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  1. DG Fantasy Football 2019

    Heyyo. I will try to return this year. I will be more mindful about checking DGz. Start of the school year is hectic for me though - so it might slip my mind.
  2. The Official DG 2018 Fantasy Football Thread

    Sorry about that. Since I stopped playing YGO, I haven't been on here/YGO FB much. My bad.
  3. The Official DG 2018 Fantasy Football Thread

    In. thebaseballking23@Yahoo.com
  4. Duel Links News - Whats Next

    I think Hey, Trunade made a TON of older cards obsolete (Floodgate, Wall, etc). You can just build one of the Trunade decks. I'm winning 90%+ of games with Trunade Cyber Angels. Granted building that deck was annoying, but other no trap decks (ex. Sylvans) exist.
  5. The Official 2017 DG Fantasy Football Thread

    Good run there with Gurley at the end. Well deserved. Really the draft pick of the year in MANY leagues. I dodged the Gurley bullet in my other league. Guy that had him lost by ONE yard in the quarters. I dodged that bullet - and was able to reach the finals and split. Couldn't dodge Gurley twice though. Anyway, congrats and well fought!
  6. ACP's Goat Manifesto, ed. MMF

    Speaking of this card - I have a sick Stein deck.
  7. ACP's Goat Manifesto, ed. MMF

    Damn - no love for the best deck. Bazoo is mad.
  8. The Official 2017 DG Fantasy Football Thread

    I'd drop my whole bench to add kickers right now if this was not being split lol.
  9. The Official 2017 DG Fantasy Football Thread

    Sure thing. 100 each is fine. I am not defending the TY pick. He was the 5th best PPR WR last year - so assuming Luck was coming back, it isn't as crazy as you might think. Rodgers/Brady went a bit later for sure. I don't think that is egregious though. The Hogan comment is an odd one. His ADP was actually 15+ spots HIGHER than where I took him. It was - in some ways - a reach. But w/o Jules, I obviously figured he would see an increased role - which he had before he got hurt. I dislike Snead - but w/o Cooks, it isn't an utterly insane pick. He wasn't the only person picking him in that range. You could nitpick every draft like this in hindsight btw.
  10. The Official 2017 DG Fantasy Football Thread

    Pre-Luck news. No one thought he was going to be out all year. Phil isn't the best. His draft was bad. But you can critique every draft somewhere.
  11. The Official 2017 DG Fantasy Football Thread

  12. The Official 2017 DG Fantasy Football Thread

    I like this idea too. I’d happily do that next year. Ill also happily split (170 and 60 right?). Play for bragging rights is perfectly fine to me.
  13. The Official 2017 DG Fantasy Football Thread

    I had very strong drafts in my two leagues. Landry/Thielen with great value. Bell was a monster. Zeke had great weeks. A few keys adds (ex. Watson), good trades (Hogan for Newton when Watson went down) and this squad was great. There really wasn't anything off. Good drafting, some health - and you have sustainability. Landry, Thielen, Bell, Zeke and Allen were all very consistent each week - so 120 was almost guaranteed. One of them going off is what contributed to 140 point weeks. You should be able to draft a team that scored 125 points on average. That is the target. They will score 110-120 more weeks - and the variance is when they score 140+. Either way - very consistent, very likely to win most weeks.
  14. The Official 2017 DG Fantasy Football Thread

    Do you mean going forward? Sure. Losing OBJ or David Johnson would have been crushing. There is absolutely a ton of luck in that regard. The closest thing I had this year was losing Zeke for 6 weeks. Having Alex Collins and McKinnon gave me a reasonable replacement - but absolutely agree. The thing with fantasy is - I think regular season dominance should be awarded. And sometimes you just don't get a fair crack at it because of injuries. When that happens - just try again the next year.
  15. The Official 2017 DG Fantasy Football Thread

    They are sustainable for the season in question. Do you really think Kamara/Watson would have significantly regressed this year? Another example. Houston gives up 28 points to Paul Richardson then 35 points to TY Hilton. I decide to start Robert Woods the week he scores 38 because similar receivers put up big numbers with Houston. I hit the high end of Woods ceiling - but he still established himself as a consistent high floor/high ceiling player. 35 isn't sustainable - but 15 sure is. That wins leagues. You should be rewarded for navigating that stuff. Overall points (or points per week) do that. The big determining factor between 120 and 150 was if Zeke or Bell scored 35+. Those weeks my scores went towards 140 or 150. But the team was still consistent from start to finish. Guys have spikes - but that is fantasy. Top guys have more spike weeks. That is why you draft them highly. I am not sure what measurements you use to draft your teams - but I try and score as many points as possible.