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  1. [Exhibition - Goat] Fluffy Lions vs Neo Sigurimi

    Got Noelle 2-1, ggs Got Noelle 2-0, ggs again
  2. us lions will destroy u also our roster has skycat, rydia, and celsius233
  3. [Exhibition - Goat] Tha 4HUNNIDS vs Fluffy Lions [4H W]

    Garoozis 2-0 Lucas Garoozis 0-2 Waka Garoozis 0-2 mastersmasher Silver 2-1 Celsius233 ALSO, we have Celsius233, Rydia, and Skycat on our roster for Fluffy Lion
  4. Unfortunately, I will be leaving DG again. I wish all of you the best, and, if you need to contact me, you can do so on Discord or Facebook.
  5. Let's get this back on track. Our current goat roster: Lucas - Bad@Goats Skelter - Skelter carl waite - carl waite dt kasper - dt kasper Hiddensquid - Mastersmasher KizaruTengu - KizaruTengu jebiga55 - jebiga55 Celsius233 - Celsius233
  6. Lucas./Lucas.#0147/Lucass/lucas.elder1@gmail.com
  7. froabucia and dylpickles92 are the same, dylpickles is his Discord. Gl duelists
  8. 1st Reply for war history
  9. How to Start a Team

    Team Reveal Exodia, k? Formats: Goat Only [DGz - Duelingbook - Discord] @Lucas. - Lucass - Lucas. @jebiga55 - jebigga55 - jebigga55 @Woawa - Woawa - Woawa @DT Kasper - DT KASPER - DT KASPER @Caesium - Caesium - Caesium @Exiro- Rydia - Euphoria