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  1. The Official Wrestling Thread

    Ultimate Warrior's final speech on Raw will be more memorable then The Streak ending to me. There is absolutely no way he didn't know his time was almost up.   Thank you for all the work you did Warrior and even though I've only seen 1-2 matches of yours, I know who you are, and I appreciate the legacy you leave behind.     RIP James "Ultimate Warrior" Hellwig
  2. The Official Wrestling Thread

    Why does every link I use give me a video player that says HD player required when I've downloaded the correct things and I used the same website (firstrowsports) last month to watch Royal Rumble with no problems?
  3. Smoke 4!

    My first time smoking was a blunt: didn't do anything for me My second time smoking was a bong: I was obliterated.   Tonight I should be able to post some pix of this awesome bud I got along with the awesome Honeycomb Perc Bong I bought for my parents. Or even better, maybe I could buy my own awesome bong     That feeling when you're high and you log onto fb to see a person you used to sell weed to on the news for 2nd degree murder. O_O
  4. Smoke 4!

    My dad smokes, but not a ton. He used to sell a long time ago, but doesn't anymore. My real mother smoked, and did worse things, but that's another story. My step mother smokes more then me and my dad combined. My sister doesn't. 3/4 of my cousins smoke. All my aunts/uncles smoke other then 1 that's retired from the Navy.   I wasn't influenced by my parents whatsoever. I know what was going on when I was younger and my dad would sell to his friends, but I obviously didn't get what actually was going on until later in life. I didn't start smoking until my junior year in high school. An ex girlfriend was actually my influence. I had never been against it or for it, I just didn't truthfully care and she asked me one day if I'd at least try it with her so I said sure. My dad hadn't smoked in almost 6 years and when he found out he looked at me and said "Why didn't you share?"   I will never forget that day hahaha.
  5. Smoke 4!

    My parents smoke weed more then me, so I bought them a double honeycomb perc bong. Its an amazing piece and I will likely buy myself one soon.     I work all night on Chrismas after spending my whole Christmas eve at the same place. I honestly hate my job and the only thing that keeps me going through it is the fact that I can go outside on a break anytime I want and blaze up. That and almost $12 an hour tend to help.   But now I'm going to sit here and blaze up while waiting for xmas dinner. Merry Christmas Dgz
  6. Smoke 4!

    So I disappeared due to my laptop breaking.   I've also been working 2 jobs so I hadn't had much time other then work/sleep. I still smoke though, obv. I got some normal dank bud right now. Nothing out of the ordinary, but I'm hoping to get some shit through a different guy soon and actually have some really good stuff again. One of my recent batches looked like it had lemons on the buds
  7. Smoke 4!

    Idk about what you're taking, I did Triple Cs (Coricidin Cough & Cold) twice. You take a few and it'll make you trip. I've only done it twice vs. acid once and I can definitely say that it is a completely different experience. CCCs make you feel sick, then you start tripping for hours and the trip isn't very hallucinogenic. I'd relate it closer to a drunk feeling, but with some added effects, while acid was completely opposite.    Basically when I took CCCs I couldn't function very well with the things around me and the best thing I could do is lay down and enjoy music with my eyes closed (you feel as though you're floating in water) while on acid I would literally go for a walk, climb a tree, etc while also seeing crazy things (the bit I took mostly made me see colors)   Edit: I despise robotripping. 
  8. Smoke 4!

    Fucking got some kind bud. Sucks it was a little shaky and not abunch of nugs, but regardless its better then the no bud I'd had for 4 days lol.   Also I'm down to one job. I was at the Diner job I had and I told my manager I had to go to Physical Therapy because of the wreck I was in 3 times a week for 8 weeks otherwise I don't get a settlement in court. He wouldn't work with me on that or on scheduling for my 2nd job and flat out said he wasn't going to change his schedule for another job, so I decided to quit. My biggest decision came after hearing him yelling with another employee about the employee wanting 3 DAYS OFF FOR HIS WEDDING. Seriously, if the guy isn't going to let someone off for their own wedding, then its only a matter of time before I need to call out/need a certain day off and I get into the same situation.   On a better note, my supposed to be part-time job wants me full-time and I make a lot more there with a lot better environment. Also, I don't have to wash dishes. I was a Dishwasher & Prep Cook at the Diner whereas I'm a food runner at a high class restaurant and make over minimum wage and still get tipped.      Now I'm going to watch VHS 2 on netflix and get high and then head to work.
  9. Dueling Network

    I still haven't had a Sixth Sense played against me.   Not much longer and I dodge it completely. 
  10. If I honestly BELIEVED that this card had some real strategy to it, I would always call 4/5 (because abunch of times I've milled 4 & drawn 5), but lets face it the REASON this card is so good is the ability to just randomly get a +5 out of nowhere for doing absolutely nothing. No setup required, no combos required, just 1 dice roll and a correct call gains you a new hand on top of what you've already got.  The ONLY decks I'd ever consider 6 not being an option to call is literally if it were a deck that everything I wanted could just go to the grave (I.E. Lightsworn) but even then I'd still fucking call 6 because if you get 6 cards, unless they can OTK you THAT turn you likely win. Getting 5-6 cards is just game breaking in any and every deck that there's absolutely no reason in my eyes to gain the absolute maxx value, which will always be drawing the cards considering you're not going to always mill the perfect cards and there are cards you'd like in your hand sometimes (I know I've milled Return off of it when my opp rolled and 3 and I was just like, "I would've won the game in 2 turns had I drawn that").      I might be wrong and if somebody can honestly give true reasoning as to why you shouldn't I'd love to hear, but I'm pretty sure the reason EVERYBODY was like "this card automatically goes into your deck" is because of the ability to gain a +4/+5 without any work. If you add the card to your deck for that ability but don't use it for that reason, then why did you add the card in the first place?   Edit: Didn't see Allen's post.   I can see your reasoning there, but even in those scenarios WHY wouldn't you just call 4/5 and leave 6 as your huge blow-out. If I were in a situation with Dragons where in your theory that calling 3/4 would be better, why isn't just calling 4/5 better then 3/4? You can still get a huge mill if they hit 6, you can still get up to a free Card Trooper eff (not literally, but milling 3 is obviously still good in dragons otherwise Trooper wouldn't be a real thing) so why not give yourself a chance to still get 4-5 cards off a draw. I highly doubt the times where you mill 5 will be a big difference then drawing 5, even in Dragons.
  11. Smoke 4!

    I ended up going the doctor after I got a lawyer. Waiting on my rental car to be ready as we speak and haven't gotten to smoke since Sunday :/
  12. The Official Wrestling Thread

    I was done when the title match got turned into a 6man tag.   I love the Shield, but ending because of gay shit twice in 24 hours is really gay and gets old.
  13. The Official Wrestling Thread

    I was hoping if he wasn't going to win that the doctor at ringside would force the ref to stop the match which would just have Sandow either regain his mitb or they'd give him a title shot at the ppv.      This just sucks dick
  14. The Official Wrestling Thread

  15. The Official Wrestling Thread