably next on the list.
  22. N64 Olympics

    Not enough of them know about the actual pokemon games so we stick to the minigames. Idk any of those.
  23. Turn A Video Game Into A Film

    Mario Kart shot like The Fast and the Furious.
  24. N64 Olympics

    THPS I forgot about Diddy is great but multiplayer is very...... lackluster and repetitive. WORMS HOLY FUCK.
  25. Unless my phone is completely off, it will not charge. Wireless or otherwise, airplane mode on or off, the battery is draining. The phone feels hotter than normal so it might be something running in the background. I can't figure it out. Uninstalled most recent apps that aren't really needed. Cleared cache for space. Wireless charges faster so something might be wrong with the port but even then, wireless still drains out after some time. Any suggestions or glaring problems I missed/didn't check?