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  1. Team Rapture

  2. Texas Rangers

    19-6 win against Baltimore, Kinsler hits the cycle and goes 6-6, Cruz hits a grand slam and gets 6 RBI's. discuss
  3. Back

  4. How big is your dick?

  5. Back

    hopefully some of you guys remember me been in drumline and stuff, havent played yugimonz since like 2 yrs ago when zombies were the shit. dont know if i want to come back to yugimonz yet because i heard its shit.
  6. Tricky Is Coming Back 2 Yugioh

    I can see why haha. Sucks I never got to meet you and Ricky irl. Parents think 14 is too young to go to an SJC :\ Tricky, I'm doing that too. Not only because of the terrible format, but because of gas prices and shit.
  7. Tricky Is Coming Back 2 Yugioh

    heh, long time no see, how's Ricky/Glenn?
  8. Tricky Is Coming Back 2 Yugioh

    Or look at Duy's sig all day. Seriously though, sup Duy?
  9. Tricky Is Coming Back 2 Yugioh

    be like me and dont play until next format. this format sucks
  10. Nats

    hey man, sucks that happened to you, you seem cool.
  11. Lux's Nats Report

    Nice job, don't know you but you seem like a nice guy.
  12. Nationals Report.

    Hey joe, long time no see. nice job.