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  1. In theory Abductor is what the deck needs now because it gets you to Sorcerer as without it the deck just won't make unfair boards. The problem is what spells do you use to trigger it as Upstart was Abductor's best friend. I'd make a guess that Unexpected Dai is worth considering again. The Wavering hit is obviously huge as even if you sided out 1-2 copies against non-Pendulum decks the fact was that while Monkeyboard existed it turned any hand of all Scale 3s into something playable, so the deck's brick rate has gone way up.
  2. Hearthstone Random Talk Thread

    Man the feels in Tavern Brawl when you draw Counterspell the turn after he's got the second Staff card. It's a pretty fun one. I agree I think KT's favoured due to his resilience, but I don't think it's as bad as the first run of Ragnaros vs Nefarian. Best game so far though was when I got 3 Thaddius in one turn on Rafaam.
  3. YCS Las Vegas - March 12-13

    15 Performapal 9 Kozmo 4 Monarch 1 Quantum Monarch 1 Burning Abyss Phantom Knight 1 Mermail 1 Super Quantum   https://yugiohblog.konami.com/?p=22809
  4. YCS Las Vegas - March 12-13

    Well at least for the top cut they are posting all the pairings on the coverage site. You are right though, seeing stuff like the "How to summon Infinity" and Round X feature match for the umpteenth time is a bit graining.
  5. YCS Las Vegas - March 12-13

    Commentary was fine aside from the times when they wanted to discuss how different rarities looked.
  6. Monarch - Deck Discussion

    Actually can't believe I forgot Solar Wind Jammer existed. I mean it is practically the poor man's Red Layer. Just obviously has the drawback that it ain't gonna run anything over if you need to make the summon to trigger Return.
  7. I especially liked this part of his post     explains why Luster got limited when it's a complete scale on it's own.
  8. ITT: 1st Place Deck at next YCS

      I'm trying to think if you missed anything on the trolling post checklist. As lets be honest, if you were being serious, for a start there's no reason to play Exodia over Explosion right now.
  9.   Well, how about you follow the forum rules. If you want advice on your particular deck build then go post it in the Deck Garage, but even then you kinda need to do a bit more than ask us why your deck is bad.
  10. Having not had the time to test anything yet, has anyone looked into the idea of having 2 Ptolemaeus so you can have both Infinity and Pleiades access? I know that's a ridiculous amount of Extra deck space gone right there, but it is just the feeling that maybe Pleiades is too good to not have, and I know some people have thought on this, but I don't know if anyone's really tried it. Probably look at those 6 cards, Ignister, Dinoster, Dweller, Dire, Trapeze, Castel, Rafflesia, Norden and  other that I'm not sure on what would be the most effective.   Like it's probably a dumb idea, but maybe something to consider.
  11. The Flash

    i'd say it's a good thing as while I love the look of her as Killer Frost, if they sent her Earth-1 character down that route then they'd struggle to find a way to actually have her on the show as a main cast member. Sure they could have done a Harrison Wells with her, but I don't think people want to see the full original lineup being replaced with their dopplegangers.
  12. I'm pretty certain it was just intended as a Pre-BOSH tech. Like I guess it could be viable if TCG Konami follows OCG and hits the Performages hard.
  13. Are plants even semi-decent now?

    Chris did an updated profile for the Synchro Turbo - https://youtu.be/Y0KXcEfVV8s
  14. The one that makes me laugh/cry the most is the people who do the deck profiles and openly admit to having Emptiness in their sides purely so they can ask opponents to side it out. I dunno, I could understand it a bit when Sixth Sense was legal as that card was so dumb with little to no good answers in the format, but both Wavering and Emptiness have legit answers in most decks these days. Also as pointed out, yeah if you're playing Performage then don't side it when your deck is the one that gains the biggest benefit from it.
  15. Hearthstone Random Talk Thread

    ^ Yeah, what he said. Sorry bad habits of being a bit rambly and used to speaking with others who can the obscure cards.