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  1. The Official 2017 DG Fantasy Football Thread

    I'm not gonna be able to join the league this year. Have one league with buddys from HS and otherwise focusing on DFS. Joe that team is gonna be bonkers if Allen and Eifert can stay healthy. Finished draft just now. 12 Team PPR. QB: Big Ben RB: Murray, Hyde, Coleman, Lacy, Jaquizz Rodgers, Jeremy Hill WR: Dez, Sanders, Tyreek Hill, Jamison Crowder, Tate, Brandon Marshall, Garçon TE: Austin Hooper D/ST: Stream K: Bryant Murray makes me nervous cause I think Henry is gonna be good but I feel like I can maneuver. WR depth is obviously nuts. Feel good about this team.
  2. HEX MMO Trading Card Game

    Thanks guys I just got home from work so I'm gonna take a look at all the info
  3. HEX MMO Trading Card Game

    What's the name of the deck?
  4. HEX MMO Trading Card Game

    Alright gonna check out the stream now. Just downloaded the game. As as far as spending/goals; I'm trying to be as competitive as possible playing in standard events etc without having to put in more than $100. The fact a lot of the events are free are interesting
  5. HEX MMO Trading Card Game

    Hey guys I'm thinking about getting into the game after Allen's discord discussion. Always thought about getting into Magic but never got into it. Is there some material I can read to get started?
  6. DuelistGroundz Username: Jvizzle87 Discord Username: Jvizzle87 Format: Goats Only Expected Level of Activity: At Least 1-2 matches a week. Want to be on a team with: Anyone Credentials/why you would be a good team member: although I'm not super good or anything I'm not autistic. Not splitting time between two formats so can focusing on improving in one. Always looking to improve and can take criticism and I'm a team player.
  7. With the recent release of White Aura Whale and the upcoming release of the Nimble cards in TCG Mermails can become a relevant part of the meta once again if these new cards can be used right. The new Nimble Beaver is a Tour Guide for lvl 2s that can best be used by the water deck. It's one card access to Mastar Boy while making dropping Moulinglacia A LOT more consistent. Not to mention that Nimble Beaver + Instant Fusion is Trishula. So there's potential to drop Moulinglacia + Trishula. Also Frogs are lvl 2 so that gives the idea more synergy. Using such a large but stronger Water engine will also allow more effective use of Moray of Greed. You can also do cute things like drop Gamaciel make Mannequin Cat and special Prince from deck etc. Also the combos with Diva can be pretty intense since you can build boards like Mermail+Glacia discard 2+backed by a Herald which can def make things difficult for the opponent. You can also do Cryston Quandax+Lvl 4 to make White Aura Whale on opponent's turn and Raigeki their field in the middle of their play. With all these different avenues ED space will be an issue so things will have to be fine tuned. Obviously with Mermails the combos will always be extensive and I don't have the idea grasped enough to a point where I can make a Deck Garage post on it so i figured I'd post it here and see what the community comes up with cause I feel if optimized this strategy can really make a difference.
  8. Darklord - Discussion

    With the inclusion of so many light monsters a possibility is playing BLS to give you more offense. i think GUB is a nice way to add offense to the deck without dedicating a lot of main deck space. Also so due to the fact that you're paying 1000 to use DL effects and can get low on life you can run a copy of Sadion to keep your life stable.
  9. Add me to OP please for goat format Jvizzle87/Jvizzle87
  10. Idk what would be involved in getting this done or how hard/complicated it would be but an idea is: I noticed that DuelingBook doesn't have it's own forum like DN used to. If you can somehow find a way to make DGZ the forum that is on the home screen on DuelingBook (essentially making DGZ the official forum of DuelingBook) then I would think that would bring a lot of traffic to the site. It can be a mutually beneficial endeavor since it would give DGZ more traffic and DB doesn't have to create their own forum from scratch and maintain it(while legitimizing it further since they currently have some blog that hasn't been written in for 6+ months.) Now some problems: - Having such an influx to the site can lead to post quality decline since they're not used to the rules of the site and the overall community. So some kind of educational process would have to be put in place I would think. - Idk how legal DuelingBook is atm and what the whole Konami/C&D situation is so it can pose a problem if TGA is affiliated or involved in some way with DuelingBook. But it's an idea to throw out there the rewards could be very beneficial if it can be done and implemented correctly. Also a Youtube presence I think would be beneficial. Have an active DGZ Youtube channel that focuses on more technical topics or just non-noob ideas so that when they are advertised to go on DGZ, they are pre-qualified in terms of general player quality etc. Building a strong Youtube presense could also potentially generate more income for the site in terms of Youtube payments etc. (Idk the specifics on how that works.) But tapping into the Yugituber player pool can make a difference in site traffic if you could successfully get them to sign up. It can be a group effort in the sense that it can have member duel replays or warring replays so that the "Yugituber" audience can see higher quality play maybe with commentary sometimes and just DGZ member contributing videos as a collective. One day it can be a duel recording, another day it could be a DGZ member posting a strategy video, or another day could be a combo video. Ex: A video representation of Allen's Zoodiac post in the OP with an announcement at the end like "If you liked these combos you can go on the DGZ Forum and discuss more Zoodiac strategy through this link" since a significant percentage of people like to see things play out then read them.
  11. Kaiju Mermails

    After reading Water Aura Whale I feel like Mermails got a potential new boss monster that can level the playing field a bit. Undine + Theseus makes this fairly easily not to mention it can be made with: Fishborg Launcher + Lvl 7.
  12. Spiral Hand Trap Theory

    This is what I've been messing with as of now. I've only been testing game 1s but it's had a 50% win rate against Zoos/True Draco. I would like to be able to fit in the Dragon/Equip engine for more explosiveness especially since Sparkman can basically run over anything so it's easy to trigger their Summon effs. Because I run Desires I was thinking 2 PSD so I don't accidentally banish the 1 copy and 1 copy of each equip spell. Since I don't know what the deal with the Alius ruling is, I haven't been focusing on it very much but the little testing I did towards the beginning was very promising. Alius being 300 ATK more is relevant and Gemini Spark was tits and versatile as hell. Also an idea I had was running Demise even though I play 5 copies of Honest. The thinking is that it's a +2 when I don't draw into one and +1 or a +0 deck thinner otherwise. I feel like the pure digging it provides and potential plusses warrants playing it.
  13. Spiral Hand Trap Theory

    So what was the final verdict on the Gemini issue TCG side? Is the email the definitive stance as of now?
  14. Kaiju Mermails

    I appreciate the suggestions guys! I'm not SUPER familiar with the meta right now; do decks OTK consistently or do they primarily set up and grind out wins? If it's the latter then i think i want to keep trying the Genex engine. I like the options it allows me; at least for now. I get what you're saying about the Linde/Sphere interaction. I'll cut it for something more useful. I didn't think about Desires will def have to fit it in. The banishing f/d makes me uneasy but the deck is highly tutorable so it shouldn't pose much of an issue. And the deck blinds second to be able to break boards and OTK etc or just do stuff. But Undine allows me to not be stuck if I end up going first. Good point about the Infantry/Marksman ratio. Will try out 3/1 ratio and see how it goes.
  15. Kaiju Mermails

    The Genex engine allows me to get to my plays more consistently albeit slower and the Controller offsets the -1 from Mallet. I agree I need to get Ogre in the main deck and trim it down to 40 cards. Was hoping for suggestions on what to take out.