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  1. Dueling Network

    Can I like, call an admin through this thread? Grinding on DN is the worst given so many people don't understand rulings and won't take proof unless an admin tells them. 3 different matches today I've waited well over 20 minutes for an admin to come and that's just far too long.
  2. 2014 Fantasy Football Thread

    12 team non-PPR   QB: Tom Brady RB1: DeMarco Murray RB2: Rashad Jennings WR1: Dez Bryant WR2: Mike Wallace FLEX: C.J Spiller TE: Zach Ertz K: Nick Folk DEF/ST: Kansas City Chiefs BN: Colin Kaepernick, Jeremy Hill, Chris Ivory, Tavon Austin, Reggie Wayne, Heath Miller   My first draft of the year, with little to no research going into it save a few mocks I ran earlier in the day. I spent my first 5 picks on RB/WRs, 3 out of the first 4 being RBs. Murray was a monster whenever he was on the field last year and Jennings played well in the short time he spent as a starter, although I'm a little weary of Andre Williams and Peyton Hillis. With those guys backing up he might be on a bit of a shorter leash. I picked Spiller with my 4th pick given I thought it was a bit of value and he was definitely the best player on the board. Fingers are crossed that Fred Jackson has aged old enough to where he can stop stealing snaps from Spiller. I waited on receivers because in the few mocks I ran I thought WR was a very deep position throughout the draft (with RBs being the opposite) but it ended up being pretty thin in this particular draft, although I was happy to nab at least 1 super elite option in Dez. My QB strategy was initially to wait, but I reached for Brady given I love him this year with Gronk back. Picking up Kaep was homerism plus some value, I think he has a very high ceiling this year given his number of high quality targets and finally being healthy. I plan on employing a two-headed monster of QBs or just trading one of them if they both end up being as good as I think they're going to be. Bench is rounded out with a lot of speculation+depth. Jeremy Hill is a rookie and he complements Bernard well enough to the point where he will likely steal snaps. I don't think he will be like the Ryan Mathews half of the SD backfield but he has the talent to certainly have that kind of ceiling. Reggie Wayne fell to me in late rounds and I'm hoping a 3rd year Luck can re-establish Reggie as a solid WR (even if he's just a WR2 or 3 I'd be happy). Tavon Austin can hopefully benefit from a full year of Sam Bradford, who's short-passing game complements a receiver that can make plays after the catch like Austin. Heath Miller I think can be a good TE given Big Ben's lack of targets save Antonio Brown. Thoughts?
  3. Mike Steinman's Top 16 NAWCQ Report

    This deck was the only reason I would have ever wanted to overpay for a ticket to Nationals. Congrats Mike, I knew one of you 2 were gonna top and probably both if Brady actually had made it in. Still IMO the hands down best deck.
  4. Fourshot [vs] Spics of Life

    I got BrandonBalls 2-1 GGs. Good war.
  5. Fourshot [vs] Essex

    Got Mikki to the D 2-1 GGs.
  6. Fourshot [vs] Spics of Life

    I got Arabs n Scrabs 2-1. GGs.
  7. Starless [vs] Fourshot

    I got Jeremy 2-1 GGs.
  8. YCS Las Vegas 1st Place-Denny Yu

    You've done something none of us have ever been able to accomplish before dating back to the earliest days in Yu-Gi-Oh! Revel in it my friend, you deserve it. Congrats!
  9. Top 16 ARGCS Las Vegas

    Just as something to note about our match and your thought process behind attacking with Dragoons into Linde: I don't think you had much choice as it was given the hand you had, but I don't think my backrow can ever be Abyss-Sphere given that I used Emptiness on my own turn which if I had Sphere would be a pretty awful play given I know you play MSTs, Turge+Marksmans, etc. I think having reads based on tells and such is fine, but just playing technically sound is often better then trying to use those tells for reads. This isn't mean to be a knock on your play because I think aside from that (something you really did not have a choice on I don't think) and the play later on where you made Dweller instead of Exciton, I thought you played excellent in our match and in other matches I had observed. Congratulations on the finish, I wish we could have played deeper in the tournament. We will bring one home to California soon.
  10. I haven't done a report since I last topped a premier event with Mermails about a year ago, so I thought it would make sense to write another report involving the same deck! There's no crazy story here about how I almost didn't make it, that situation largely revolved around me not finding a hotel room until Thursday after hitting numerous people up. I was not going to drive 10 hours to an event and try to find a hotel room on the spot, so I was very fortunate for finding one on what basically amounted to being the 11th hour. Unlike my hotel situation however, I had decided on the deck I was going to play a little over a month ago when I decided to play Patrick Hoban's ARGCS winning deck at a local. Since that day, I was absolutely hooked to the deck. But just because the deck experienced success at a very high level doesn't mean someone can just pick up the deck and expect immediate results, it took hours of rigorous testing for me to fully explore the deck and all of the situations that presented themselves vs all sorts of decks, tier 1 or not. If there's one thing I want anyone to take away from this report, it's the idea that no matter which deck you choose for an event, you will likely not go very far without a combination of good playtesting (with good partners of course) and being able to fully theorize why a deck works the way it should and why the deck wins in the first place. So let's get to the decklist I used:     I thought this deck was the best deck for a plethora of reasons. Going 2nd really doesn't change the decks game plan at all and doesn't affect your probability of winning by that much. If it goes first though, then it is almost impossible for the deck to lose. It has the fastest and most consistent turn 1-2 set up in the whole game aside from MAYBE Bujins (which require Yamato first turn almost every game) and has easily the highest rewards for those setups. Going 2nd, the deck is probably the best reactive deck in the game. It has access to both rank 4s and rank 7s which, before the Mythic deck came out, made it so that Mermails were the only deck that could effectively toolbox into literally all of the best Xyz monsters in the game as of right now. The fact that it has access to them while creating card advantage through cards like Marksman or Gunde make it so that not only are you creating the best threats the game has to offer, but you are also creating them very efficiently and with very low risk. A lot of people I talked to over the weekend that didn't use the deck explained to me that they didn't use it because of all the hate that decks could bring in with cards like Debunk, Soul Drain, Dimensional Fissure, etc. While I can't deny that those are all good against Mermails, those are only cards you have to see games 2 and 3. You are probably going to win most of your game 1s (at this event in particular I went 8-3 in game 1s, with one of the losses coming to Evilswarm), game 2 will be hard but you can bring your own removal for their hate cards and your own hate cards for their deck. And if that fails, then you get to go 1st game 3 which means you get the first turn to set up everything you need to do and see more cards than your opponent which means more opportunities to draw into your own anti-hate.   Generally with the Mermail build, Patrick set the standard list in motion and likely most people worked off the same skeleton. For the most part there really isn't room to change much but the most consistently changed parts about the deck that I saw among all the lists that people showed me and just from general observations at the event is the transition from cards like Raigeki Break to MST, the Undine engine to Abyssocea, and from Fiendish to Breakthrough Skill. Obviously for my list I disagreed with 2 of those changes. I'll start with the change that I do agree with, which is Breakthrough Skill. It was largely the most consistently useful card in my deck throughout the weekend aside from the obvious combo cards. Every deck in all of Yugioh gets hurt by the card some way and it effectively erases the best trap card that most decks can use against you, which is Abyss Dweller. Some might say that your opponent just won't make Abyss Dweller if they see BTS in the graveyard, but if that is the case then the card has already done its job in addition to either baiting some sort of M/T removal that they didn't use on Abyss-Sphere (likely the best card in the whole deck) or just negating a previous effect. I heard effect monsters were pretty good in the game of Yugioh, so a card like BTS works incredibly in Mermail as a do-everything card and was pretty much perfect for the deck.    Now to the 2 transitions I do not agree with, which is going with MST over cards like Raigeki Break and using Abyssocea over the Undine engine. I think Patrick explained not using MST best in his very very good article explaining his whole entire deck (http://articles.alterealitygames.com/my-mermail-deck-explained/), which is a good read for anyone no matter which deck you play or skill level you think you're at. It doesn't really flow with the deck at all, doesn't protect your monsters like good traps, and really just serves two purposes which is to clear backrows and hit opposing Abyss-Spheres. While those pros sound good, they really don't have much weight. The format is so diverse that you can't really main MST for the purpose of hitting Sphere because you likely just won't play against a ton of Mermail decks. Clearing backrows doesn't hold much water to me either because the deck effectively works as a series of low risk-high reward combos no matter which backrows your facing. A large percent of your combos are going to be free with the aid of cards like Marksman, Gunde, and Tidal so if you are forcing your opponent to use backrows on inherently floating cards, then I consider that a good victory. Raigeki Break seems a lot better than MST given that it does protect boards that you can make, can also eliminate backrows, and does synergize quite well with a very searchable Abyssgunde and even a searched Genex Controller. Prior to the event I saw A LOT of people dropping the Undine engine for Abyssocea which I think is a big mistake. Abyssocea really seems only good as basically a first turn combo card. It plays really poorly vs any sort of backrows and outside of turn 1 it is largely just a 4th Abysslinde, which I can't say is an advantage over any deck in particular. While using it eliminates the possibility of drawing dead cards like Genex Controller or Genex Undine later in games if you drew the Controller previously, those situations hardly ever come up given you are only using them as 1-ofs. Genex Undine is obviously a great toolbox (when you don't draw Controller) and the fact that it's very searchable in the deck makes it incredible. Dumping cards like Dragoons to tutor for Marksman or even dumping Marksman creates great advantage. It's undeniably greatest use however is dumping Tidal. If you don't think Abyss-Sphere is the best card, then you probably think Tidal is which is definitely valid. Being able to dump it with a card like Undine while also searching a very good tuner to use with Tidal in future turns is incredible and makes it so that you don't have to spend time making Lavalval Chain and can instead make cards like Dweller, Honor Ark, Bahamut, or whatever the situation calls for. Undine and Controller are only really dead when you draw them both in the same game (not search, but draw them) and I just don't think that comes up often enough to just completely cut them.    The side was very good all weekend aside from the fact that I could not obtain Debunks. It was easily the most popular side card all weekend and I could not borrow any (if you know me, then you know I don't really own any cards). I had to basically patch that up by siding Vanity's Emptiness and Divine Wrath, but they both worked very well. I used MST+3 different traps for anti-hate. I think it's important to diversify your removal so that your opponents can't play around all of them. Dark Hole was probably the MVP in the side, I brought it in against a ton of matchups and is a very good card to bring in going 2nd which happens a lot in game 2s. The cards I would change would be taking out 1 D.D. Crow and 1 Dyna for 2 Debunks probably. I know I said earlier that I replaced them with Emptiness and Divine Wrath but those are probably good enough by themselves to keep in. I only brought in Dyna for 1 matchup which was Hieratic Rulers and having so many hand traps to bring in vs the mirror makes siding more awkward than it really is. It does have uses in other matchups which is why I would keep 1 in the side.    The only card I would consider cutting from the main would be Bottomless. I don't think it's very good against most decks right now given that it only really blows people out when hitting xyz monsters and it's only really effective vs other decks core monsters (cards like Bear, Yamato, etc) when you go 1st and you draw it. It plays very poorly going 2nd or drawing it later in games while facing threats. I think maybe swapping it for the Dark Hole in the side is likely the best choice.   Now that is all out of the way, time for the actual report! I don't want to go to in depth on these given that explaining what happened really serves no purpose, however there is value in explaining how to approach the matchups.   Round 1 vs Machina Gadgets   This matchup is fairly easy. This deck just doesn't produce enough threats (or good enough threats is probably more appropriate) to really pressure you. It does have major card advantage going for it but unless you draw them in conjunction with lots of backrows, you will probably lose. Mermails in particular can play into this very well given that it largely doesn't care much for backrows and you have to draw the right ones to make sure you don't get owned by the multiple ways Mermails can board wipe. I won this match in time given that I had to explain all of my cards and what they did to my opponent but won none the less.   Round 2 vs Six Samurai   Another pretty easy matchup. The threats they produce basically stop only spells and traps, and Mermails deal with threats mostly through their monsters so their threats don't really hurt you at all. I won 2-0 in a fairly easy match except I had to sweat game 2 a bit given that time was coming soon and I couldn't get past Magatama+Safe Zone+defense Kizan until my opponent decided to Xyz with the Kizan.   Round 3 vs Geargia   This is an interesting matchup but I think it favors Mermails comfortably. You have the best card to combat Geargiarmor in Marksman and you can pressure them way faster than they can pressure you. My opponent also didn't use Karakuris as far as I know so the ability to kill you is basically removed from the equation which also takes a ton of pressure off of the Mermail player. However just letting them accumulate advantage is probably a losing strategy so you are under some pressure to deal with those cards in particular like Geargiarmor. I won this match 2-1, losing game 2 to a very poor misplay on my part. Games 1 and 3 were basically blowouts.    Round 4 vs Hieratic   I think this is also comfortably in Mermail's favor (that will be a recurring theme given that I think it's the best deck). They basically have to either draw Skill Drain or kill you. The former strategy is an unsearchable one at that in a deck with no draw power while the latter cringes at the sight of any sort of backrow which every deck uses, including Mermails. I won 2-0 drawing very well both games, game 2 in particular I resolved 3 Reckless Greed's and my opponent really just couldn't play Yugioh.   Round 5 vs Cardcar D Fire   This is probably the closest matchup you can really play against. Even though I said Mermails play well going 1st or 2nd, this is probably one of 2 matchups where the die roll is very important. This deck can also set up very quickly and has what I think is the best monster in the game right now in Wolfbark for future turns. Going 2nd really hurts because your outs to cards like a first turn Bear are very limited (Warning and Bottomless are basically dead) and they have a turn ahead of you to disrupt your setups. I lost this match 2-1 after losing the die roll mainly to the reasons I listed previously. I wasn't able to get anything going game 1, game 2 I won due to setting up first turn and having effective answers to their backrows, and I lost game 3 to my opponent setting up very quickly with a multitude of good backrows.   Round 6 vs Mermails   I actually really enjoy playing the mirror. I think it is very skill intensive and requires a lot of practice to know how to approach all of the situations that come up. You can really say that about any matchup but I can't stress that concept enough in this matchup in particular. I could probably write another essay about this matchup but I will keep it short and say just know how to side effectively (I side out most of my traps going 2nd because Marksman is a killer) don't be intimidated by threats your opponent produces. You can produce the same threats and who wins will largely be decided by who puts out threats the most efficiently. I won this match 2-1 in a very tough match. My opponent seemed like he was experienced in the mirror but ultimately I drew fairly well game 3 and with some nice technical play cruised to victory.   Round 7 vs Cardcar D Fire   See round 5 for my thoughts on the matchup. This match was very tough, and I probably should have lost game 1 after losing the die roll but my opponent made a very poor play in his final turn allowing me to steal the win. Game 2 I got crushed and game 3 I was able to set up turn 1 and had basically the perfect hand for his involving a BTS on Cardcar D vs his one backrow hand, basically a dream scenario in this matchup.   Round 8 vs Hieratic Ruler   I drew with my opponent this round given that I thought he was a pretty good player and looking at the field of X-1-1s, it looked soft aside from a possible Hoban matchup. See round 4 for my thoughts on the matchup.    Round 9 vs Water   See round 6 for my thoughts. Feature match: http://articles.alterealitygames.com/round-9-feature-match-bryan-rockenbach-vs-john-hubbard/   Finished in 8th place after swiss. I knew my matchup ahead of time was the mirror so I spent my time looking through his decklist but I didn't wanna think about it too much. I knew my gameplan for the mirror and didn't plan on abandoning it.    Top 16 vs Water   Once again, see round 6 for my thoughts on the matchup. Feature match: http://articles.alterealitygames.com/top-16-feature-match-john-hubbard-vs-juan-moroyoqui/   Top 8 vs Evilswarm   This is probably the only deck I don't ever want to play against, and I had to play against a very good pilot at that. It's a tough matchup especially going 1st or 2nd and it can control you very easily. Ophion isn't as much of a threat as it used to be given you still have access to rank 4 plays but it still shuts off half of your combos and the deck can also make Dweller pretty effectively given that it has it's own Wolfbark in Kerk. Game 1 I made a misplay on the very first turn (I'm sure you all saw it), and while I won't justify my poor play with excuses I think one thing a lot of people overlooked was that having Castor out meant he still had an extra normal summon, which I thought he would use later in main phase 2. However, I completely blanked on Dweller and my opponent being a critical thinker probably realized I had Torrential set. I really just didn't want to Torrential the Dweller, lose my Linde and then have him summon Kerk and just blow me out. Aside from that turn there wasn't much I could do, he resolved Macro next turn. Game 2 he opened Rabbit Kerk Thunderbird Maxx C Macro which is just about the best you could possibly open vs Mermail. I had a chance to win later on after converting 4k in damage early but couldn't draw monsters to save my life total or fuel Tidal and ended up losing.    Once again another disappointing finish. A lot of people congratulated me which was nice and I really appreciate everything people said to support me during the tournament and after, but it's a very bitter feeling. Anything but first place is disappointing and anyone who has ever come close to tasting it knows the same feeling. I want to thank anyone that was rooting for me to win and anyone that congratulated me for my finish. Despite my competitive nature about winning, it still means a lot knowing that other people recognize the accomplishment and are proud of me for it despite not finishing in first. I want to congratulate Joey Chou who won the event. I thought he played fairly well in the matches I watched and he seems like a genuinely classy guy. Same with Eckroth despite him beating me, I think he is a very good unrecognized player who played a very good match and was classy throughout our games. I thought the event was very well ran and it was very smooth. We were out of there by a reasonable time and the effort they put into coverage compared to KDE standards was incredible. Despite the size of the event, it was still a really competitive environment with a lot of good and even great players playing as well. Lastly, I thank you if you were stubborn enough to read this whole entire report without skipping over things, I know it's a lot to read but I would like to think that it is worth it.
  11. [quote name="A Loli" post="3710111" timestamp="1394754490"][quote name="Jhub" post="3708567" timestamp="1394577276"]Still in dire need of a hotel room, please pm me if you have room.[/quote] me you n welchy split a room y/y???[/quote] y u do this
  12. Still in dire need of a hotel room, please pm me if you have room.
  13. Need a place to stay Friday/Saturday night, anyone have room in their hotel?
  14. The Official 2013-2014 NFL Thread

    I think he was offsides on that play Yeah they would have flagged him had he actually gotten the block. I just thought it was a cool gif.