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  1. Returning to YGO with Monarchs

      I could easily see going to 2, but I think its a matter of percentages. % that drawing Kuraz loses you the game vs. % of time not having Kuraz in deck loses you the game.    The one thing I know is that in the latter you are tributing for monarchs and when that is the case you are usually winning the game. Certainly something I will consider as I play more games though
  2. Returning to YGO with Monarchs

    Questions  Why do you play the Squires over more Mithra and Red Layer? I think that this is the most powerful version of the deck. Mithra and Red Layers seem to be less vulnerable to veiler but do not generate the card advantage of the squires and once you see an edea you are set up for the rest of the game.    Why only 2 Return? I feel like you only need to see 1. So I can see your point about only playing 1. It isn't a card I feel you want to draw. It is a card you want to search up after you haven't bricked.    Why Scolding over Escalation? Scolding seems to stop more cards and seems less dependent on having a setup. Additionally it can protect setups and help you push through opposing setups if say you brick T1, and set it going into your second turn. It can protect your push.Seems more powerful overall.    Why play Frost Blast? I think its a really strong utility card, gives you a chance going 2nd through backrows and is tutorable unlike twin twister. I like playing 1 ofs at the start of the format to see if they are good or not.    Also whats your reasoning on a standard Domain build vs XYZ build? 1 is that its alot cheaper. I also think Domain is still a very strong floodgate against BA. I can see going to the XYZ build but I want to get some testing with this build first.    Foolish and Frost Blast both seem subpar, what's the reasoning behind each? Again I like one ofs at the start of the format. Id rather play a card and realize it is bad. Frost blast I think is really strong, but maybe I will see that it isnt. Foolish is played because it can (granted suboptimally) help to get tribute fodder or a monarch (it is the only monarch tutor) and send edea to get a banished spell later in the game. Foolish is less powerful than other options at all times but more flexible. I think it adds alot of flexibility.  Why the mained Maxx? Its really a draw card going 2nd. It protects your board going 1st. It seems really really strong in this deck. The fact that it can help unbrick you because it draws cards is the main plus over veiler. I think you need at least 3 handtraps in the format.  Why only 1 Kuraz? I want to be able to access it if I need to but avoid drawing it as much as possible. It is a good card, that I can see wanting more of at some point, but it doesn't seem like playing 2 or 3 does anything other than having you draw it more which I can't see you wanting it...    Would love counterarguments to all of these. This is just my logic without having played in 4 years. 
  3. Returning to YGO with Monarchs

    I have considered magic deflector. It is probably on the shortlist of cards for the mirror. I also think that a Singleton Upstart accomplishes the same goal as an allure or trade in as far as smoothing out draws. Those cards are slightly more powerful since you see an additional card but can be awkward in that you need to potentially pitch a monarch or squire to resolve them. I feel like I would go for a more all - in turbo build utilizing multiple of each if that was the route I chose to go. That would also probably require more kuraz and less traps.    Anybody have thoughts on using 2400 thestalos? I have been thinking about replacing a mega thestalos with him since there are hands you can easily play a 6 but not an 8. It is so much weaker turn 1 though... but still solid in the plan of reducing resources. 
  4. Its been a really long time since I have played competitive YGO. I quit in 2012 after Rabbit/Chaos Dragons/Wind Up/Inzektor format. I popped in a little bit here and there for a couple weeks and played fire fist because that deck is great for old school players lol.    Anyway, I have recently decided to return to the game because I do truly enjoy playing the game and miss it. Anyway here is my build of monarchs which I am playing as a starter deck to get back into the format.    Monsters: 17    3 Ehther the Heavenly Monarch 3 Erebus the Underworld Monarch 2 Eidos the Underworld Squire  2 Edea The Heavenly Squire 2 Thestalos the Mega Monarch 1 Mithra the Thunder Vassal 1 Kuraz the Light Monarch 3 Maxx "C"   Spells: 18  3 Tenacity of the Monarchs 3 Domain of the True Monarchs 3 The Monarchs Stormforth 3 Pantheism of the Monarchs 2 Return of the Monarchs 1 Upstart Goblin  1 Foolish Burial 1 Reinforcement of the Army 1 Frost Blast of the Monarchs   Traps: 5  3 The Prime Monarch  2 Solemn Scolding   Extra Deck: 0    Side Deck: 15 (2 slots unfilled) 3 Twin Twisters  3 System Down 2 Effect Veiler 2 Majesty's Fiend 1 Dark Hole  1 Raigeki  1 March of the Monarchs 2 (I want a good card for the mirror in this slot)    My goal with this deck is to optimize my openers while maintaining the ability to grind in certain matchups. I could see myself going to an extra deck at some point but want to see how the meta is before I invest more into the deck. As I said it has been a while so any advice is welcome.   
  5. Twin, Bloom banned in Modern

    This was what I posted to our local stores fb about the ban... I am not a fan of it at all. My biggest issue is that Wizards has really played it tight to the vest with cards power level in standard, which is fine for standard, but when Modern is full of mistakes from the past well... the new cards can't keep up to keep the format fresh... anyway...   I think the precedent it sets is rather dangerous though... and as far as playing the format I could care less about the twin ban. I can play whatever other deck and it really doesn't matter to me... and as far as making the format more fun it might succeed because of what you said James.   What I mean by a dangerous precedent comes from my days of playing YGO where they used the banlist to essentially rotate decks since their main format is non-rotating. Banning twin doesn't make most of the other cards in the deck unplayable or anything... but it does kill a deck that has always been a pillar of the format and something that wizards had deemed fine for several years. Nothing new has come out to increase the power of twin in the past 2 years... yet now the deck is ban worthy. Why is that?   I can think of 2 reasons 1. Twin is now too powerful in relation to the other decks in the meta due to the overall decrease in the power level of modern since the bannings of pod, BBE, Deathrite, etc. 2. They did not want a pro tour with a bunch of splinter twin decks. I know this is why they don't like the modern pro tour... but its a dumb reason. They have had twin at a bunch of other modern pro tours why is it necessary for this one? Just to shake up a format...   You know what is supposed to shake up a format? New card releases... Modern has been stagnant for years and the reason people are so excited about the eldrazi deck is that it is an entirely new archetype in a format that has had the same archetypes for as long as I have been playing magic. So rather than printing cards to shake up the format, which can be done without breaking standard or power creeping... see abrupt decay and loxodon smiter... they have consistently made the format less and less powerful over the years... Whats the deck that becomes the top dog now that twin is gone? Affinity? Infect? who knows but WOTC has now set the precedent that nothing is safe in modern and your deck could get banned at a moments notice. This is the first step down a dangerous path and that
  6. Legacy Format Discussion

    I might be biased from the SCG this weekend... but I think Miracles is just the best deck in the format. You need to play a deck built to directly beat it while still having game vs. the field. Or just play it... I saw Miracles players dominating every matchup and rising to the top tables. Sure it only put 1 into top 8, but there were a TON at the top tables which you can see from the top 32 decklists. Its also not insanely expensive online...    If you want the best option for the least tix. Storm. Not close. Top tier deck, probably the best combo deck atm and its like 400 tix?
  7. Next Level Library

    I like Legacy the best, but I play draft alot more and play standard about as much.
  8. Next Level Library

    Anyone ever read these books?   I recently scrubbed out of the DC Legacy open, and went 4-4 in the Premier IQ at Jersey.   I have been playing this game for three years, and while I don't get quite enough reps in as I would like (don't have the same amount of free time as I did in college/high school), I feel that I have worked hard and am a passable magic player at this point... But I feel like I have hit a wall and just don't know how to get better. I read basically every article on every website. Play as much as I can, and really try to analyze why I lose.   Long story short is I am considering buying these books NL Deck Building and NL Magic in order to hopefully find some nuance that I may be overlooking, or some things I miss entirely.   I just don't wanna drop 37 bucks on something that sucks (I hate e-books). I have heard good things, but anyone else read these before and have opinions?
  9. MTG Finance Thread

    That is not how rotation works. They could be in the next Block (what would be the third set of Zendikar if there was one).   Either way I think the spike is just a reflex... they went down due to lack of demand because of Khans fetches. That hasn't changed. Now they may settle a little higher but I can't imagine them being this high for long.
  10. magic origins sealed/draft general limited thread

    I think Claustrophobia, Voidmage are obviously premium. Then you have Aeronaut, Drake, Watercourser, Ringwarden Owl. Those to me are all cards you should be happy to play... Disperse might be the most underrated card in the format imo, but even if you don't love it, it is clearly playable. That is 7 cards right there. You'll play Skaab as a 2 drop basically everytime, and even midnight guard isn't as awful as it looks. (but I basically consider that unplayable). That's 8 universally playable commons... Then you have Bone to Ash and Artificers Epiphany that are mediocre but playable in the right deck. Bone to Ash in particular I have been impressed with (just that it is playable)... I just read Pascal Maynards rankings and I think people are hating on blue a little too hard. Its not the deepest, but it is far from 4 playable commons.
  11. Constructed Standard Discussion

    So Abzan Rally deck from SCG just seems like an absurd deck... probably would have won the pro tour if nobody had found it beforehand and only a few people knew about it... but now I can't wait to see what the pros come up with next weekend.
  12. magic origins sealed/draft general limited thread

    I think having a strong color preference entering a draft is almost always a bad idea, especially if your logic is based on Green being underdrafted. That being said if you are getting late Lief Gilders, pharika's disciples and rhox maulers by all means move in... but you could also say that about top commons in any color. Just be aware of what the top commons are in each color and if you start seeing them after 4th pick or so and are in a position to move in go for it.   I do agree this can happen more with green due to the lack of good removal.
  13. Magic Online Prize Pool Change

    I am fine with the changes... But Dailies being double the price annoys me... Even with "Double" the payout
  14. magic origins sealed/draft general limited thread

    My opinion is that all the colors are perfectly acceptable...   Red and White are overdrafted because they are excellent and the format is fairly snowbally and aggressive. If your substantially ahead on turn 4 your opponent will need a rare to catch back up most of the time.   Blue is my favorite color to draft atm... Claustrophobia is a premium common that gets overlooked because of the double U mana cost. Scrapskin Drake is excellent and people will let them table right now.   Green is solid, but to me is the "worst color" but not by a ton. Elves seem like a trap. The format is too tempo based to be trying to assemble combos and elves only have the one mana guy and then a bunch of mediocre synergys. The 4 drops are really overrated... Getting a scry 2 and a card is excellent at 4 mana but when I am beating down with 3 dudes and the best your 4 drop can do is trade with my 2 drop you have problems.   Black is solid. Reave Soul is IMO the best common in the set. The other removal is good, the ghoul is great. Natuko Husk is mediocre and you need a lot of them to start wanting act of treasons.   My overall opinion of the format is that you want to be attacking. Don't try to play defense (you will fail). My favorite card in the format is Scrapskin Drake because it can't block non flyers so I don't make the mistake of trying to block and just attack.   2 Drops are premium, there are not that many of them and even the mediocre ones you will play... Don't get picky you will play a 2-1 for 2. Anything that is better than a bear is a top flight card   3 Drops are abundant but awesome... I have play drafts with 10 cards in the 3 slot including creatures and spells. I don't put a premium on 3 drops but I will take a ton of them if they are available because a lot of them are actively good cards.   I don't think too many of the cards above that are surprising... Again you want the Prickleboars and Rhox Maulers so you don't screw up and try to block. Also 4 mana 3/3s are good, I will play that artifact guy as a 22/23rd card a lot and be happy about it. 3/3 is huge in this format.   My biggest thing from this format (exemplified by Shuhei at the GP) take the good cards first, work in synergy second. Don't think I'm U/R I need to be focused on Artifacts. or I'm G/B I need to grab elves. If you just take the good cards you can grab a little synergy naturally. But it is still core set... not MM.... solid dudes and removal is always key.
  15. Force of Will

    So assuming I read this thread correctly there is a box set coming out in a couple weeks that if I can basically get 4 of (set of all duals?) I will have the basic commons and lands I need for every deck and will just need to supplement a little to build viable decks? Seems ingenious by them if that's the case. Want to try this game but it is hard to get singles for reasonable prices atm.